The Urinary System

By Glen Lopez,2014-06-28 19:26
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The Urinary System

The Urinary System

    Lesson 1 & 2 by: Jessica Wan Lesson 3 & 4 by: Paul Plut

    Date: December 7, 2004

    Course: SCED 313

    Instructor: Jolie Mayer-Smith

Overview Statement

    The activities and structure of our Urinary System Mini Unit are designed to maximize student centered meaningful learning. The Prescribed Learning Outcomes on page 72 of the IRP document (Human Biology Urinary System) will all be addressed

    through the lessons during the course of the unit.

    Our objectives are to provide students with an overview of the structures of the urinary system and their respective functions as well as generate student interest using a multitude of student learning activities. The latter portion of the unit focuses on the role of the urinary system in relation to the function of the human body. Each lesson begins with an anticipatory set that is designed to pique student interest in addition to reviewing the concepts learned in the previous lesson.

    The meaningful learning activities included in our unit are a urinary system concept map, a kidney and nephron game board, a three- dimensional model of the kidney and an information pamphlet about kidney disease. Students will be engaging in group work, which promotes cooperative learning of the concepts covered in class. The products of the learning activities will be assessed by the teacher with the exception of the three dimensional model, which will be assessed by peers if the teacher so chooses.

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