By Barry Porter,2014-11-12 01:38
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Easy Solder Reflow Oven

User Manual

* General Information

    Thank you for making the choice to purchase our product. The Easy Solder Reflow Oven is a simple effective way to experiment with reflow techniques. This inexpensive kit contains…


     1 Black and Decker Toaster Oven

     1 HC12 controller board

     1 Custom Designed ThermoCouple / LCD bridge board

     1 20cell x 4row LCD screen

     1 J type thermo couple

     1 On/Off heating control

    This system requires 2 standard 120 Volt Outlets for operation. One to power Toaster, and one to power microcontroller.

    The toaster oven is capable of containing .8 sq feet of circuit boards during each cooking cycle.

*Installation Instructions

As illustrated bellow, installation is easy.

    The micro controller is first attached to the Custom Board Via the wide ribbon cable provided. Then the LCD is attached as shown below to the Custom Board. The final

device needed is the thermocouple. It doesn’t matter in which order the leads are

    connected the device will still operate correctly.

    The thermocouple must be inserted into the Oven and shut into the door during operation.

    The heating control unit is plugged into an outlet, and then the Toaster Oven is plugged into the Heating Control Box.

    ; Theory of Operation

     It is very easy to understand how this product works. First of all we have our toaster. It is very simple in design and relies on mechanical temperature sensors to control the temperature inside the oven. We needed more precise temperature controls to cook circuit boards so we aren’t using the installed mechanical sensors. To render them out of operation we simply turned the temperature control to “BROIL” and the timer to a generic “ON” state.

     To regulate the temperature inside the oven we use a HC12 Motorola