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How to open a bank account

    Here are 6 steps you need to do , if you want to open a bank account

    Step 1: Choose an Institution

    First, you need to know what type of account do you want? A savings account?储蓄账户 A free

    checking account?活期存款 Should you use a credit union?信用合作社 See who has the

    features you want and get an open bank account with them.

     Step 2: Go to the Bank

    You need to pay attention their business hours and just show up at the branch during the time. Step 3: Pick the Product You Want

    Any financial institution will have a variety of account types and services that you can mix and match. They’ll all have fancy names that you may need to learn. Pick the one that has the mix that

    is right for you.

    Step 4: Provide Your Information

    In order to open an account, you must provide some information to the bank. They do not open bank accounts without certain details about you. This is to protect them against risk and comply with a variety of regulations. You’ll need to provide simple details like your name and birthday, as well as identification numbers .What you need to notice is that you must carry your ID card and hand it over to the banker in person.

    Step 5: Agree to Terms

    You’ll have to agree to abide by certain rules and accept responsibility for certain actions. When you open bank accounts, you form a relationship based on a very touchy subject your money.

    Therefore you should know what you’re getting into. And you need to sign on some agreements .

    Step 6: Congratulate Yourself!

    Congratulations, you are the proud owner of a new account.

    Now, you’ll just need to wait a few days to a few weeks for the bank to process your paperwork. Then, you will get anything you need for the account such as checkbooks and debit cards. Opening bank accounts is really quite easy as long as you know what to expect. Just be ready to complete the required steps.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hi-tech

    As computer, Internet, and other high-tech tools, they are playing a major role in our daily lives ,especially at school so I’d like to list its benefits in schools.

    The advantages of using high-tech devices and learning in schools include:

    1. Because of the internet, students now have an abundance of knowledge at their finger tips. The high tech tools can also help with memory and hand/eye coordination.

    2. New high tech tools in such areas as science provides students with new ways of experimenting and observing in more detailed and graphic ways. For example, this will help improve their overall understanding because the students can remotely control microscopes at laboratories that may be thousands of miles away from the school and they can speak to experts in just about any field. The students will be more compelled to learn.

    3 It can improve the skills needed for success on standardized tests. It helps with the development of critical and innovative thinking skills. They will learn not to regurgitate information, but to explain it in a more comprehensive way.

    4 Technology enhances work projects through such processes as computer word processing, and creating charts, tables, and graphs. It will give them an insight into the work world. With the benefits mentioned above, undoubtedly high-tech learning will help students acquire the skills they need to flourish in this highly technical knowledge-based economy.

    There are definitely a lot of advantages of high-tech gadgets that the advent of modern technology has brought into this generation. People use these things for different reasons and the degree of comfort that these things may have given them. Here are some of the most common advantages of high-tech gadgets that are now creating a craze in this generation.

    Mobility and Convenience This is primarily one of the important advantages of high-tech

    bringing to us. People prefer to use the latest mobile phones and laptops mainly for the convenience of being able to tag them along with ease when they need it wherever they may be. Competence The latest gadgets in modern technology are high competent and powered with different capabilities of which nearly all are especially crafted to provide utmost convenience for its users. With the latest features most users of high-tech gadgets can now use just one or two of them for different purposes. This applies to the latest models of mobile phones and personal computers.

    Productivity Apart from utmost convenience, high-tech gadgets also provide personal

    productivity for its users for obvious reasons. Most modern gadgets like mobile phones and computers are now the main source of communication for both personal and business purposes. Hence, using them provides the perfect and easy way of getting the anything done the soonest and at the most convenient manner.

While Technology also makes life more complex.

    - Sweatshops and harsher forms of slavery are more likely to be found in technologically advanced societies, relative to primitive societies.

    - The increasing oppression of technologically advanced societies over those which are not. - More people are starving (in total numbers and per-capita), in this most technologically advanced age, than at any other point in history or primitive pre-history.

    - The increase in transportation technology has brought stressful traffic congestion in some areas. - Technicism

    - New forms of danger existing as a consequence of innovative forms of technology, new types of nuclear reactors, unforeseen genetic mutations as the result of genetic engineering, or perhaps something more subtle which can destroy the ozone or warm the planet.

    - Potentially devastating nuclear weapons become more powerful and threaten the world peace. - New forms of entertainment, such as video games and internet access could have possible negative social effects on areas such as academic performance.

    - Creates new diseases and disorders such as obesity, laziness and a loss of personality. -computer virus and bug

-privacy and stolen copy right

    -Addicted to computer games and Internet , lots of people lose friends and the chance to communicate with others face to face .Some even get eye disease due to over watching TV and playing computers for long time .

    - Some people even lose their jobs because of automation, especially unskilled workers . What’s

    more, machines and robots are too complex for most people to use.

     How to improve one’s business English speaking skills

    Compared with general English , business English is more used in business and Business English Speaking seem more important now. What most important to those who want to improve their business English speaking skills is that increasing business English vocabulary . And here are some tips to increase your vocabulary: First, try to remember wordlist for University Business English Majors as possible. And write down words you don’t understand then look them up. Then

    try using these words in conversation. Besides, Read business publications, both print (newspapers; magazines) and online. Or Watch business programs on TV will benefit you . In order to learn more about business English , practicing writing business letters is also of help. When write business letters, try to avoid using colloquial language and make it a habit to write formally . You can also show some of your business correspondence to teachers to ask for advice. To improve business English speaking skills , the listening , imitation and practice also play great roles. -Listening is the most essential part of how to improve English speaking skills. You have to listen very carefully at each word and focus on all the verbal punctuations and marks. Try to make notes of what you found while listening and how it is different from your natural speaking. This will help you in easy grasping.

    You also need to observe native speakers, scrutinize the mouth moment of them and try to imitate them as clearly as you can. For instance, while watching television, observe the news reporters who are speaking in English. Try to imitate their style and mouth moments. Listen carefully how they are sounding and in what tone they are uttering any word. You have to imitate the intonation and their rhythm. At initial level, you have to keep your rhythm a bit slow so that you can have a good command and proper remembering of words with that particular accent.

     Practice makes perfect. At last ,you need to combine your knowledge of business English and speaking skills ,and make more practice .Find a partner, to suppose some business patterns or refer to some business English books to practice business English speaking skills will be much helpful .

If you were a billionaire, what would you plan to do ?

    If I were a billionaire, I wish I could work on philanthropic endeavors. In particular, I want to start a school that offers children a holistic education. Beyond learning facts, figures, and formulas, the school will expose kids to different spiritual practices. It would show them how to make choices to have a healthy body. It would teach financial literacy from an early age. In addition, it would give equal time to the arts so that the kids can nurture their creativity, express themselves through the arts and find what they are really interested in . Instead of just reading about different cultures, it would offer opportunities to travel abroad and experience them in personal so that they can widen their horizon and enrich their emotional life.

    I want the school to be open to children from any background. I also want their parents to be heavily involved in the children’s education and be able to learn alongside their children. I hope

    they can share the experiences with their kids so that learning moves beyond the classroom to life. In addition, I would plan chain book bars around China which offers free service ,including drinking ,reading, and wireless internet ,to those who like reading. It will cover all kinds of books, especially world masterpiece which both in English and Chinese. And the employees in book bars will be picked up from the poor students ,which I hope can help them in some way. Moreover, I would reclaim some books from students to make full use of the resources .

    If I were a billionaire ,I would hold a institution which focus on helping senior citizens especially those who live alone. We would organize various activities for them ,such as traveling . We would also plan to employ some young people to accompany them or introduce friends to them. We hope that they can enjoy themselves and not feel lonely in our organization.If I were a billionaire really, I wish I could help children ,poor students and the aged as possible.

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