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H:Hello,rechard,long time no see. You look very tired.

    S: Yeah.Your eyes tell me you didnt sleep well last night.Rechard,what did you do

    last night?

    R: Umm.... I am lack of sleep those days.

    H: Why?I know you dont have many classes.

    R: Thats for sure. But I find a part-time job.Sometimes I must finish the job,so I have to stay up late,especially those days.

    T:Hi, Rechard,what did you do those days?Sheila and I couldnt find you in the class.

    R: Ok, Everyone may ask me the same question when he happens to meet me. I have find a part-time job,it makes me absent from the class.

    T:That is to say,in order to officially find a good job, you want to be involved in some realistic working experience by finding a part-time job ,isnt it?

    R:You got it, and I just want to put the knowledge what I have learned into practice. You know, as far as the theoratical knowledge that we learned from textbooks, they are just too rigid to cater to our realistic working. It is pretty obvious for us, because we are majoring in Building Industry, if we are short of practical proficiency to only restrict ourselves on textbooks, it would not be working.

    H: Uh-huh. Yes, then I should get myself a internship or a part-time job upon hearing your view, what’s your ideal job when you graduate or in the future?

    R:Maybe landscape designer is my first choice when I graduate, but I want to be a real estate develop, and I think it is not only my ideal job but what my life should be. You know, At that moment, my wife,my children and me can travel everywhere where we have our home settled in.

    T: Wow! What a brilliant idea. but I think its difficult to make it happen.

    S:Yeah, I definitely agree with you.Just like some celerbrities Renzhiqiang and Panshiyi,they are famous real estate developer, they have paid much of their efforts in gaining success, besides, working in this circle means high risk, if you should fail in a business deal, you are gonna lose a terrible amount of money, some developers just suicide themselves upon getting into this situation.

    H:Thats true. Harvest means to pay much, sometimes even your life would be compromised. So I think your ideal life is simple,Sheila.

    S: Uh-huh,I just want have a happy and relaxing life. Maybe I just make a little money, but I enjoy the life under the sunshine. In the future,I just want to be a designer in a real estate company. And the company can allow me to work at home. I dont always

    come to the company to work.I can sleep as late as I like in the morning. H;What about you,Tina?

    T: Umm... , my husband loves me forever. We do our best to raise our children. My husband dont make much money, but he loves me. I want to be a college teacher, so I

    can teach the students knowledge. And I will be happy when they get much kownledge and commit themselves to serving our country.

    H: Oh,maybe you and Sheilas ideal life is simple.Just want to live with your family happily

    T: No,no.If you ask me what my ideal life is.I think its not simple. Living with my

    beloved family is one aspect. I want to be an educationlist and change the Chinese educational system. By then, I will let the pupils to lead a happy childhood.When I see them happy,I wil be happy at the same time . And when I am old, I would be proud for I have done to them by giving them a happy childhood.

    R: Well,well.Its not simple.To change the Chinese Educational System is more difficult than me.

    S:Maybe.Heaven, I know your major is law, so I guess you want to be a lawyer. Thats true?

    H: Let me see, I want to be a famous lawyer. I want to help the people who are innocent. I just want to use my knowledge to help others.I can make much money to support my family.

    T: Exactly!We must make use of our lives to contribute to the society. R:Oh, god.Its 11:30 now.

    S: Whats up?

    R: I must go now, I have to finish my assignment. My boss asked me to give it to him this afternoon, but I havent finish it.

    T:Ok, I hope all of us can live a happly life and do what they like in the future. H:Yeah,I agree. Take care of youself Rechard when you do part-time job. R:Thank you.

    S: So we must leaving now?See you next time.

    R\T\H: See you.

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