how to make full use of college life

By Harold Reed,2014-05-22 09:29
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how to make full use of college life

     how to make full use of colledge life

    Before I was accepted to Wenzhou Medical Colledge,I had imaged all kinds of my colledge life.But everything didn't go as you wanted.

     As a freshman,I was not enough outgoing and lacked confidence,so I joined in English club not Crazy English.However,I still take an active part in student orgnization,but I was refused.I didn't know why may be my words or ability didn't act well.And I also hadn

    t have a clearly goal in my study.In a word,my first year of colledge school was very b oring and the year was not as I ever dreamed.

     So how can us make full use of our colledge life?Now let me tell you some:First,you should be more brave and confident and try to make a step to join various activities,then you will not regret and feel joyfull.Second ,making friends is also a very important thing.Friends are good,you can change your

    secrets.Third,you also pay attention on your study for the goal of we going to colledge is acquiring knowledge and learning to be independence.At last but not least,dont give yourselfe so much pressure and don

t be too ultilitarian.

     All in all,you should become self-leaner and look at at a problem in many ways.Being more brave and confident,you will not miss something important and you will enjoy your colledge life ,even you will love it.

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