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    July 2008 June 2009

    New Utrecht High School

    th1601 80 Street

    Brooklyn, NY 11214

    ISC: 5 District: 20 Code: K-445

    Maureen Goldfarb, Principal John R. Orlando, Custodian Engineer


    July 2008 June 2009


Classrooms & Offices:

    ; All classrooms shall be swept and spot mopped daily.

    ; Gum shall be removed from the floors daily

    ; Chalkboards will be washed at least once a week.

    ; Garbage receptacles will be emptied daily and liners replaced, as necessary.

    ; Horizontal surfaces accessible from ground level (sills, ledges & Moldings’) will be dusted on rotation

    or as needed.


    ; The floors shall be swept and moped daily; machine scrubbed and treated with wax as necessary;

    upon space availability. Walls will be washed as necessary.

    ; The cafeteria shall be inspected during and between lunch periods for hazards and cleanliness.

    ; Kitchens shall be thoroughly washed including but not limited to the walls and ceiling on an annual

    basis upon space availability.


    ; The auditorium shall be swept and spot mopped on a daily basis.

    ; Stage areas should be kept in an orderly fashion, free of storage at all times.

    ; Ventilation Diffusers will be cleaned on an as needed basis.

Gymnasium & Locker Rooms:

    ; The Gymnasiums and Locker rooms shall be kept in an orderly fashion and will be swept and spot

    mopped daily or as needed.


    ; All bathrooms shall be inspected throughout the day for cleanliness and cleaning issues will be

    addressed daily or as needed.

    ; Toilets, urinals, sinks, floors, walls, partitions, mirrors, and garbage receptacles are to be cleaned with

    proper disinfectants.

    ; All bathrooms must be supplied with soap, toilet tissue, and towel dispensers. Dispensers for soap,

    toilet tissue, and paper towels shall be stocked daily and replenished as needed.


    ; All staircases shall be swept daily. Steps are to be spot mopped daily and thoroughly mopped weekly,

    or as needed.

    ; Horizontal stwy surfaces accessible at ground level shall be dusted as needed.

    ; High dusting at specified or cleaning periods

    ; Handrails and kick plates will have touch up painting as needed.

    ; Staircases shall be inspected throughout the day for cleanliness.


    ; All corridor floors shall be swept and spot mopped daily; spray buffed as per schedule and machine

    scrubbed, and treated with wax.

    ; Walls are to be spot cleaned daily and or as needed.

    ; Corridors shall be inspected throughout the day for cleanliness.


Spray Buffing:

    ; All lobbies and corridors are to be spray buffed as per schedule to maintain shine.


    ; A minimum of 20% of the building is to be painted each year. The areas and colors will be designated

    by the Principal and the Custodian Engineer, and will be pending space availability.

    ; Reapply paint to all areas where peeling. Example: classroom walls, corridor walls and bathroom

    partitions etc.

    ; A Paint Log in the custodian’s office will be maintained indicating areas painted Sq. Ft. for each area,

    room numbers for each area, dates and colors.

Outside Grounds:

    ; The outside area of the building will be swept daily or as necessary, especially the main entrances

    (prior to the start of school session).

    ; Field turf will be maintained daily. Garbage will be removed daily

    ; All hard surface areas are to be maintained hazard free and weed free at all times.

    ; Parking area will be cleaned swept as needed to maintain it debris free.

Snow & Ice Removal:

    ; Sidewalks and Steps: Paths five (5ft.) wide shall be cleared of snow on public sidewalks to all

    entrances to the school building at least a half hour before the session start. Paths five (5ft.) wide

    shall then be cleared on sidewalks adjacent to the school building and out to the curb. Within four

    (4hrs.) hours after the snow ceases to fall (The time between 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM not included) as

    provided by the code of the City of New York, all snow shall be removed from sidewalks. Salt and or

    sand shall be sprinkled upon sidewalks and steps in a slippery condition. Salt shall be used on all fire

    escapes and drains.

Interior & Exterior Lighting:

    ; The replacement of light bulbs will be replaced on daily basis or upon discovery.

Rubbish Removal:

    ; Rubbish, waste, and garbage must be removed from classrooms, bathrooms and other areas of the

    facility daily or as needed.

Removal of Gum:

    ; Gum shall be removed on a rotating basis from all classrooms, staircases, hallways, cafeterias,

    auditoriums, and carpeted areas that can be removed without destroying the surface.

Interior & Exterior Glass:

    ; Interior glass (doors display cases, etc.) is to be cleaned on rotation or as needed.

    ; Interior and exterior window glass will be cleaned as per D.O.E. rules and regulations (during the

    summer recess). In buildings where violations and condemned windows exist, Department of Labor or

    State Law ruling will apply.


    ; The Pool shall be maintained in compliance with all New York City Department of Health Regulations.

    ; Pool areas & Showers will be cleaned and mopped to keep a safe and sanitary environment.

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    Summer Work:

    ; The entire facility is to be deep cleaned. (Ex. washing of all furniture, removal of wax from all floors,

    applying new wax, High Dusting and cleaning of fixtures etc.)

    Graffiti Removal:

    ; All interior and exterior graffiti shall be removed on a daily basis or upon discovery.


    ; Minor repairs shall be addressed in a timely matter. Example: plumbing, steam fitting, carpentry locks,


    ; All maintenance requests other than emergencies will be addressed from a “Request for Repairs

    form that is located, and can be generated in the General Office, or the Custodian Engineers office.

    Once the form is filled out it will be approved and prioritized by the Principal or his/her delegate and

    sent to the Custodian Engineer who will institute the minor repair. Repair log will be kept in

    Custodians office to keep track of repairs.

    ; In the event that the said repair is above and beyond the Custodian Engineers capability or

    responsibility, he/she will generate an appropriate work request and Forward it to the D.O.E.

    Maintenance Division for Repair.

    Custodial Employee Work Schedules:

    ; All custodial work schedules shall be posted in the Custodian Engineer’s Office.

    ; Schedules shall include hours, locations and detailed job description.

    Fire Safety:

    ; (School fire safety log) Examples: testing of fire alarm system (daily), inspection of fire extinguishers


    ; This log is to be kept up to date and available for inspection in the Custodian’s Engineer’s Office.

    Energy Conservation:

    ; Computer Equipment: School Administration will have all computers, monitors and servers enter a

    sleep mode when not in use after 15 minutes.

    ; Air Conditioning & Ventilation: Air Conditioning turn on and turn off dates as set by DCAS will be

    adhered to.

    o Principal will insure that Air conditioners (and lights) will be turned off when the teachers exit the

    class rooms at day’s end.

    o Air Conditioner coils (evaporator and condenser) will be cleaned (accessible without unit removal)

    prior to the start of the cooling system and as needed. Currently 86 Window units

    o Air conditioner filters will be changed during operating season.

    o Thermostat temperatures will follow predetermined DCAS guidelines.

    o Daily equipment (fans, pumps compressors, etc.) turn on will be staggered to shed peak demand. ; Fans and Supply and Exhaust:

    o All fan equipment will be shut down at day’s end or when the building is not occupied.

    o Supply and exhaust diffusers vents will be kept clean and clear for proper air flow.

     Plants, desks, cabinets or furniture will be moved prior to cooling and heating and as needed. ; Water: Leaking faucets, valves, pipes, pumps, running toilets, etc. will be repaired to prevent water

    waste and/or unnecessary water heating.

    ; Evening Cleaning - Custodial staff will only turn on the lights in the room being cleaned and turn them

    off upon completion.Custodial staff will shut down any lighting, or air Conditioning equipment that was

    inadvertently left on by administration or teaching staff at day’s end.

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Facility Maintenance ongoing and specified intervals:

    ; Machine scrub, wax all classrooms and offices with resilient floor tiles.

    ; High and low dust, wash walls, furniture and fixtures in all classrooms and offices.

    ; All stairways will be thoroughly cleaned and steps painted (sealed) when accessible.

    ; All three boilers will be cleaned internally, drained, flushed and chemically treated before being

    hydrostatically tested. Safety valves will be tested for proper lifting pressure.

    ; Perform preventive maintenance on ventilating fans & pumps to maintain equipment

    ; Maintain interior doors, door checks, remove trip hazards, repair shades, etc, with handy staff.

    ; Act as liaison for DSF, SCA or in House School service or maintenance contracts (elevators,

    telephone, A/C units) to facilitate normal building operations.


    ; All New York City Department of Sanitation recycling guidelines will be adhered to.

    ; The recycling schedule and pick-up locations are as follows:

    ; Cardboard / Paper: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

    ; Metal / Plastic / Milk Cartons: Tuesday and Friday thth; Location: 79 Street during Construction Middle of the block between New Utrecht Avenue and 16


Principal Meetings:

    ; The custodian will meet with the Principal(s) as needed or as per a predetermined schedule to

    discuss building issues.

Projects / Goals:

    ; Meet with principal and get suggestions on main entrance beautification projects.

    ; Upgrade pool area and pool operating equipment.

    ; Meet with SCA and coordinate the Construction of the building addition, maintaining and not

    disrupting the daily student activities. Monitor HVAC upgrade that will provide air conditioning and thheating service to public assembly areas, new building and 5 floor classrooms. Scheduled S.C.A.

    completion date is sometime at the end of year 2009, or early 2010.

    ; Address much needed temperature control, defective traps and condensate returns to eliminate the

    constant water hammer (a constant noise nuisance) and uneven temperature distribution of rooms.

    ; Address the screening, sanding and polyurethane coating on classroom wood floors.

    Note: Specific requests by the Principal will take priority over routine items in order to respond to immediate/unforeseen building needs as prioritized by the principal. In addition this annual operations plan is pending current custodial allowance allocations. In the event the Department of Education cuts the current custodial allowance, this plan will be renegotiated to reflect said budget cuts.

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