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    bởi Seamap Vietnam vào ngày 3 tháng 3 2012 lúc 7:02 chiều ?


    1. Are you dreaming of becoming a PHD studying overseas? Why or why not? Besides, in your view, what should a doctor do after achieving the certificate?

    2. With your expericences, or your friend experiences, how to apply successfully a PHD course overseas? Is there any tip or trick here? J

    3. PHD overseas is fashionable, how about PHD in Vietnam? Do you think they are really deserved to the title “PHD”?

    4. In fact, most of the richest people in the world dropped school. Therefore, do you think it’s necessary to take a PHD course if you want to be rich?


     Outpourings of PHD pursuers studying overseas?

    PHD is highest level of knowledge ladders a person officially longs to attain. But where to take PHD remains a controversial issue. In Vietnam, PHD degree is believed to be purchasable and there are throngs of PHD learners, which is somehow said to downplay the honor of being a PHD, and that is why to glorify the image of the family legacy and their own, hundreds of students in Vietnam nourish the dream of being granted PHD in universities in America, Australia and England where their reputation is guaranteed. The journey to conquer sounds to be way rocky. Not only are they supposedly equipped with distinguished academic performance, above 3 GPA, but they also apply themselves to hours of learning English, a language fraught with irregular principles, rigid rules to obtain IELTS, TOEFL, or even GRE, the test which equally scares the native if they land their goal on America. Once these preconditions are done, the process of selecting schools, getting in touch with a celebrated professor for financial aid and the effort to sharpen their writing in SOP, to ask for letters of recommendation are enough to discourage any soon quitters. Two years, at least, in preparation is what people should think of if they want to be there someday. Several of my close friends who, after all, surmounted all these ordeals, are now seeing themselves not less piqued by research and publication deadlines. Their life perpetuates like this “from the morning deep in projects with professors to earn little tuition to cover their expense to the noon when they are prepared for seminars, till night in libraries where thousands of pages are there to ponder”. Sometimes, to be honest, they outpour to me that

    thrown into the ocean of knowledge and urgent deadlines, they have no idea where they are now, nor are they sure whether to fit in their home country where things are out of sync with their current research aims ; they miss the hometown, the food, friends, vacations, all funs and joys that are devoid in the life of being a PHD. Because of this, some decide to shortcut their learning from PHD to Master one which proves easier and more practical for their early application for jobs at the price of being financially unsponsored by their professors, the price that not many students in Vietnam are not ready to afford. And the idea of being degraded on the ladder of knowledge is the shame of the rest students who swallow their current mental and physical agonies- which are caused by backaches as a result of a sedentary lifestyle- to complete such a hard marathon. To a few women courageous enough to finish this race, they have to accept to delay giving birth for the cause of knowledge gain; anyway, there is nothing more resounding than the idea of being the first female PHD learners in Vietnam who achieve the degree by virtue of their will, boldness and savvy. That is what it takes to be accomplished PHD ones, and listening to their true stories, do you still want to reach the peak any more, Seamap guys?

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