0671 DULUX painting - NATSPEC

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0671 DULUX painting - NATSPEC

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    General: Provide DuluxGroup/Dulux coating systems to substrates as follows:

    - Consistent in colour, gloss level, texture and dry film thickness. - Free of runs, sags, blisters, or other discontinuities. - Paint systems fully opaque.

    - Clear finishes at the level of transparency consistent with the product.

    - Fully adhered.

    - Resistant to environmental degradation within the manufacturer’s stated life span.

    Selections: As documented.


    DuluxGroup/Dulux technical contacts

    Architects and Specifiers’ Hotline (Paint, Acratex, Protective Coatings): 13 23 77.

    Powder Coatings Technical Advice Hotline: 13 24 99. Website:



    Requirement: Conform to the following:

    - General requirements.





    General: Comply with the recommendations of those parts of AS/NZS 2311 which are referenced in

    this worksection.


    Technical manuals

    Product Guide:

    Duspec Product Data Sheets, MSDS, paint system selection:



    General: For the purposes of this worksection the following abbreviations apply:

    - ASU: Acrylic sealer undercoat multipurpose combo product. - DFT: Dry film thickness.

    - PDS: Product data sheet.

    - PRN: Paint reference number.

    - PSU: Primer sealer undercoat multipurpose combo product. - WFT: Wet film thickness.


    General: For the purposes of this worksection the definitions given in AS/NZS 2310 and the following


    - Adhesion: The sum total of forces of attachment between a dry film and its substrate.

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- Finish coat: The final coat of a coating system.

    - Gloss: The optical property of a surface, characterised by its ability to reflect light specularly. - Gloss unit: Numerical value for the amount of specular reflection relative to that of a standard surface under the same geometric conditions.

    - Levels of gloss finish: When the specular direction is 60 degrees, a surface with the following specular gloss reading are defined by AS 1580 and as follows:

    . Full gloss finish between 50 and 85 gloss units.

    . Semi gloss between 20 and 50 gloss units.

    . Low gloss between 5 and 20 gloss units (also known as low sheen).

    . Flat finish < 5 gloss units (also known as matt).

    - Opacity: The ability of a paint to obliterate the colour difference of a substrate. - Paint: A product in liquid form, which when applied to a surface, forms a dry film having protective, decorative or other specific technical properties.

    - Primer, prime coat: The first coat of a painting system that helps bind subsequent coats to the substrate and which may inhibit its deterioration.

    - Sealer: A product used to seal substrates to prevent:

    . Materials from bleeding through to the surface.

    . Reaction of the substrate with incompatible top coats.

    . Undue absorption of the following coat into the substrate.

    - Sheen: Gloss which is observed on an apparently matt surface at glancing angles of incidence. - Substrate: The surface to which the coating material is applied or is to be applied. - Undercoat: An intermediate coat formulated to prepare a primed surface or other prepared surface for the finishing coat.



    Inspection: Give notice that ensures the timely inspection of the following: - Painting stages:

    . Completion of surface preparation.

    . After application of prime or seal coats.

    . After application of undercoat.

    . After application of each subsequent coat.

    - Clear finishing stages:

    . Before surface preparation of timber.

    . Completion of surface preparation.

    . After staining.

    . After sanding of sealer.

    . After application of each clear finishing coat.


    Clear finish coated samples

    General: Submit pieces of timber or timber veneer matching the timber to be used in the works, prepared, puttied, stained, sealed and coated in conformance with the specified system, of sufficient size so that, each piece can be cut into 4 segments, marked for identification, and distributed as directed.

    Opaque coated samples

    General: Submit, on representative substrates, samples of each coating system showing surface preparation, colour, gloss level, texture, and physical properties; to the Coated samples schedule.

    Coated samples schedule

    Substrate Paint system Colour Sample size

    e.g. Plasterboard P1 Dulux Vivid White A4

     ? NATSPEC (Oct 11) 2 [insert date]

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Substrate Paint system Colour Sample size

Wet samples

    General: Submit two 500 mL samples, clearly labelled, of each type of paint to be tested; to the Wet

    samples schedule.

    Wet samples schedule

    Paint type Colour

    e.g. Dulux Acratex Acrashield Low Gloss Garden Picket (P15.F3)


    General: Dulux coatings systems have been selected for this project. Submit the manufacturer’s details at least 3 weeks before the paint is required, as follows: - Paint brand name and paint line quality statement.

    - Material safety data sheets (MSDS) showing the health and safety precautions to be taken during


    - The published recommendations for maintenance.

    Specialist applicators

    General: Submit name and contact details of proposed specialist applicators. Tests

    Fire retardant systems: Submit type test results to confirm minimum indices, when tested to

    AS/NZS 1530.3, on a substrate representative of the intended use, for paint systems specified as Low

    flame spread or Fire retardant:

    - Spread of flame index: 3.

    - Sum of Ignitability index and Heat evolved index: 7.

    - Smoke developed index: 3.

    Substrate acceptance

    Applicator: Submit the applicator’s certification of the acceptability of the paint finish substrate.

    Timing: Before commencing installation.


    Material Warranty: Submit the manufacturer’s material warranty as follows:

    - Extent: Paintwork generally.

    - Terms: Paint systems are suitable for their intended use. - Warranty period: As defined by the manufacturer.

    Material Performance Warranty: Submit an alternative performance warranty as follows:

     Extent: [complete/delete]

    - Terms: Submit the performance criteria as defined by the manufacturer. - Measure: As defined by the manufacturer.

    - Warranty period: As defined by the manufacturer.

    Timing: Before the application of the paint system.


    2.1 GENERAL

    Product substitution

    Other paint: Conform to SUBMISSIONS, Substitutions in the General requirements worksection.

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    General: Dulux paint products and coating systems have been selected and specified for this project.

    Any unauthorised product substitution will void the Warranties.

    Do not combine paints from different manufacturers in a paint system.

    Clear timber finish systems: Provide only the combinations of putty, stain and sealer recommended by

    the manufacturer of the top coats.


    General: Deliver paints to the site in the original manufacturer’s labelled and unopened containers. Tinting

    General: Provide only products which are colour tinted by the manufacturer or supplier.

    Toxic ingredients

    General: Comply with the requirements of Appendix I Uniform Paint Standard to the Standard for the

    Uniform Scheduling of Drugs and Poisons (SUSDP). Standards

    Paint types: Conform to the Australian Standard as referenced in the OCP/Dulux paint type reference table.

    DuluxGroup/Dulux paint type reference table

    Paint type DuluxGroup/DuluDulux PDS No. AS/NZS Standard

    x material 2311 PRN


    Semi gloss solvent-Dulux Super DD0028 B3 AS 3730.5 borne: interior Enamel Semi-


    Semi-gloss water-Dulux Aquanamel DD1281 B41 NE borne, interior Semi Gloss

    /exterior trim (alt (low VOC)


    Gloss solvent-Dulux Spray Pak DD0009 B4# NE borne: aerosols

    Full gloss solvent-Dulux Super DD0145 B5a AS 3730.6 borne: exterior Enamel Full Gloss

    Full gloss solvent-Dulux Super DD0026 B5b AS 3730.6 borne: interior Enamel Full Gloss

    Full gloss water-Dulux Aquanamel DD1282 B42 NE borne Gloss

    interior/exterior trim (low VOC)

    (alt B9b)

    Flat latex: exterior Dulux DD1450 B6a AS 3730.7

    Weathershield Matt

    Acrylic (low VOC)

    Flat latex: interior Dulux Wash & DD1095 B6b AS 3730.1

    Wear 101 Adv Flat

    Acrylic (low VOC)

    Flat latex: interior Dulux White Ceiling DD1403 B6c AS 3730.1

    Paint eco ceilings

    choice (low VOC)

    Flat latex: interior Dulux Professional DD1466 B6d AS 3730.1 ceilings (tinted EnvirO2 Tintable

    colours) Ceiling Flat (low


    Low gloss latex: Dulux DD0053 B7a AS 3730.8 exterior Weathershield Low

     ? NATSPEC (Oct 11) 4 [insert date]

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    Sheen Acrylic (low


    Low gloss latex: Dulux Wash & DD1096 B7b AS 3730.3 interior Wear 101 Adv Low

    Sheen Acrylic (low DD1516


    Dulux Wash &

    Wear Kitchen &

    Bathroom Low

    Sheen (low VOC)

    (Mouldshield ? +


    Semi gloss latex: Dulux DD0037 B8a AS 3730.9 exterior Weathershield

    Semi Gloss Acrylic

    Semi gloss latex: Dulux Wash & DD1097 B8b AS 3730.2 interior Wear 101 Adv

    Semi Gloss Acrylic DD1521

    (low VOC)

    Dulux Wash &

    Wear Kitchen &

    Bathroom Low

    Sheen (low VOC)

    (Mouldshield ? +


    Gloss latex: Dulux DD0054 B9a AS 3730.10 exterior Weathershield

    Gloss Acrylic

    Gloss latex: interior Dulux Wash & DD1098 B9b AS 3730.12

    Wear 101 Adv

    Gloss Acrylic (low DD1282


    Dulux Aquanamel

    Gloss (low VOC)

    Gloss water-borne Dulux Aquanamel DD1282 B42 NE interior/exterior trim Gloss (low VOC)

    (alt B9a/B9b)

    Wood primer, Dulux 1 Step Oil DD1227 B10 AS 3730.13 solvent-borne Based Primer

    Sealer Undercoat

    Wood primer, latex Dulux 1 Step DD1192 B10A AS 3730.17

    Acrylic Primer

    Sealer Undercoat

    Metal primer for Dulux Quit Rust DI1051 B11 AS 3730.21 steel solvent-Cold Galv. Primer

    borne Dulux Luxaprime DI1136

    Zinc Phosphate


    Metal primer, latex Dulux Quit Rust All DD1453 B11a# AS 3730.15

    Metal (water based,

    low VOC)

    Metal primer for Dulux Quit Rust All DD1453 B12a AS 3730.15 zinc-coated Metal (water based,

    surfaces, latex low VOC)

    Etch primer for non Dulux Quit Rust DD0153 B13 AS 3730.17 ferrous metals Etch Primer

     ? NATSPEC (Oct 11) 5 [insert date]

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    Zinc-rich organic Dulux Zinc Rich 1P DI0541 B14 AS 3730.9 binder/primer for Primer


    Concrete and Dulux Sealer DD0074 B15 AS 3730.22 masonry sealer Binder DA0442

    Dulux Acratex

    Acraprime 501/2

    Clear low viscosity Dulux AquaTread DD1187 B15a NE paint for concrete Concrete Sealer

    (low VOC) DI1118

    Dulux DureSeal

    Acrylic Dust Sealer

    Moisture resistant Dulux EnvirO2 DD1449 B15b NE plasterboard sealer Water Based

    binder Sealer Binder (low


    Concrete and Dulux Acrylic DD1402 B16 masonry, latex Sealer Undercoat

    eco choice (low wallboard sealer, DD1192

    sealer/undercoat, VOC)

    Dulux 1 Step

    Acrylic Primer

    Sealer Undercoat

    (low VOC)

    Undercoat, solvent-Dulux 1 Step Oil DD1227 B17 AS 3730.14 borne Based Primer

    Sealer Undercoat

    Undercoat, latex: Dulux 1 Step DD1192 B17a AS 3730.18 exterior Acrylic Primer

    Sealer Undercoat DD0441

    (low VOC)

    Dulux Acratex

    Water Based 501/1

    Undercoat, latex: Dulux 1 Step DD1192 B17a AS 3730.18 interior Acrylic Primer

    Sealer Undercoat DD1402

    (low VOC)

    Dulux Acrylic

    Sealer Undercoat

    eco choice (low


    Wood Stain - spirit Feast Watson DW0729 B18a NE


    Wood Stain - oil Cabot’s Interior DW0661 B18b

    Stain DW1248

    Feast Watson



    Wood Stain - latex Cabot’s Woodcraft DW0662 B18c NE

    Stain (interior) (low

    VOC) DW0758

    Intergrain Natural

    Stain (exterior) (low


    Interior clear Cabot’s Cabothane DW0669 B19 AS 3730.25 or varnish, solvent-Gloss DW0668 AS 3730.27 (for

    based, one-pack Cabot’s Cabothane DW1292 floors)

     ? NATSPEC (Oct 11) 6 [insert date]

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    Satin DW0664

    Cabot’s Stain &

    Varnish (Satin) DW0737

    Cabot’s Stain &

    Varnish (Gloss) DW0736

    Feast Watson

    Floorclear (Satin) DW1295

    Feast Watson

    Floorclear (Gloss) DW1294

    Feast Watson Stain DW0726

    & Varnish (Satin) DW0727

    Feast Watson Stain DW0730

    & Varnish (Gloss)

    Feast Watson


    Feast Watson


    Feast Watson


    Interior clear latex Intergrain Ultraclear DW0762 B19a AS 3730.27

    varnish, water-Interior Satin (low

    based, one-pack VOC) DW0761

    Intergrain Ultraclear

    Interior Gloss (low DW1491

    VOC) DW1490

    Cabot’s Cabothane

    Water Based (gloss

    or satin) (low VOC)

    Floor varnish, Feast Watson DW0732 B20a AS 3730.27

    solvent based, Floorproof

    clear (moisture


    Floor Varnish, Intergrain Enviropro DW1420

    water-based, one-Endure 1 Pack DW1419

    pack (matt, satin or DW1418

    gloss) (low VOC)

    Floor varnish, clear Feast Watson DW1312 B20b AS 3730.27

    or tinted, two-pack EnviroMax (gloss, DW1190

    semi gloss or low DW1038

    sheen) (low VOC) DW1421


    Intergrain Enviropro DW1423


    2 Pack (gloss, satin

    or matt)

    Exterior latex stain, Intergrain DW0758 B22 AS 3730.16

    semi-transparent NaturalStain (low


    Fence stain, latex Dulux DD0055 B22a AS 3730.16

    paints, opaque Weathershield DW0660

    Garden Shades



    Exterior stain, Cabot’s Deck & DW1579 B23# AS 3730.28

    solvent-borne, Exterior Stain


    Exterior stain, Feast Watson DW1248 B23a NE

    solvent-borne, Woodshield DW1247

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semi-transparent (Int/Ext) DW1579

    Feast Watson

    Decking Stain

    Cabot’s Deck &

    Exterior Stain

    Paving paint for Berger Jet Dry DD0081 B24 AS 3730.29 concrete, solvent Paving Paint range

    Paving paint for Berger Jet Dry DD1163 B24a NE concrete, latex Aqua Tread Satin

    Roofing paint, latex Dulux AcraTex 962 DA1471 B25 (Solar reflectance) COOLROOF with



    Intumescent paints Refer to 0346 N/A B28# NE



    coatings in

    structural fire

    protection coatings

    Epoxy paint, two-Dulux Luxepoxy T DI1142 B29 AS/NZS 3750.1 pack, solvent-borne Enamel Finish DI1109

    topcoats, interior Dulux Durebild STE

    only 2 Pak Epoxy (high DI1116

    build & surface DI1115


    Dulux Duremax

    GPE Zinc


    Dulux Duremax


    Epoxy paint, two-Pool paints not N/A B29 AS/NZS 3750.1 pack, solvent-borne available from

    topcoats, exterior & Dulux


    Epoxy paint, two-Dulux Luxafloor DI1315 B29a NE pack, water based, ECO2 (low VOC)

    interior only

    High Build Dulux Weathermax DI1156 B29c NE Recoatable two-HBR

    pack, solvent-borne

    gloss polyurethane

    Stain sealer, Dulux PrepLock Oil DD1308 B30a NE solvent-borne for Based Stain

    water soluble stains Blocker (low VOC) DD1309

    Dulux Preplock

    Shellac Stain


    Stain sealer, water Dulux PrepLock DD1310 B30b based for oil stains Water Based Stain

    Blocker (low VOC)

    Chalk sealer, Dulux Sealer DD0074 B31 NE surface conditioner Binder DA0442

    Dulux Acraprime

    Solvent Based


    Anti-mould Intergrain TSS DW0768 B32 NE (treatment or wash

     ? NATSPEC (Oct 11) 8 [insert date]

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for timber)

    Water-repellent for Dulux AquaBan DD0002 B33 NE masonry

    Creosote stain No longer used N/A B35 NE Paint remover, Selleys Pollystrippa Poly B36a NE solvent-borne Paint Stripper

    Paint remover, Selleys Polystrippa Poly B36b NE chemical Renovators’ Choice

    Bituminous paints No longer used N/A B37 NE High build Dulux Acratex Acratex B38a AS/NZS 4548.1 membrane or Range AS/NZS 4548.2 texture coatings for AS/NZS 4548.3 masonry and AS/NZS 4548.4 concrete: exterior

    Texture finish latex Dulux Effects B38b NE coatings for Range (interior) masonry and


    interior only

    Clear or colourless Intergrain DW1401 B39a NE coatings UltraClear Exterior DW1400

    (waterborne) for (gloss or satin)

    timber, exterior Note: not suitable

    for decking.

    Clear coatings Intergrain Ultraclear DW0762 B39b NE (waterborne) for Interior (gloss or DW0761

    timber, interior satin) (low VOC) DW0677

    Cabot’s Crystal DW0678

    Clear (gloss or


    Clear or colourless Intergrain Enviropro DW1420 B39c AS 3730.27 coatings Endure DW1419

    (waterborne) for 1 Pack (matt, satin DW1418

    timber, interior or gloss) DW1421

    floors (low VOC) DW1422

    Intergrain Enviropro DW1423

    Endure DW1312

    2 Pack (gloss, satin DW1190

    or matt) DW1038

    Feast Watson

    EnviroMax 2 Pack

    (gloss, semi-gloss

    or low sheen)

    Sanding sealer Cabot’s Universal DW0688 B40 NE

    Sanding Sealer DW0744

    Feast Watson

    Sanding Sealer

    Semi-gloss latex, Dulux Aquanamel DD1281 B41 NE interior trim (alt Semi-Gloss (low

    B8b) VOC)

    Gloss or full gloss Dulux Aquanamel DD1282 B42 NE latex, interior trim Gloss (low VOC)

    Penetrating Tung Feast Watson DW0734 B43a NE Oil type varnish for Floorseal DW0733

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timber floors: Feast Watson

    interior China Wood Oil

    Penetrating Tung Intergrain Nature’s DW0769 B43b NE Oil type varnish for Timber Oil DW1577

    timber floors: Feast Watson DW1285

    exterior Decking Oil


    ULTRADECK (low


    Gloss pigmented Dulux Luxathane R DD1137 B44 AS/NZS 3750.6 polyurethane Dulux Weathermax DI1156


    Powder coatings Dulux Powdercoat B45a AS 3715 for non-ferrous Range


    Powder coatings Dulux Powdercoat B45b AS 4506 for ferrous metals Range


    Low VOC Compliance Reference table

    Green Star Office v3 VOC Limits MAX g/litre DULUX Products VOC g/litre Untinted Product Type compared to the GBCA


    COMPLIANCE CRITERIA GBCA Specifications (obtain latest figures) Walls and ceilings - 16 Dulux Professional < 1 Interior Semi-Gloss Enviro Interior Semi-2


    Walls and ceilings - 16 Dulux Wash & Wear 101 < 5 Interior Semi-Gloss Advanced Semi Gloss

    Dulux Wash & Wear < 5

    Kitchen & Bathroom

    Semi Gloss

    Walls and ceilings - 16 Dulux Professional < 1 Interior Low Sheen Enviro Interior Low 2


    Walls and ceilings - 16 Dulux Wash & Wear 101 < 5 Interior Low Sheen Advanced Low Sheen

    Dulux Wash & Wear < 5

    Kitchen & Bathroom Low


    Walls and ceilings 16 Dulux Professional < 1 Interior Flat-Washable Enviro Interior Flat 2

    Walls and ceilings 16 Dulux Wash & Wear 101 < 5 Interior Flat-Washable Advanced Flat

    Ceilings - Interior Flat 14 Dulux Professional < 1

    Enviro Interior Flat 2

    Ceilings - Interior Flat 14 Dulux White Ceiling < 5

    Paint eco choice Trim - Interior Gloss 75 Dulux Aquanamel Gloss < 74 Trim - Exterior Gloss 75 Dulux Weathershield < 65

    Gloss Acrylic

    Trim - Interior Semi-75 Dulux Aquanamel Semi < 74 gloss Gloss

     ? NATSPEC (Oct 11) 10 [insert date]

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