Unit 6 Exercise 3

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Unit 6 Exercise 3

    Unit 6 Exercise 3

    I. Fill in the blanks with the given words in their proper forms. 1. Judy asked me for a __________. But I could not help her. (favourite) 2. I think her answer is __________ true. (part)

    3. Sorry, Sir. Would you please write bigger words on the board? I can’t see them

    __________. (clear)

    4. Captain King thought that Gork might be a __________ monster at first. (friend) 5. The door of the cave is two ___________ high. (storey)

    II. Choose the best answer.

    1. -- Do you like our English teacher?

     Yes. _____ I learn from her, _____ I like her.

    A. Longer; more B. The longer; the more

    C. The longer; more D. Longer; the more 2. My grandma _____ me a story of her own when she was a little girl.

    A. told B. spoke C. talked D. said 3. Don’t forget to post the letter on your way to work, _____?

    A. shall we B. do you C. do we D. will you 4. I have a new _____ to see object far away. It can make things seem near and clear.

    A. telephone B. telescope C. photograph D. telegram 5. The farmers began to work in the fields _____ dawn.

    A. in B. on C. at D. until

    III. Rewrite the following sentences as required.

    1. The little boy went to bed after he finished his homework.;保持句意不变;

    The little boy __________ go to bed __________ he finished his homework. 2. Let’s have a party this Sunday.;保持句意不变;

    __________ __________ having a party this Sunday?

    3. We should leave the cave. It’s very necessary.;保持句意不变;

    It’s very necessary __________ us __________ leave the cave.

    4. Both of the monsters have been to the planet.;改为否定句;

    __________ of the monsters __________ been to the planet. 5. She lay down on her bed.;改为一般疑问句;

    __________ she __________ down on her bed?

    IV. Write in/on/at if necessary. Write “/” if no preposition is needed for the sentence.

    1. I’m going to leave _____ Friday.

    2. Shall we play tennis _____ next Sunday?

    3. Will you be at home _____ this afternoon?

    4. What are you going to do _____ the weekend?

    5. I will go home _____ the evening.

    6. I will phone Robert _____ this Sunday.

    7. He’s going out. He’ll be back _____ an hour.

    V. Choose the words and complete the passage.

    When I was 13 years old, a boy gave me an important gift. It was a smile.

    It was the early autumn of my fist year at a junior high school, and my old school was far away. As a result, __1__ knew who I was. I was very lonely, and afraid to make friends with anyone.

    Every time I heard the other students talking and laughing, I felt my __2__ break. I couldn’t talk to anyone about my problem, and I didn’t want my parents to worry about me.

    Then one day, my classmates talked happily with their friends, __3__ I sat at my desk unhappily as usual. At that moment, a boy entered the classroom. I didn’t know who he was. He passed me and then __4__ back. He looked at me and, without a word, smiled.

    Suddenly, I felt the touch of __5__ bright and friendly. It made me feel happy, lively and warm.

    That smile changed my life. I __6__ to talk with the other students and made friends. Day by day, I became closer to everyone in my class. The boy with the lucky smile has become my best friend now.

    One day, I asked him why he smiled, but he couldn’t remember smiling at me!

    It doesn’t matter because all the dark days have gone. Now I believe that the world is what you think it is. If you think you are lonely, you might always be alone. So smile at the world and it will smile back.

    1. A. someone B. anyone C. nobody D. everybody

    2. A. heart B. head C. hair D. hand

    3. A. for B. but C. if D. unless

    4. A. paid B. called C. turned D. shouted

    5. A. nothing B. anything C. everything D. something

    6. A. refused B. hated C. used D. started

    VI. Read the dialogue and fill in the blanks with proper words.

    Joe is reading an interview about a wheelchair tennis player.

    Q: How long have you been playing wheelchair tennis?

    A: For two years. I s__1__ about a year after my car accident. When they told me I

    would never walk again, I was sad for a long time. Then Mum took me to watch a

    wheelchair tennis game. I loved it. I used to play tennis before the accident, and it

    was great to see that I could play it again. The next day I joined a club. Q: How is wheelchair tennis different f__2__ ordinary tennis?

    A: Well, it is almost the same, except that we move about on wheels instead of using

    our legs. The court, the ball and the rackets are the same size. The r__3__ are

    almost the same, too. The one big difference is that the ball can bounce t__4__. In

    ordinary tennis the ball can only bounce once.

    Q: How often do you train?

    A: I go to the gym five times a week. And on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30

    I train with my tennis teacher. Then on Saturdays I play in competition. Q: What is your dream?

    A: One day, to be good e__5__ to win at the Paralympics.

    1. s________ 2. f________ 3. r________ 4. t________ 5. e________

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