IE Guidelines for the Nichols five column model

By Rick Lawson,2014-05-31 19:02
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IE Guidelines for the Nichols five column model


    Strategic Planning Action Plans and

    Institutional Effectiveness Assessments



    Institutional Effectiveness

    Institutional Effectiveness is defined as the extent to which an institution achieves its mission and goals. The College’s institutional effectiveness process is an on-going, institution-wide commitment to planning and outcomes assessment for the purpose of continuous improvement and to provide evidence that the College is effectively achieving its mission. Institutional effectiveness at NCTC is a continuous, cyclical process comprised of setting goals and objectives, implementation, evaluation, assessment, and improvement that is applied at every level of the College. It is an integral part of NCTC’s commitment toward consistent improvement of programs, services and administrative functions.

    Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning is the process by which NCTC determines its major, long-term directions and decisions. Strategic planning has both an external and internal focus. It spans departmental boundaries and involves a continual scanning process as a means of actively monitoring changes in the environment that will likely have implications for the College. Strategic Planning at NCTC is based on a five-year cycle, with evaluations and assessments being performed annually. In conjunction with the College’s Institutional Effectiveness process, each department develops their annual action plans.

    The evaluation of the Strategic Plan’s effectiveness is done through assessment of its institutional effectiveness and strategic action plans. Action plans are specific steps developed by the departments to achieve its strategic objectives. In addition, NCTC has identified Champions for each of the five major frameworks to ensure that from a system-wide perspective objectives are meeting implemented and assessed. Through departmental and system-wide implementation, the strategic plan guides the college in the achievement of the institutional goals and ultimately the mission.


Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Accreditation

    According to the Handbook for Reaffirmation of Accreditation, which is the guidelines for accreditation with the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), one of the core requirements is “The institution engages in ongoing, integrated and institution-wide research-based planning and evaluation processes

    that (1) incorporate a systematic review of institutional mission, goals, and outcomes; (2) results in continuing improvement in institutional quality; and (3) demonstrate that the institution is effectively accomplishing its mission”.

    (Core Requirement 2.5)

In addition, the SACS Comprehensive Standard 3.3.1 governs the college’s institutional assessment process.

    3.3.1 The institution identifies expected outcomes, assesses the extent to which it achieves these outcomes, and provides

    evidence of improvement based on analysis of the results in each of the following areas: educational programs, to include student learning outcomes administrative support services educational support services research within its educational mission, if appropriate community/public service within its educational mission, if appropriate

    As evident by the core values set by the strategic planning process, integrity plays a vital role in all areas of the college including the institutional effectiveness and strategic planning process. SACS recognizes the importance of integrity through the establishment of the Principle of Integrity as part of the accreditation process.

Assessment Schedule

    Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Planning Assessment Timeline

    2009-2010 Columns 1-4 & Resources Needed August 30, 2009

    2009-2010 Columns 1-4 Reviewed September 30, 2009

    2009-2010 Columns 5-6 May 31, 2010


    Members of the Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning Committee are available to assist

    departments with completing the IE/SP form. If you need assistance with completing this form, please contact

    one of the committee members listed below:

    David Brown - Ext. 3331 Debbie Sharp - Ext. 3305

    Steve Broyles - Ext. 3300 Roy Culberson - Ext 6236

    Tiffani Walker - Ext. 3393 Mike Scott - Ext. 6289

    Jessica DeRoche - Ext. 6212 Crystal Wright - Ext. 4320

     Beverly Snow -