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East Asian weather and climate Project: Stratospheric processes and their roles in

    Principle Investigator: LÜ Daren

    Supported by: National Basic Research Program

    Contact Info

    Dr. BIAN Jianchun

    Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy

    of Sciences Scientific significance Stratosphere, the second major layer of Earth's

    Tel: +86-10-82995078 atmosphere, just above the troposphere, is situated

    Fax: +86-10-82995073 between about 10 km and 50 km altitude above the see

    level. Although the stratosphere occupies only 15% of

    the whole global airmass, the atmospheric processes in

    the ozone depletion was caused by the CFCs which were this layer have significant impacts on the Earth climate.

    made and released by human beings. Under the appeal The stratosphere embraces 90% of the total ozone, which

    of the international scientific community, from 1987 serves as an umbrella to shield the whole biosphere living

    onwards, national governments joined the Montreal and evolving in the Earth from ultra-violet radiation.

    Convention and other conventions on the protection Stratospheric compositions, such as ozone, water vapor

    of the ozone layer in efforts to reduce and cease the and volcanic aerosol, make great effect, by absorbing and

    production and use of CFCs and other ozone-depleting scattering solar short-wave radiation, on the atmospheric

    substances (ODS). As a result of over two decades’ radiation balance in the surface and troposphere; the

    efforts, the ozone depletion has shown recovery signs infrared radiation caused by the greenhouse gases in the