Data Exchange Gateway (DEG) file transfer

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Data Exchange Gateway (DEG) file transfer



    Lansing, MI

    September 9, 2002

    Copyright ? 2002 State of Michigan



    When the new format goes in effect, all MDS-HC and Administrative Data submission will be done through DEG.

    To send and obtain files through DEG, you need a modem, a computer, Dialup and FTP software, which are described in detail in FILE TRANSFER SYSTEM USER’S GUIDE. In addition, you also need a Service Bureau ID, password, and a designated file name. The file names for MDS-HC and Administrative Data submission are as follows:

     MDS-HC: 4933


    There will be 2 other files, 4939 for MDS-HC Errors and 4940 for Administrative Data errors that each Waiver Agent should retrieve after they submit the data through DEG. This file contains the status and error listings, if any, of Waiver Agent Data submission.

    If you have not accessed DEG before, you need to check connection using a testID in Chapter 3 page 1 of Connection to DEG in User’s Guide. The following are recommended steps.

    1. To send the files:

    1) Connect to DEG using your service bureau ID and password.

    2) Put the file to DCHBULL (i.e., put c:\4933 4933@dchbull). This will physically

    move the file from your machine to the DEG. You need to keep a copy

    somewhere in your machine.

    3) Check the directory to see whether the files are transmitted (i.e., dir).

    2. To receive the files:

    1) Connect to DEG using your service bureau ID and password.

    2) Get the file from DCHBULL (i.e., get 4939 c:\4939). This will physically move

    the file from DEG to your machine. DEG won’t keep a copy once you move

    them to your machine.

    3) 4939 is available 24 hours after the submission. DEG will keep it for 15 days.

    After 15 days, it will be dropped. Please make sure you retrieve it in time.

    3. The Change Directory Command:

    To confirm your file was place in the correct Mailbox. Use the Change Directory


     1.) Type: CD DCHBULL “ To Change the Directory to see DCHBULL Mailbox.”

     2.) Type: DIR “ Dir Command allow you to obtain a list of undelivered messages in

    the that Mailbox Station. Only those messages in DCHBULL Mailbox will be displayed.

    Check for your file by User-ID”.

09/09/2002 C:\convert\temp\724271048.doc 2

    The System is schedule to Move Files at: 01:00, 02:00, 03:00, 04:00, 05:15,

    07:15, 08:00 10:00, 12:00, 15: 15, After 3:00 p.m. the system will move your file

    immediately, so no list will be displayed.

     * While in your own individual Mailbox. The DIR Command will show Files

    waiting to be downloaded to your PC.

    Type: DIR “ Shows a list of Files Waiting to be downloaded.

    09/09/2002 C:\convert\temp\724271048.doc 3

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