14464 Deal with customer complaints in the hospitality industry

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14464 Deal with customer complaints in the hospitality industry

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    Deal with customer complaints in the hospitality industry

Level 3

    Credits 4

    Purpose People credited with this unit standard are able to deal with customer

    complaints in the hospitality industry.

Subfield Hospitality

    Domain Hospitality - Generic

    Status Registered

    Status date 20 November 2009

    Date version published 20 November 2009

    Planned review date 31 December 2014

    Entry information Open.

    Accreditation Evaluation of documentation and visit by NZQA and


    Standard setting body (SSB) Hospitality Standards Institute

    Accreditation and Moderation Action Plan (AMAP) reference 0112

    This AMAP can be accessed at

Special notes

1 Definitions

     Establishment requirements any policy, procedure, or agreed requirement, either

    written or oral, that is made known to the candidate prior to assessment against this

    unit standard.

     Customers refer to both internal and external customers within the hospitality


     Complaints refer to feedback on service, dissatisfaction with a product or service.

    2 Candidates undertaking assessment against this unit standard are expected to

    comply with the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, Privacy Act 1993, Fair

    Trading Act 1986.

    3 For the purpose of this unit standard, evidence will be required that customers are

    greeted and treated in all interactions in a polite, friendly, and helpful manner.

     ; New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2012

    14464 version 3

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    4 People may be assessed against this unit standard in simulated contexts which relate

    as closely as possible to a situation relevant to the person being assessed, or in a

    real-life context using naturally occurring evidence. In all contexts care must be

    taken to respect and protect people’s privacy and emotional well-being.

    5 Evidence needs to be supplied for three different situations for each range item.

Elements and performance criteria

Element 1

Deal with customer complaints in the hospitality industry.

Range within personal authority, outside personal authority.

Performance criteria

    1.1 Dissatisfied customer is acknowledged and attended to without delay in

    accordance with establishment requirements.

    1.2 Nature of complaint is identified, and its legitimacy is verified, in a manner that

    retains customer respect in accordance with establishment requirements.

    1.3 Assurance is provided that complaint will receive attention in a timely manner in

    accordance with establishment requirements.

    1.4 Complaints are actioned in accordance with establishment and legislative


    1.5 Information concerning customer complaint is recorded, if required, in

    accordance with establishment and legislative requirements.

    1.6 Customer satisfaction is confirmed on resolution of complaint in accordance

    with establishment requirements.

Please note

    Providers must be accredited by NZQA, or an inter-institutional body with delegated authority for quality assurance, before they can report credits from assessment against unit standards or deliver courses of study leading to that assessment.

    Industry Training Organisations must be accredited by NZQA before they can register credits from assessment against unit standards.

    Accredited providers and Industry Training Organisations assessing against unit standards must engage with the moderation system that applies to those standards.

     ; New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2012

    14464 version 3

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    Accreditation requirements and an outline of the moderation system that applies to this standard are outlined in the Accreditation and Moderation Action Plan (AMAP). The AMAP also includes useful information about special requirements for organisations wishing to develop education and training programmes, such as minimum qualifications for tutors and assessors, and special resource requirements.

Comments on this unit standard

Please contact the Hospitality Standards Institute if you wish to

    suggest changes to the content of this unit standard.

     ; New Zealand Qualifications Authority 2012

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