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    Teaching plan for Module 10, Unit 2

    ?. Content: Point to her nose.

    ?. Teaching aims:


    nose, eye, mouth, ear.

     2. sentences:

     Point to her nose/eye /mouth /ear.

     ?. Teaching key points and difficulties:

    1. words:

    2. sentences:

    ?. Teaching aids: multimedia, pictures, cards.

     ?. Teaching procedure:

    Step 1. Warm up

    1. Greeting.

    2. sing a song: Please stand up.

    Step 2. Lead-in

    The teacher asks them point to some things in their


    T: Point to the blackboard.

    Ss: Blackboard.

    T: Point to the chair.

Ss: Chair.


    T: Point to the monster.

    Ss: Monster

    Then the teacher shows them a flash about face.

    Step 3. Presentation


     T: Yang hongtai, please come here. How are you? S1: Im fine. Thank you! And how are you? T: Im fine too. Thank you! You did a very good job! Lets

    take a photo.


    T: Oh, my head! Ok, follow me, head,head. Ss: Head, head.

    T: My head and his head. Read it, his head. Ss: His head.

    T: This is my head and this is his head. Ss: This is his head.

    2. T: Wonderful!

    Ss: Yes. Yes. Super!

    T: Follow me. Hands, hands, clap your hands! Ss: Hands, hands, clap your hands!

    T: Two hands, one hand. Hand,hand.

    Ss: Hand,hand.

    T: Who want to be a little teacher?

    S2: Hand, hand.

    Ss: Hand, hand.

    T: This is his hand.

    Ss: This is his hand.

    3. T: I need two of you to do this. OK, S3 and S4.


     T: Oh, his arm is stronger! Follow me, arm,arm.

     Ss: Arm, arm.

     T: This is his arm. Point to his arm.

     Ss: Arm.

     4. T: Look! Who is he?

     Ss: Kung Fu Panda.

     T: Yes. He is Kung Fu Panda( Shows them a vedio of Kung

    Fu Panda). He can do Chinese Kung Fu with his leg.

    Read it, leg, leg.

     Ss: Leg, leg.

     T: This is his leg.

     Ss: This is his leg.

     5. T: Boys and girls, look, whats this?

     Ss: Sorry.

     T: Yeah, follow me. Foot, foot, this is his foot.

     Ss: Foot, foot, this is his foot.

     6. T: I have a friend. His name is Tom. This is his head and

    this is

     Ss: This is his arm/leg/hand/foot.

     7. T: My friend is Tom. Daming has a friend too. Now, listen

    and answer: Who is Damings friend?


     T: Whod like to have a try?

     S5: Panpan.

     T: Good! Listen again and answer: How many parts of



     T: Ok, now, who can tell me?

     S6: Five.

     T: Wonderful!

    Step 4 Practice

    1. T: Open your books, turn to page 56.

    (1) Listen and read.

     (2) Follow the teacher.

     (3) Read it together.

     (4) Work in pairs.

     2. T: I am tired. Lets sing a song, OK?

     Ss: OK.

     ( Head and shoulders)

     3. T: I have a magic box, please guess.

     S7: Pen.

     T: Sorry.

     S8: Book.

     T: Sorry.

     S9: Panpan.

     T: Wonderful! This is his body. Who can put these parts of

    Panpan on the blackboard?


    T: Now read after me. This is his arm/ hand/ leg/ head/ foot.

     Ss: This is his arm/ hand/ leg/ head/ foot.

     T: At the end of class, lets enjoy the song: If youre happy.


     T: Class is over. Goodbye.

     Ss: Bye-bye.

    ?. Blackboard Design:

     M10 U1 This is his head.

     This is his head 1 2 3 4





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