Dear - Peafield Lane Primary and Nursery School

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Dear - Peafield Lane Primary and Nursery School





    The role of education is one of „forming people‟. The children for whom we are responsible today will be the leaders of society tomorrow. With that in mind, children, parents, governors and staff are working together to develop a vision that is fundamental to everything we do at Peafield Lane. These four core values are central to the work that takes place in the school and they have a direct relevance to the day to day activities carried out and to the way the school operates:


    Focusing, not on the results our children can attain by the time they reach the end of year 6 but on the people they will become as they move on through their lives. Developing children‟s self esteem so that they have a genuine feeling of self worth and an appreciation of their role in society. There is a strong emphasis on circle times, developing an understanding of a person‟s role in society.

Shared Responsibility:

    People who are responsible for themselves, their actions and for others around them. When one child falls over in the playground another will pick them up and brush them down. The children at Peafield Lane genuinely care for each other and for their environment. If a coat is on the floor in the cloakrooms another child will pick it up. Children take a pride in their work and that of others They are able to reflect on their own work and can suggest and facilitate improvement.


    Coming to school should be fun. We understand that to get the most out of life a person needs to enjoy it. The school makes no apology for the fact that if the weather is great, we may sometimes choose to go outside and play! Effort is put into making lessons enjoyable and encouraging large and fluid groups of friends. If a child is not worried about who they are going to play with at break time and looks forward to being in school then they can give their full attention to working hard in lessons that are exciting, interesting and relevant.

    High Expectations:

    The people at Peafield Lane try their very best at what they do. Whilst targets are always ambitious, there is a clear understanding that the journey

is at least as important as the destination. Peafield Lane is a school that

strives for excellence in all that it does.

    Peafield Lane Primary and Nursery School

    Litton Road

    Mansfield Woodhouse


    NG19 9PB

    Tel: 01623 460366

    Head Teacher : Mr Gary Walker

Welcome to Peafield Lane Primary and Nursery School. This booklet is intended

    as an introduction to the Reception and Key Stage 1 department.

The teachers are:

    Reception Teachers

    Mrs Horton Mrs Hallam

    Infant Teachers

    Mrs Lunn Mrs Rowbotham Mrs Westerby Mrs McDonald

    As we believe that it is very important to ensure that each child‟s move into the main school is a positive and happy experience, we would like to provide you with some information which will help both you and your child.

School Times

School starts at : 8.45am

    School finishes at : 3.15pm

    Doors open for the children to come into school at 8.35am. Parents are more than welcome to bring children into the classroom It would be helpful if you would leave your children ready to start registration by 8:45am

    At home time, the reception children are escorted outside on to the Nursery play area by their class teacher, who waits with them until all children are collected.

Food and Drink

    We encourage children to bring bottles of water to school. Drinking regularly helps children to concentrate and directly affects their learning. Bottles should be plastic or metal (not glass) with a self sealing or „pop up‟ top so that if they are knocked over the water stays inside and can‟t ruin someone‟s work.

    We only allow water in the bottles. Your child‟s class teacher will tell them where they can store their drinks during the day.

    All children in Nursery and Infant classes receive a piece of fruit each day. Therefore we do not allow children to bring in their own snacks.

    All children receive free milk until the term of their 5th birthday. After this time they can still receive it at a cost of ?5 per term.

Lunch Times

Lunchtime is from 12.00pm until 1.00pm.

    You can choose between a hot school dinner for your child or, if you wish, you can send your child with a packed lunch. Because the cook needs to order her ingredients well in advance we ask that you give the school at least two weeks notice before changing from one system to another.


    Prices for a two course school meal are ?9.50 per week which equates to ?1.90 per day. Much less than you would pay for a child‟s meal in a restaurant or pub. Meals are tasty, well balanced and healthy. A Typical week‟s menu is shown overleaf.

    Dinner money is collected every Monday and needs to come to school in a sealed envelope with the child‟s name, class and amount of money written on the outside.

    School dinners are provided by Nottinghamshire County council and not by the school. Cheques for dinner money need to be made payable to: N.C.C.

    If you need to find out about access to free meals, please see our School Office Manager, Mrs Rudge.

Typical Menu

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    Lamb Kebabs on Sausage & Pasta Roast Turkey, Meatballs in a Fish Fingers,

    Carrot Sticks with Bake, Garlic Slice, Stuffing & Mashed Tomato Sauce, Tomato Sauce,

    Mint Yoghurt Dip, Mixed Salad Potatoes, Roasted Pasta Mixed Salad, Jacket Wedges,

    Savoury Rice, Mediterranean Crunchy Vegetables Seasonal

    Seasonal Fruit topped Vegetables, Vegetables

    Vegetables Yoghurt and Jelly Seasonal Fruit Medley with

     Layer Vegetables Yoghurt & Honey Cornflake Tart and

    Mixed Fresh Fruit in Custard

    Jelly Chocolate &

    Orange Mousse

    The menu changes every week on a four week cycle and always includes at least one traditional roast dinner each week.


    Whilst we do encourage our children to stay for a school dinner you may wish to send them with a packed lunch. These need to be in a sealed container, readily available from Asda, Tesco, etc with the child‟s name clearly marked. Parents

    should ensure these lunches are healthy and well balanced. We do not encourage children to come to school with sweets, cakes, crisps, etc.

    Please do not send children with their own drinks to lunch as we provide them all with water each day.

Personal Possessions / Sweets

    Please do not send your child to school with toys or personal possessions as these can easily get mislaid or damaged. In addition sweets should not be brought into school except to celebrate a birthday or returning from a holiday.


    The school has a uniform, which we have kept simple and inexpensive.

    It is important that your child comes to school in the correct uniform and you should choose from the list as appropriate:

White shirt or blouse which must be worn with a school tie

    Dark green, v-neck pullover or cardigan with school badge

    Grey skirt/pinafore or green and white gingham dress

    Grey trousers

    Grey or white socks

    Black shoes

    The sweatshirt style pullover or cardigan with school badge may be purchased from “The Schoolwear Centre” in Mansfield. Please note this is our only official supplier

    of the sweatshirts. These should not be purchased from any other supplier as there may be a deviation in the shade of green and badge design. A fleece with the badge may also be purchased, which can be worn outdoors, but not in class.

Uniform is optional for nursery children.

    Parents should ensure their child has the proper games and P.E. kit. This is:

White “T” shirt (We have a white polo shirt for sale with the school badge)

    Black P.E. shorts or black leotard

    trainers for outdoor games Preferably with Velcro fastening

Children will need swimming costumes when they go swimming.

    Please note all uniform and P.E. kit should be clearly labelled with your child‟s

    name. It is a good idea to regularly check the name has not washed out of your uniform as our lost property box gets increasingly full of un readable or unnamed uniforms every term.

    Please ensure that your child wears their school uniform at all times.

All clothing should have your child’s name inside. In the summer months we

    encourage children to wear sunhats.

School Uniform Shop:

    Most of the items such as the school tie, sweatshirt and other optional items may be purchased from the school. We run a uniform shop each Monday, which opens at 3.00pm until 3:30pm, in the school entrance area. If you cannot come to the shop on Mondays you can send us a note detailing your requirements along with the correct payment and we will ensure you get the things you need.


    V-Neck Sweater 22” 34” ?10 Swimming/PE Bag ?3.70

    Girls‟ Cardigan Sweater 22” 28” ?10 Polo Shirt 24” 30” ?8

    Girls‟ Cardigan Sweater 30” ?11 Polo Shirt 32” 34” ?9

    Girls‟ Cardigan Sweater 32” 34” ?12 Fleece Ages 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 ?14

    Elasticated Tie ?3 Fleece Ages 9/10 ?15

    Traditional Tie ?3 Recorder ?4.30

    Reading Bag ?3.50


    We would like to make parents aware of the dangers of wearing jewellery in school. The jewellery may become lost or damaged, but more importantly, it may become tangled in equipment or clothing and cause personal injury for which the school can take no responsibility. We would, therefore, be grateful if parents would ensure that children do not wear jewellery to school.

PE Bags

    This must be clearly labelled with your child‟s name on the outside and should contain suitable clothing for physical activities, such as shorts, T-shirts, leotards and

plimsolls. All of these items need to be marked with your child‟s name. PE bags

    are available from the school shop. PE bags should be brought to school on a Monday morning to be left here until Friday, when the kit should be taken home for washing.

Illness and Absences

    If your child is absent from school please let us know the reason as we are required by government to keep details of records of absences. Please contact school on the telephone by 9.30 am on the first day of absence. If we have not heard from you we operate a policy of „first day calling‟. This means that we will get in touch

    with you as soon as we can on the first morning of absence to ensure that your child is safe. This response follows the case in Scotland last year where a boy was abducted on his way to school. The alarm however wasn‟t raised until home time

    that afternoon

    Children should not take holidays during term time. In exceptional circumstances parents may apply to the headteacher for special permission for a leave of absence and there is a set form that you can use for this. This may be granted for a maximum of 10 days in any one year.

Health and Safety

    Please inform your child‟s class teacher of any medical conditions, for example, allergies, asthma, eczema etc.

    If your child has a very bad cough / cold or has had sickness or diarrhoea in the past 24 hours, please keep them at home until they are feeling better.

Special Educational Needs

    Pupils with special educational needs may be identified by parents or by staff. Staff will always discuss any concerns with parents. When a child has specific needs, an Individual Education Plan is devised to help the child in their learning. Parents are involved with the delivery of the plan at home and are kept informed of progress.


    Teaching unions have advised that staff should not administer medicines to children. However, as parents ourselves, we appreciate that this can make life difficult and therefore the headteacher has agreed to administer prescribed medicines if there is a covering letter stating the exact time and dosage. Children should not bring in cough sweets and throat lozenges, etc. On no account should parents send children into school with over the counter medicines/tablets to keep in their bags. If you have any doubts or concerns then please ask your class teacher or phone school.


    We try to encourage all children to behave well at school. We aim to do this in a positive, caring way by praising children for their efforts and rewarding them with a system of certificates and through celebratory assemblies.

    We see parental support as essential in the implementation of our Behaviour Policy and are committed to working in partnership with you if any problems occur.

    As the children progress towards Key Stage 2, we expect their levels of independence to increase. This will include taking responsibility for their belongings and their own actions. They will be asked to set good examples for their peers and the younger children in school.


Class teachers will provide homework activities that are appropriate to your child‟s

    age and needs. Initially this will consist of reading and then spelling activities although occasionally there may be other activities as well. As the children‟s maturity and ability increase, so will our expectations on the amount and quality of the homework they should do.

    Please ensure that your child‟s reading folder and its contents are brought to school each day.

    Initially it may take a couple of weeks before your child receives their first books to take home. This is normal as we take care to assess and work out the most suitable reading materials for their needs.


    On entry to Reception, all children throughout the country are assessed using a Foundation Stage Profile. Children‟s progress is then discussed with parents at a

    short meeting, which is arranged for you by the class teacher.

    Throughout each year, class teachers make assessments according to National Curriculum levels for each subject. Your child‟s progress and targets will be discussed with you at open evenings.

    All Year 2 children, throughout the country, are tested using SATs between January and July. Usually these tests at Peafield Lane School are administered during the summer term. Therefore, the school would very much appreciate parents not taking their annual holiday during the month of May. These tests provide useful information for your child‟s transfer into Key Stage 2. The results of these tests are also shared with parents during open evenings.

Parental Involvement

At home :

     Please ensure that your child completes their homework tasks

     Read a variety of materials with your child whenever possible

Talk to your child about what they are doing in school.

     Don‟t teach your child to write in capital letters as this can be very confusing when he/she starts school :

JANET Janet;

     Remember, children progress more quickly when parents are involved.

At school :

     If you wish to discuss anything with your child‟s class teacher, they are usually available before school starts in the morning or after school.

     Offer to help in school with activities such as playing maths and reading games, taking down displays, making games / resources, helping with swimming.

     Attend parents‟ evenings and open evenings. The following events are held each term :

     Autumn term Parents‟ Evening (usually held in October).

     Spring term Parents‟ Evening

     Summer term School Reports are handed out.

    Throughout the year the headteacher arranges coffee mornings for parents where we may discuss a range of whole school issues. Also, Staff may prepare presentation or curriculum events in which we will talk about a particular subject such as maths, etc and highlight how you can best support your child‟s learning at home. We welcome parents into school and are always happy to discuss concerns and answer questions. Complaints are few and these are dealt with promptly by class teachers and the headteacher. Mr Walker can regularly be seen outside by the front gate welcoming people into school each morning and is available for anyone to talk to.

Home-School Agreement

    A separate sheet is included within this pack and should be signed and returned to school. We hope all parents will agree to support the home-school agreement. Throughout the brochure you will have read about our commitment to your child‟s

    welfare and education, whilst developing with you, the parents, a friendly and professional relationship. We hope parents will realise the value of developing strong relationships with the school in the interest of their child‟s development. A

    reference copy of the agreement is shown at the back of this brochure so you may continue to refer to it.

General Consent Form

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