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Lesson 52 How Is the Weather Today ?教案

     小章中学 王湘灵

    Target language 目标语言

    1. Words and phrases 生词和短语

     sun, wind, cloud, rain, snow, day, blow, leaf 2. Key sentences 重点句子

    What day is it today / tomorrow?

    Its Tuesday, October 27th.

    How is the weather today?

    Is it snowy / windy / sunny?

    Ability goals 能力目标

    Enable students to talk about weather and what day it is.

    Learning ability goals 学能目标

    Help students learn how to describe the weather and how to answer

    What day is it? correctly.

    Teaching important and difficult points 教学重难点

    How to describe the weather.

    Teaching methods 教学方法

    Speaking and Competition.

    Teaching aids 教具准备

    Pictures, cards, a Chinese calendar and tape recorder.

Teaching procedures & ways 教学过程与方式

Step I Lead-in

    Ask several Ss who are good at drawing to draw the sun, rain, cloud, wind, leaves, snow on the Bb. (If Ss cant understand you, maybe you can say them in Chinese.) Then:

    T: (Point to the picture of the sun.) This is the sun. (Write it in the middle of the Bb. Ss read it.) The sun is hot. How is the weather?

    Ss: Its sunny.

    T: Is it hot?

    Ss: Yes, it is.

    T: (Point to the picture of the wind.) This is wind. (Write it in the middle of the Bb.)The wind is blowing the trees leaves. (Have Ss repeat them.) How is the weather?

    Ss: Its windy.

    T: Is it cool?

    Ss: Yes, it is.

    Learn the words rain, cloud, snow with the same way.

    Pay attention to: (n.adj.)

    Sun sunny; wind windy; rain rainy; snow snowy; cloud cloudy.

    The last five words all end with y.

Step II Presentation

    Show some pictures on the screen one by one. Ss make up dialogues in pairs.

    S1: Look at the snow! How is the weather?

    S2: Its snowy / cold.

    S1: Is it cold / snowy?

    S2: Yes, it is.

    S3: Look at the cloud! How is the weather?

    S4: Its cloudy. (Maybe Ss can say its going to rain.)

    S3: Is it windy?

    S4: No, but its cool.

    Step III Vocabulary practice

    T: Look at Ex. 1 (c) on Page 69. Here are five sentences with blanks. Fill in the blanks with the words given.

    Students work alone to fill in the blanks. When theyve finished, ask

    some students to read these sentences. Correct any mistakes they may have. Then let students make their own sentences with these words.

Step IV Presentation

    At first, Ss review days of the week together.

    Then show Ss a Chinese calendar.

T: Look here! What is the date today?

    Ss: Its December 15th.

    T: What day is it today? (Write it on the Bb and explain it to the class. Help Ss to answer it with It is……)

    Ss: Its Thursday.

    T: Good. What day is it today? Its Thursday, December 15th. Is it

    windy today?

    Ss: No, it isnt.

    T: Is it cloudy?

    Ss: No, it isnt.

    T: How is the weather today?

    Ss: Its fine /sunny today.

    T: What day was it yesterday?

    Ss: It was Wednesday, December 14th. (Remind them to pay attention to was.)

    T: How was the weather yesterday?

    Ss: It was rainy.

    Pay attention to the answer with the correct day of the week, then the month and the ordinal number.

    Ss practise it with the calendar. They present it to the whole class: S1: What day is it?

    S2: It is Monday, May 18th.

S3: What day is it?

    S4: It is Friday, August 26th.

Step V Competition

    What day is it?

    Its a game to review days of the week, months and ordinal numbers. Put your cards for numbers (not ordinals) from one to thirty-one, months of the years and days of the week in the front of the class. Divide the class into two teams. Ask for a volunteer from each team. The volunteer from Team 1 indicates, in any order, a month, a day of the week and a number. This volunteer then asks What day is it? The volunteer from

    Team 2 tries to answer with the correct day of the week, then the month and the ordinal number. Two more volunteers come forward. Keep score. Give a point for each part of the answer that is correct and another point for putting all parts of the answer in the correct order (for a maximum of four points).

Step VI Reading

    Play the audiotape. Let Ss read after it.

    Language points:

    1. The wind is blowing the trees leaves.

    leaves leaf 的复数形式。 英语中以f, fe 结尾的名词变复数时?

要将f, fe变成ves. e.g. knifeknives.

    2. This is a cloud and rain. cloud 常做不可数名词?表示“云”?也用作可数名词?前面用不定冠词a?表示“一片云”。

    Step VII homework

    Show a short passage about yesterday, today and tomorrows dates and weather.


    I. Write down the proper words.

     1. hot(反义词) ______ 2. sun (形容词) _______ 3. leaves (单数) _______

     4. is (过去式) ______ 5. twelve (序数词) _______ 6. snowy (名词) ______

     7. blow(现在分词) ______ 8. twenty-three (序数词) ______ 9. above (反义词)_______

    IIComplete the dialogue.

    10. 风正在刮着树叶。

    The wind ______ ______ the ______ ______.

    11. 今天是1013 号星期二。

    Today is ______, ______ ______. 12. 昨天很冷而且有雨。

    Yesterday ______ very ______ and _______.

13. 明天是星期几!星期三。

    ______ day is ______ ? Its ______.

    14. 天多云。

    The weather is ______.

    Suggested answers:

    1.cold; 2.sunny; 3.leaf; 4.was; 5.twelfth; 6.snow; 7.blowing, 8.twenty-third; 9.below; blowing, trees leaves; 11.Tuesday,

    October 13th; 12.was, cold and rainy; 13.What, tomorrow,Wednesday; 14. cloudy

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