unit 2 olmpic games

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unit 2 olmpic games

    Unit 2 The Olympic Games


    1. 熟练掌握下面单词的拼写和用法!compete, admit, replace, charge, bargain, deserve, stand for, take part in, in charge, one

    after another, in honor of, as well

     能够正确识别下列单词的意思: ancient, medal, magical, volunteer, regular, basis, athlete, nowadays, stadium, host, 2.

    responsibility, motto, swift, fine, physical, glory, hopeless, foolish, pain 3. 正确应用一般将来时的被动语态a

    4. 能够运用所学的词汇和句型简单的谈论奥运会

    Part 1: 词汇突破

    1.He is h_______, and he never tells lies.

     2.In a________times, women were not allowed to c________ in the Olympics.

     3.Before writing the report, he decided to i________ some people first.

     4.When asked, he a_______ stealing the necklace.

     5.There is a s_______ being built in our city.

     6. The g________ being built in our school will be finished next month.

     7. He is such an important person that nobody can r_______ him.

     8. At the beginning of each term, we will have a p________ examination.

     9. I cannot r______ what he did to what he said.

     10. To improve the sale of their product, they a________ them in the newspapers and on TV.

     11. No one can be so f_______ to do such a thing, except that he is a fool.

     12. Father p_______ to buy me a computer if I do well in the final examination.

     13. At the sports meeting, all the a_______ tried their best to get the g______ m______. Part 2: 课文预习


    1. Who is Pausanias? Where is he come from? What is he doing in the passage? 2. What is this passage about?

    Choose the best answers after reading.

    1). Winter Olympic Games refers to Olympics Games____________

     A. that are held in winter B. that are held in cold weather

     C. that are held on ice or snow D. that are held in fall

    2). Athletes are admitted to take part in the Olympics when they____________

     A. can reach the agreed standard for their event

     B. pass an exam

     C. are strong enough to compete in the games

     D. won champions in their own countries

    3). A special village is for the athletes____________

     A. to stay in and compete in B. to live in and have games in

     C. to practice in D. to stay in during the games 4). Every county wants to host the Olympics for it will____________

     A. bring honor and pride B. bring money

     C. be easier to win medals D. be more convenient for players 5). How does Pausanias feel when he hears the Olympic Games are also about being able to ran faster, jump higher and throw


     A. surprised B. happy C. sad D. embarrassed

    Fill the form about the differences between Ancient Olympics and the Modern Olympics

Item The ancient Olympics The modern Olympics

    Types Only Summer Olympic Games Summer and 3 Olympic


    Events Fewer More events like 4


    Athletes Only men from 6 From 7

    City. Including 8

    Places Greece 9

    Prize 10 11


    Pausanias , a __________ writer about 2000 years ago, has __________Li Yan, a ____________for the 2008 Olympic Games. He found out that there were many differences. There are _____ main sets of Games-the_______ and the Summer Olympics and both are held every four years on a _______ basis. Only ___________ who have reached the agreed standard will be ________ as competitors. ________ are not only allowed, but also play a very important_______ in a lot of events. The Olive

    wreath has been _________ with medals. Every country wants to _______ the Olympics. It is a _______ and honor for the countries who will hold the Olympics. However, he was happy to find that some things remained the same. The motto is still

    ________________________.We compete for _______not for money.

    Part 3 知识点突破


    1. compete vi.---- competitor n.----competition n.----- competitive adj.

    infor, against, with 填空

    The two teams will compete _____ the championship(冠军).

    We could not compete_______ other countries if we dont develop our economy.

    The athletes competed _______ each other for the gold medal.

    The brothers will compete _____ the speech competition.

    2. take part in/join/join in/attend

    We were surprised that he ______ the competition and won the first prize.

    My grandma was in the Red Army, and she ______ the Long March.

    I saw them watching the gymnastics and I _______ them.

    Only a few friends _______ their wedding/party.

    3. admit


    a. He was admitted to the local key High school.

    b.The boy admitted having broken the glass.

    c. Our new library is so large that it can admit 500 students to read in.

    4. stand for/by/out/up


    We often use QQ to chat with friends online, but I really don't what these two letters __________. The girl is so smart that she ________ in her class.

    We need to ________ for the poor people and fight for their happiness.

You cant just _______ when your friends are in trouble.

    4. find out/find/discover/search

    I will ______ why they didn't show up in the meeting. I have _______ the book that I was looking for.

    Some farmers ________ some vases in Tang Dynasty.

    All the rescue teams are ________ the survivor.

    5. replace A with B= B take the place of A

    6. marry sb./ get married with sb./ be married with sb./ marry sb. to sb. 翻译下列句子!




    7. promise: promise sth./ to do sth.; make a promise/break a promise. 8. pick up


    I picked up the phone as soon as it rang.

    My father will pick me up at the train station.

    I picked up some French when I was in France.

    9. deserve: deserve to do sth. 值得做某事

     Deserve doing/ to be done 值得被做某事

    Your teams deserve _______(win).

    Your suggestions deserve ________(consider).

    She deserves _______(praise) for she has tried her best to finish the task. Part 4:知识点练习!


    1.The Chinese delegation has won 51 gold m_______ in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

    2. A_______ from all over the world will come to attend the Games every four years.

    3. Mr. King has r_______ Mike as captain of the team. 4. Mary was not at home, so her son acted as h_______. 5. Many c___________ will compete in a race to be held next month. 6. She was a________ into the party.

    7. They often do some p________ exercise after school. 8. You can find some a_________ ruins in the village. 9. The football match will be held in the Peking Workers’ S_________..

    10. The newspaper has lots of a_________, which help us to find a good job.. 11. It is an h________ for me to be invited to your birthday party. 12. The __________(有魔力的) tools are popular with young children.

    13. We achieved victories _______ _______ ________(一个接一个地).

    14. ______ ______ (举办) the Olympic is a rich prize for a country. 15.All countries can take part if they reach the standard to ______ ______ ______(参加) the game.

    16.P. O. ___________ ( 代表?Post Office.

    17. I __________ ( 自愿?to act as a guide.

    18.I'm looking for whoever is ____________ ( 主管,负责?your company.

    19. Dealers _________ ?讨价还价?with growers over the price of coffee. 20. She ____________(应得到? a reward for her efforts.


     1. The young tennis player has often _____ against famous players, but so far he has always failed.

     A. beat B. raced C. competed D. fought

     2. The computer design problem ______ this afternoon.

     A. will discuss B. is going to be discussed C. is going to discuss D. has been discussing

     3. She is an honest girl who freely ______ that what she said was wrong.

     A. admits B. permits C. promises D. agrees

     4. --- The boys are not doing a good job at all, actually.

     --- _____.

     A. I think not so. B. I am not afraid so. C. I don't guess so. D. I guess not.

     5. You should know that these cars are worn-out and must be ______.

     A. took place B. replaced C. placed D. in place of

     6. I'm coming to London and my sister's coming _______.

     A. as well as B. also C. as well D. as good

     7. Do you agree that the American flag _____ freedom and justice(

     A. stands for B. stands out C. stands up D. stands by

     8. --- I am afraid Mary is too young to go to Shanghai by herself.

     --- Don't worry about her. She ____ by her friends as soon as she arrives.

     A. has been met B. will meet C. is met D. will be met

     9. The doctor who had ____ to settled down in the poor village became the chief fable of the villagers.

     A. offered B. imagined C. dreamed D. volunteered

     10. My grandmother used to come here every Saturday evening as _____ as clockwork.

     A. regular B. normal C. popular D. possible

     11. We can't do work normally, so the machine is ____ by others tomorrow.

     A. repaired B. to be repair C. to be repaired D. be repaired

     12. He would _____ you double its value if he thought you'd pay.

     A. ask B. charge C. order D. change

     13. Our position is _____; we'll never get out alive.

     A. hopeful B. disappointed C. hopeless D. depressing

     14. He was angry with himself for having made such a _____ mistake.

     A. foolish B. wise C. reasonable D. crazy

     15. We were surprised that he _____ the composition contest and won a prize.

     A. joined B. took part in C. attended D. went to 三、词汇串记

     Do you know when the _________ (古代) Olympic Games started? It is said that started in 766 BC. From then on thousands of _____________ (竞争者) from all over the world ___________(参加) it every four years for gold _________ (

    ) or ________ (荣誉) for their ___________ (祖国) . Perhaps you have already known that the five rings on the Olympic flag ________ (代表) five continents and the ________ (格言) of the Olympic is " _________ (更快), Higher and Stronger."

     As we all know, it's not only a great _______________ (责任) but also a great honour for Beijing to be chosen to ________ (主办) the Olympic Games. To make the 2008 Beijing Olympics successful, a special village was built for the

    __________ (运动员) and other people to live in. We built several ____________ (运动场) and a main ______________(体育

    ) as well . Furthermore, many ______________ (志愿者) served during the period of the Olympics and some of them are ______________ (负责) leading foreigners to their proper places. ___________ (现在) , the mascots of Beijing 2008

    Olympic Games sell well in shops, where you can see people are ____________ ( 讨价还价) with the shop assistants for their favorite ones. "Five Friendlies" are often ____________ (广告) on TV or in __________ (海报). Now many Chinese people

    are fond of ___________(体育运动) exercise in order to keep fit and even more athletes are trying their best in order that they

    can reach the standard to be admitted to the great games one day.

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