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Main Roads Western Australia Term Consultancy Contracts Form of Request for Services

     Project No: 0090091 Consultant Ref

     Project Title: Kwinana Fwy Interchanges and Extension 44/99

     MRWA Job No:9944020 / 422

     MRWA File No: 94-1784-4

Section 1

    This section to be completed by Principal and sent to the Consultant.

    Main Roads Western Australia requires survey support services (as and when required) for the duration of the Kwinana Fwy Interchanges and Extension contract 44/99.


    The design and construct contract was awarded to Thiess Contractors in November 1999 and the works include the following:

    ; Replacement existing traffic signals intersection on the Freeway with flyovers; ; Relocation of the Freeway north bound carriageway about 15m westwards from just north

    Berrigan Drive to Thomas Road to accommodate the South West Metropolitan Railway

    (SWMR) in the Freeway median;

    ; Construction of railway tunnels under the Freeway for the SWMR at Glen Iris and


    ; Extension of the Freeway to Safety Bay Road including interchanges at Mortimer and

    Mundijong Roads; and

    ; Upgrade of Safety Bay Road to a dual carriageway from Freeway to Ennis Ave including

    an interchange at Ennis Ave.


    ; The project has already commenced and subsequently the survey consultant engaged

    under this contract maybe required immediately.

    ; The Project has been scheduled for completion in June 2001.


    It is a fundamental requirement of this brief that the Survey Crew be available, at the Works Contract site, within 24 hours of receipt of notice from the Project Manager.

    It is envisaged that survey support maybe required for 8 hours per fortnight however project requirements may necessitate up to a maximum of 120 hours per fortnight inclusive of weekends and public holidays. This will vary according to the measurement and audit requirements of the Project Manager.

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    It cannot however be guaranteed what amount of work exactly the Survey Company shall undertake and MRWA has no responsibility under this contract to supply a minimum workload.


4.1 Survey personnel and equipment

    ; To ensure continuity to the Contract Manager and provide flexibility to the Consultant,

    the Consultant shall nominate two party leaders both eligible for Membership of the

    Institute of Engineering and Mining Surveyors Australia which will be responsible for

    coordinating and undertaking the survey work.

    ; It will be the responsibility of the Consultant to ensure that one of the nominated party

    leaders is available to undertake the work as required.

    ; The Consultant shall supply all survey instruments and software needed to perform the

    work including Total Station and Data Recorder, Level and Staff and Computer and

    software capable of area and volume calculation (Prismoidal Method).

    ; The Consultant shall be responsible for all disbursements associated with the contract.

    This includes the supply of materials such as star pickets, cement, survey stakes, flagging

    tape or insulation tape.

    ; A 4wd vehicle will be require for the survey crew for all work on site.

    ; Previous project involvement presents itself as a possible conflict in interest and may deem

    a contractor ineligible for appointment. Disclosure of previous involvement will be

    required upon application.

    ; Should personnel supplied by the contractor during the course of the contract be deemed

    unsuitable, Main Roads reserves the right to give notice of termination. Such notice will

    include due negotiation with the appointee who must arrange suitable replacement

    personnel within two working days.

4.2 On-site Survey Requirements

    The methods and equipment utilised for the delivery of the requirements of this contract shall be appropriate to ensure attainment of the tolerances nominated in the project specification.

The consultant shall be required to carry out the following duties:

    Confirming set out, levels and asconstructured details to determine compliance with specified tolerances as required for quality assurance auditing. This includes:

    ; Survey Audit of drainage ascon for grade, line and level to determine product compliance

    with design.

    ; Survey audit of sub grade and basecourse surface levels to determine product compliance

    with design.

    MAIN ROADS Western Australia Term Consultancy Contract - 2 of 6 ?

    ; Survey audit of bridge, rail and tunnel structures and clearance limits using high order

    survey techniques to determine product compliance.

    ; Other duties as directed by the Project Manager or his representatives.

Product Conformity Surveys

    ; Where possible, product conformance measurements shall be taken directly from Road

    Reference Marks and subsidiary marks established for construction should be avoided. If

    subsidiary marks are to be used or established for conformance survey then there position

    shall be verified in accordance with MRWA Survey and Mapping Standard "Road

    Reference Marks 2300/05/07". The mark shall be constructed to a semi-permanent

    standard with the exclusion of concrete.

     Conformity sampling, unless directed otherwise, shall be undertaken in a random

    unbiased manner at any location nominated by the Project Manager.

     The Survey Company shall submit a survey report for each lot or component where deign

    levels, position and/or tolerances have been specified. The report shall correlate

    asconstructed against design (locations defined by Easting, Northing and Chainage,

    Offset) for position, level and tolerance as appropriate and shall be certified by the

    qualified surveyor responsible for the Conformance Survey.

    ; The method of survey shall be agreed between the Project Manager and the consultant

    prior to the undertaking of works.

    ; Volumes, if required, shall be generated using the prismoidal method of volume



    ; The principle will make available controlled copies of all plans and specifications

    necessary to perform the work under this Brief.

    ; As this is a Design and Construct project, the digital design and all survey control will be

    available from the Thiess Project Surveyor upon request.


    ; A quality statement as per MRWA Survey & Mapping Specification Quality Statement

    2300/05/08 shall accompany all data supplied to Main Roads.

    ; All digital data shall be submitted to the Superintendents Representative in MOSS genio

    default format (081).

    ; Audit surveys will require the submission of a digital MOSS genio file together with a

    tabulated spreadsheet summarising the results in a format stipulated by the

    Superintendents Representative. Additional diagrammatic representation may be required

    if the tabulated output is inappropriate. A copy of the least squared adjustment is to be

    included in the quality statement if additional control is established.


    ; All survey consultant site representatives will be required to attend a site induction prior

    to access to site. Site induction appointments can be made through the MRWA Project


Special Requirements

    MAIN ROADS Western Australia Term Consultancy Contract - 3 of 6 ?


Fee Type: