Historical Globalization Card Game

By Leon Elliott,2014-10-15 12:58
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Historical Globalization Card Game

The Influence of Nations

    Historical Globalization Card Game

    Object of the Game:

    Spread your influence and power to other nations around the world.

    To Play:

    Split into 6 nations. Nations are labeled by number. Each group receives a pre-arranged stack of cards. Do not look

    at your cards.


    1. Influencing. Nations have a chance to influence other nations in which typical “war game” rules apply. (Each

    nation lays down a card; the highest value wins both cards… (Ace is highest in this game.)

    a. If nations 1 or 2 win- they keep the card won. (They have successfully influenced the other nation.)

    b. If nations 3, 4, 5, or 6 win, their own card is retained, but the card won is removed from play forever.

    c. If a tie, flip over 1 more card.

    d. Nations have the choice of shuffling immediately won / retained cards back into their deck.

    2. Movement. Only 2 nations… Nation #1 and Nation #2 have the ability to move to any location they wish.

    The other nations can only influence those beside them.

    3. The Gandhi Factor. If a nation plays a Joker card- the joker card automatically influences ;” and the

    opposing card won is allowed into the stack of the nation who wins.

    a. The joker can be immediately shuffled back into the owner’s deck.

    b. If a nation has the Joker card played against them- they can choose to remove it from the game- but

    at a potential great cost--- by laying down the next 3 cards from their pile. Those cards are turned

    over- and REMOVED from the game.

    4. Upgrade. After each round- and after the battle of the titans- all nations can turn over their cards and look….

    If they have any smaller cards (2, 3, or 4s) that add up to 10 or more- they can trade them in to get n

    Industrialization #10 card. This begins with nations 1 and 2 (based on who has the most cards) Then Nations

    3-6 can trade in based on who has the most cards. Any Industrializaiton cards not claimed stay out of play until

    the end of the Round 2.

Round 1 Begins

    1. Nation #1 begins by trying to influence a nation (their choice), followed by Nation #2.

    2. The non-moving nations then have their chance, in turn (#3-6) to influence another- but only against a

    neighboring nation. If Nation #1 or 2 influenced your nation, you have the option to engage them on your turn.

    To end the round, Nation #1 and Nation #2 have a second turn each, with the the option to STAY or choose

    to move on to another Nation. .

    3. After Nations 1 and 2 have completed their second try at influencingthey have a TITAN battle against each

    thother. (Like in WAR-) 3 cards are laid face down… turn over a 4 card. Winner takes all.

    4. Upgrade- Nations that are able to- may trade in small cards (2, 3, 4) that add up to or over 10 in order to get

    one of the scarce “Industrialization” cards.

    End of Round 1.

    5. Nations shuffle cards- Play resumes.

    6. If nations 3, 4, 5, 6 are wiped out by one of the Titans, the Titan takes over that territory, and they become

    colonized. The Titan will give the new colony some cards (their choice) with which to attack neighboring

    nations, or the other Titan if they have attacked the colony.

    7. Repeat 6 rounds + Titan Round. Any new territories have a chance to attack their neighbor if they wish,

    following the same rules as before domination.

    Repeat with additional rounds until domination occurs or time limit is reached.

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