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     The Certificate Craze


    1. 现在很多人热衷各种证书考试。

    2. 其目的各不相同。

    3. 我的看法

     The Certificate Craze

    Nowadays there is a widespread concern over the certificate craze. It has caused a substantial impart on our society and our daily life. All to all, there are different targets on the certificate craze.

    People think that the certificate is useful. For example, when they go out to searching for works, they have more chance in the rate to be allowed for work if they have the certificate. They trust that one person have the more certificate and the better certificate, the better work he or she will have. Some people think that the certificate can show that they are the people of abilitythey have the knowledge of some subjects. Some people want to know the more profound knowledge, so they must have the certificate to prove that they have the qualifications to learn and research the knowledge.

My point of view is the certificate is useful in our life, but

it is not the most impotent thing and needn’t be crazy about.

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