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    October 27-29, 2000

    Westin Rio Mar

    Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

    Preliminary Program

Thursday, October 26, 2000

    6:00-8:00 PM Registration

    Friday, October 27, 2000

    7:00-7:25 AM Breakfast, Registration & Poster Session I

    7:25-7:30 AM Welcome - Roy Freeman

    Orthostatic Hypotension/Orthostatic Intolerance

    Chairs: Drs. Horacio Kaufmann & David Streeten

    7:30-8:10 AM Plenary Lecture Physiological significance Roger Hainsworth, M.B., Leeds, UK

    of cardiopulmonary reflexes D.Sc.

    8:10-8:25 AM Vascular resistance of the lower extremity in W Singer, BR McPhee, TL Rochester, MN

    orthostatic hypotension and the postural Opfer-Gehrking, MJ Hilz,

    tachycardia syndrome PA Low

    8:25-8:40 AM Orthostatic hypotension predicts five-year KH Masaki, K Yano, IJ Honolulu, HI

    incidence of coronary heart disease in elderly Schatz, R Chen, D Folely,

    men: The Honolulu Heart Program BL Rodriguez, PL

    Blanchette, JD Curb

    8:40-8:55 AM Water drinking acutely attenuates orthostatic JR Shannon, J Jordan, A Berlin, Germany

    and postprandial hypotension in patients with Diedrich, I Biaggioni, RM

    autonomic failure Robertson, D Robertson 8:55-9:10 AM Norepinephrine release is modulated by nitric F Costa, NJ Christensen, G Nashville, TN

    oxide in skeletal muscle in humans Farley, I Biaggioni

    9:10-9:25 AM Plasma volume, neurohumoral and N Hirshorn, I Zoran, Y Haifa, Israel

    sympathetic control changes during the Itzkovitz, G Jacob

    menstrual cycle

    9:25-9:40 AM Linkage of blood pressure responsiveness to J Jordan, H Knoblauch, J Berlin, Germany

    the norepinephrine transporter gene locus in Tank, HD Faulhaber, H

    normal twins Schuster, FC Luft, A


    9:40-9:55 AM Coffee Break

    Cerebral Autoregulation

    Chairs: Drs. Eduardo Benarroch and Andrew Taylor

    9:55-10:35 AM Plenary Lecture Neural influence on cerebral William T. Talman, M.D. Iowa City, IA

    blood flow by a medullo-pontine baroreflex


    10:35-10:50 AM The effect of alpha-1 adrenoreceptor Y Tchernichovski, Y Haifa, Israel

    stimulation on cerebral blood flow regulation: Edoute, M Feinsod, G

    Healthy controls vs. hypertensive patients Jacob


    10:50-11:05 AM Impaired cerebral autoregulation during MJ Hilz, L Bernardi, B New York, NY

    baroreflex activation in familial dysautonomia Stemper, G Welsch, T

    Haendl, C Passino, FB


    11:05-11:20 AM Transfer function analysis of cerebral R Schondorf, R Stein, J Montreal,

    autoregulation in patients with orthostatic Benoit, W Cupples Canada

    intolerance, postural tachycardia syndrome

    and chronic fatigue syndrome

    11:20-11:35 AM Interaction of carbon dioxide and sympathetic A Diedrich, JR Shannon, J Nashville, TN

    nervous system activity in the regulation of Jordan, B Black, F Costa, D

    cerebral perfusion in humans Robertson, I Biaggioni

    11:35-11:50 AM The effect of head-up tilt on end tidal CO and R Schondorf, R Stein, J Montreal, 2

    cerebral blood velocity in subjects with and Benoit Canada

    without neurally-mediated syncope

    11:50-12:05 PM Effect of vagus nerve stimulation on cerebral MJ Hilz, B Stemper, T New York, NY

    blood flow velocity and cerebral Haendl, G Welsch, O

    autoregulation of patients with epilepsy Devinsky

    12:05-12:20 PM Muscle tensing enhances cerebral oxygenation MPM Harms, WNJM Amsterdam, The

    and artery blood velocity in patients with Colier, W Wieling, JWM Netherlands

    sympathetic failure Lenders, NH Secher, JJ van


    12:30-1:30 PM Poster Session I

    1:30-7:00 PM Free Time


    Chairs: Drs. Carlos Morillo & Max Hilz

    7:00-7:40 PM Plenary Lecture The cavernous nerves: their Thomas Lue, M.D. San Francisco,

    relevance to impotence, Viagra and gene CA


    7:40-7:55 PM Head-up sleeping for posturally related R Hainsworth Leeds, UK


    7:55-8:10 PM Midodrine prevents neurally mediated syncope D Saadia, A Voustianiouk, New York, NY

    triggered by head-up tilt: A double-blind, H Leon, C Morillo, H

    crossover study Kaufmann

    8:10-8:25 PM Highly trained athletes are susceptible to AS Zion, R De Meersman, New York, NY

    vasovagal syncope during tilt table testing B Diamond, DM

    independent of their strength and aerobic Bloomfield


    8:25-8:40 PM Diagnostic outcome in patients with recurrent CJ Mathias, K Deguchi, I London, UK

    syncope investigated in a tertiary autonomic Schatz


    8:40-8:55 PM Coffee Break

    Central Nervous System

    Chairs: Drs. Phyllis Gootman & Felicia Axelrod

    8:55-9:10 PM Autonomic dysreflexia in high spinal cord P Friberg, A Ambring, S Goteborg,

    injury causes vagal withdrawal, sympathetic Gao, AK Karlsson, H Sweden

    activation and increased renal vascular Sjovall



    9:10-9:25 PM Efficacy of continuous positive airway M Asahina, M Yamaguchi, Chiba, Japan

    pressure ventilation by nasal mask for T Hattori

    nocturnal stridor in patients with multiple

    system atrophy

    9:25-9:40 PM MRI at 8 Tesla of autonomic brain stem P Novak, V Novak, A Columbus, OH

    centers Kangarlu, A Abduljalil, PM


    9:40-9:55 PM Effects of systemic nitroglycerin C Tassorelli, F Blandini, A Pavia, Italy

    administration on cerebral and plasma Costa, E Preza, M Maini, G

    monoamine levels in rats. Correlations with Nappi

    the expression of neuronal Fos in selected

    brain nuclei

    Saturday, October 28, 2000

    7:00-7:30 AM Breakfast & Poster Session II

    Peripheral Nervous System

    Chairs: Drs. Phillip Low & Janice Gilden

    7:30-8:10 AM Plenary Lecture Mechanisms of autonomic John M. Johnson, Ph.D. San Antonio, TX

    control of the human cutaneous circulation

    8:10-8:25 AM Ganglionic acetylcholine receptor binding and S Vernino, PA Low, RD Rochester, MN

    blocking autoantibodies in autoimmune Fealey, JD Stewart, G

    autonomic neuropathies Farrugia, VA Lennon

    8:25-8:40 AM The redistribution of sudomotor responses is RD Hoeldtke, KD Bryner, Morgantown,

    an early sign of sympathetic dysfunction in GG Horvath, RW Phares, WV

    type 1 diabetes LF Broy, GR Hobbs

    8:40-8:55 AM Cutaneous vasodilation to local warming N Charkoudian, B Fromy, Angers Cedex,

    following acute and chronic local capsaicin in JL Saumet France


    8:55-9:10 AM Investigation of the effects of female M Berghoff, JL Monahan, Boston, MA

    reproductive hormones on the adrenergic MJ Hilz, R Freeman

    vasoconstrictor system and cholinergic


    9:10-9:25 AM Sympathetic outflow to amputated lower leg in J Fagius, M Nordin, M Wall Uppsala,

    humans Sweden 9:25-9:40 AM Leg blood flow changes during orthostatic MTE Hopman, JT Nijmegen, The

    stress in spinal cord-injured and control Groothuis, S Houtman, H Netherlands

    individuals van Langen

    9:40-9:55 AM Early detection of diminished baroreflex D Ziegler, D Laude, F Dusseldorf,

    sensitivity in diabetic patients without Akila, JL Elghozi Germany

    evidence of cardiovascular autonomic


    9:55-10:10 AM Coffee Break

    10:10-10:40 AM Business Meeting

    Baroreflex and Chemoreflex

    Chairs: Drs. Michael Joyner & David Robertson

    10:40-10:55 AM Approaches to define autonomic reflex XY Ma, R Fazan Jr, W Sun, Iowa City, IA

    abnormalities in genetically modified mice CA Whiteis, FM Abboud,

    MW Chapleau


    10:55-11:10 AM Postnatal changes in sympathetic outflows to BW Hundley, PM Gootman Brooklyn, NY

    the baroreceptor reflex

    11:10-11:25 AM Baroreflex sensitivity in triathlon athletes A Rimoldi, P Valli, L Milan, Italy

    during gravitational stimulus Palazzolo, L Boldrini, F

    Confalonieri, G Miserocchi,

    A Vecsteinas, A Malliani, R


    11:25-11:40 AM Slow breathing rate reduces chemoreflex L Bernardi, C Porta, A Pavia, Italy

    hyperactivity in chronic heart failure Gabutti, L Spicuzza, O

    Catalano, S Sarzi-Braga, G

    Cattadori, R Pedretti, R


    11:40-11:55 AM The use of NO vs. non-NO donors to assess WB Farquhar, BE Hunt, JA Boston, MA

    baroreflex function in humans Taylor, R Freeman

    11:55-12:10 PM The use of nitrovasodilators is appropriate for BE Hunt, WB Farquhar, JA Boston, MA

    baroreflex testing Taylor

    12:10-12:25 PM Yoga practice decreases chemoreflex response L Bernardi, C Porta, A Pavia, Italy

    to hypoxia and hypercapnia Gabutti, N Montano, L


    12:30-1:30 PM Poster Session II

    1:30-7:00 PM Free Time

    7:00-9:30 PM Presidential Dinner

    Sunday, October 29, 2000

    7:00-7:30 AM Breakfast & Poster Session III

    Baroreflex Function

    Chairs: Drs. Italo Biaggioni & Mark Chapleau

    7:30-8:10 AM Plenary Lecture The physiologic basis for Dwain L. Eckberg, M.D. Richmond, VA

    human autonomic rhythms

    8:10-8:25 AM Is baroreflex gain impaired during orthostatic H Leon, J Nino, K Floridablanca,

    stress in patients with inappropriate sinus Tahvanainen, T Kuusela, Y Santander,

    tachycardia? Quiroga, CA Morillo Colombia 8:25-8:40 AM A model for the genesis of arterial pressure JA Taylor, CW Myers, MA Boston, MA

    Mayer waves from heart rate and sympathetic Cohen


    8:40-8:55 AM Forearm cutaneous blood is not modulated by M Risk, M Berghoff, R Boston, MA

    the baroreflex Freeman

    8:55-9:10 AM Centrally impaired baroreflex function in J Jordan, HR Toka, K Berlin, Germany

    patients with monogenic hypertension and Heusser, O Toka, JR

    neurovascular contact Shannon, J Tank, A

    Diedrich, HP Schobel, H

    Haller, FC Luft

    9:10-9:25 AM Coronary hemodynamics during cold stress in SM Frank, P Baltimore, MD

    humans Satitpunwaycha, SR Bruce,

    C Holmes, S Roa, P

    Villemange, S Brentzel, DS



    9:25-9:40 AM Physiological implications of intracisternal P Friberg, M Elam, P Goteborg,

    bupivacaine for the treatment of refractory Nitescu, G Lambert Sweden

    pain in the head and neck region

    9:40-9:55 AM Coffee Break

    Orthostatic Intolerance

    Chairs: Drs. Christopher Mathias & Irwin Schatz

    9:55-10:10 AM Lack of an increase in downward herniation of JC Anderson, EM Garland, Nashville, TN

    the cerebellar tonsils (Chiari malformation) in BK Black, RM Kessler, PE

    orthostatic intolerance Konrad, D Robertson

    10:10-10:25 AM Abnormal autonomic profile both at rest and S Colombo, M Fiocchi, B Milan, Italy

    during a gravitational stimulus in fibromyalgia Panni, P Sarzi Puttini, A

    Malliani, R Furlan

    10:25-10:40 AM Vascular perturbations in chronic orthostatic JM Stewart Valhalla, NY

    intolerance-postural tachycardia

    10:40-10:55 AM Water drinking attenuates orthostatic JR Shannon, J Jordan, A Berlin, Germany

    tachycardia in patients with postural Diedrich, T Tellioglu, I

    orthostatic tachycardia syndrome Biaggioni, D Robertson

    10:55-11:10 AM Autonomic nervous system function in JL Gilden, A Karewicz, M North Chicago,

    patients with anxiety disorder Patel, A Solecki IL

    11:10-11:25 AM Adolescents with inappropriate early JM Stewart Valhalla, NY

    hypotension and chronic orthostatic

    intolerance with postural orthostatic

    tachycardia have persistent paradoxic


    11:25-11:40 AM Heart rate dependent EKG abnormalities in W Singer, WK Shen, TL Rochester, MN

    patients with postural tachycardia syndrome Opfer-Gehrking, BR

    McPhee, MJ Hilz, PA Low

    11:40-11:55 AM Orthostatic tolerance and sympathoadrenergic HJLM Timmers, W Nijmegen, The

    reactivity in chronic fatigue syndrome Wieling, PMMB Netherlands

    Soetekouw, G Bleijenberg,

    JWM van der Meer, JWM


    11:55-12:10 PM Cardiac norepinephrine spillover distinguishes DS Goldstein, C Holmes, S Bethesda, MD

    neurocardiogenic syncope from postural Bruce, SM Frank, P Woltz,

    tachycardia syndrome M Esler, P Friberg, RO

    Cannon III

    12:10-12:25 PM Evidence suggesting impaired myocardial DHP Streeten, S Brennan Syracuse, NY

    innervation in patients with hypoadrenergic

    orthostatic hypotension (100%), with

    hyperadrenergic orthostatic hypotension (35%)

    and with orthostatic tachycardia (20%)

    12:30-1:30 PM Poster Session III



    Friday, October 27, 2000

    7:00-7:25 AM & 12:30-1:30 PM

    Poster #1 Factors associated with 24-hour heart rate AK Cashion, SR Acchiardo, Memphis, TN

    variability in African-American patients on MF Egidi, DK Hathaway

    chronic hemodialysis

    Poster #2 Loss of heart rate dynamics differentiates H Leon, VM Herrera, M Floridablanca,

    sudden death survivors from healthy subjects Lindarte, TA Kuusela, CA Santander,

    Morillo Colombia Poster #3 Patterns of diagnostic test utilization for YM Cha, T Munger, D Rochester, MN

    syncope evaluation Hodge, S Hammill, W Shen Poster #4 8-Tesla MR imaging, falx ossification and V Novak, A Kangarlu, A Columbus, OH

    cerebral perfusion in hypertension - A case Slivka, P Novak, A

    study Abduljalil, D Chakeres, PM


    Poster #5 Importance of hand grip test and treadmill B Milovanovic, M Krotin, Belgrade,

    exercise test in diagnostics of coronary A Milovanovic, V Bisenic, Yugoslavia

    insufficiency in patients with diabetes mellitus A Veljovic, D Vidric, S

    Markovic, I Jovancic, M


    Poster #6 The one-beat Valsalva maneuver in mild LH Weimer New York, NY

    sympathetic neurocirculatory failure

    Poster #7 Assessment of hemodynamic adjustment to FK Gugova, VV Lapin St. Petersburg,

    postural stress by saddle support test using Russia

    electrical impedance

    Poster #8 Effects of body posture changes on baroreflex G Raimondi, JM Rome, Italy

    sensitivity during chronic AT1-inhibitor Legramante, F Iellamo, M

    treatment in hypertensives Massaro, S Sacco, A

    Passeri, G Peruzzi

    Poster #9 Influence of the intramural innervation on the GE Holle, J Dietl, I Demir Munich,

    entero-endocrine cells in the rat small intestine Germany Poster #10 Syncope characterization in patients with LE Medina, W Uribe, M Medellin,

    orthostatic intolerance Duque, L Alzate Colombia Poster #11 Patients with orthostatic intolerance: Are LE Medina, W Uribe, M Medellin,

    those with syncope different from those Duque, L Alzate Colombia

    without? Is syncope an acceptable endpoint

    for therapy?

    Poster #12 Diagnosis of orthostatic intolerance based on LE Medina, M Duque, W Medellin,

    blood pressure and heart rate characterization. Uribe, L Alzate Colombia

    Could symptoms be enough?

    Poster #13 Blood flow rhythms in the facial skin during M Mueck-Weymann, R Erlangen,

    various relaxation techniques Buche, J Bihler, H Mueller, Germany

    P Joraschky


    Poster #14 Do depressive symptoms affect autonomic M Mueck-Weymann, H Erlangen,

    control of the heart? Mueller, M Agelink, J Germany

    Bihler, P Joraschky

    Poster #15 Asymmetrical sudomotor responses RG Jarrar, WP Cheshire Rochester, MN

    characterize the Parry-Romberg syndrome of

    progressive hemifacial atrophy

    Poster #16 The effect of bladder stimulation on T Uchiyama, R Sakakibara, Chiba, Japan

    cardiovascular function; Normal volunteer M Asahina, T Hattori, T

    study Yamanishi

    Poster #17 Effect of aldose reductase inhibitor M Kihara, Y Mitsui, M Osaka, Japan

    (Zenarestat) on experimental diabetic Takahashi

    neuropathy in the rat

    Poster #18 Fast skin potential analysis: A step towards E Lerner, D Beekink, E van Amsterdam, The

    noninvasive microneurography? Zanten Netherlands Poster #19 The relationships of postural sympathetic T Tellioglu, JR Shannon, I Nashville, TN

    responses and dysautonomia in orthostatic Biaggioni, RM Robertson,

    intolerance D Robertson

    Poster #20 Baroreflex and chemoreflex dysfunction after HJLM Timmers, W Nijmegen, The

    bilateral carotid body tumor resection or Wieling, JM Karemaker, H Netherlands

    radiotherapy of the neck Kaanders, HTM Folgering,

    JWM Lenders


    Saturday, October 28, 2000

    7:00-7:30 AM & 12:30-1:30 PM

    Poster #21 Treatment of painful sensory neuropathy with R Kanard, J Mendell, J Columbus, OH

    Tiagabine Hydrochloride Kissel, V Novak

    Poster #22 Angiotensin II type 1 receptor A/C 1166 gene EM Garland, JV Gainer, T Nashville, TN

    polymorphism in orthostatic intolerance Tellioglu, NJ Brown, D


    Poster #23 A model of norepinephrine transporter RP Carson, M Appalsamy, Nashville, TN

    deficiency in rats A Diedrich, TL Davis, D


    Poster #24 Noninvasive autonomic testing in patients with J Tank, HR Toka, O Toka, J Berlin, Germany

    monogenic hypertension and neurovascular Jordan, A Diedrich, H

    contact: A field study in northeastern Turkey Schuster, H Haller, FC Luft

    Poster #25 Central cardiac and peripheral vascular JM Wecht, RE Bronx, NY

    responses during orthostatic provocation in DeMeersman, JP Weir, WA

    subjects with paraplegia Bauman, DR Grimm

    Poster #26 Mitochondrial neurogastrointestinal G Chelimsky, S Czinn, T Cleveland, OH

    encephalopathy presenting with autonomic Chelimsky

    dysfunction: A family case report

    Poster #27 Achalasia - A more diffuse disorder of the G Chelimsky, T Chelimsky Cleveland, OH

    autonomic nervous system or just an isolated

    esophageal disease?

    Poster #28 Blood pressure and brain function - A narrow R Schandry, N Weisz, AM Muenchen,

    window for optimum cortical performance? Jacobs Germany


    Poster #29 Cardiovascular reflex tests and disorder of B Milovanovic, M Krotin, Belgrade,

    rhythm by diabetics with autonomic A Milovanovic, V Bisenic, Yugoslavia

    neuropathy D Vidric, A Veljovic, S

    Markovic, I Jovancic, M


    Poster #30 Influence of AT1-inhibitors on the baroreflex G Raimondi, JM Rome, Italy

    control of sinus node in hypertensives Legramante, F Iellamo, M

    Massaro, S Sacco, M

    Peruzzi, G Peruzzi

    Poster #31 Past medical history in patients with LE Medina, M Duque, W Medellin,

    orthostatic intolerance Uribe, L Alzate Colombia Poster #32 Severity of compromise and level of limitation LE Medina, M Duque, W Medellin,

    in patients with orthostatic intolerance Uribe, L Alzate Colombia Poster #33 The effect of amitriptyline on autonomic M Mueck-Weymann, M Erlangen,

    functions Siepmann, S Krause, P Germany

    Joraschky, W Kirch

    Poster #34 The effect of clozapine on autonomic M Mueck-Weymann, J Erlangen,

    functions Acker, T Rechlin, M Germany

    Agelink, R Rauh, P


    Poster #35 Orthostatic intolerance and orthostatic RK Khurana, FW Craig, S Baltimore, MD

    tachycardia: A psychological profile Khurana, JJ Lynch

    Poster #36 Autonomic symptom score index: A predictor U Pandya, A Jahangir, S Rochester, MN

    of sinus node modification for inappropriate Grice, P Friedman, D

    sinus node tachycardia? Packer, R Rea, T Munger, P

    Low, S Hammill, W Shen

    Poster #37 Hemodynamic reaction in syncopal syndrome EV Shlyakhto, AV Panov, St. Petersburg,

    patients with and without coronary artery IS Kireyenkov, OV Russia

    disease Mamontov

    Poster #38 Can baseline sympathovagal balance (LF/HF) H Leon, Y Quiroga, J Nino, Floridablanca,

    predict the response to nitrovasodilator head-K Tahvanainen, T Kuusela, Santander,

    up tilt protocol? CA Morillo Colombia Poster #39 Does post-myocardial infarction ejection H Leon, M Lindarte, VM Floridablanca,

    fraction determine abnormalities in heart rate Herrera, Y Quiroga, TA Santander,

    dynamics and baroreflex sensitivity? Kuusela, CA Morillo Colombia Poster #40 Exercise improves heart rate variability and PA Cowan, AK Cashion, Memphis, TN

    functional capacity in kidney and kidney-DK Hathaway, R Kreider,

    pancreas transplant recipients MN Wicks, AO Graber


    Sunday, October 29, 2000

    7:00-7:30 AM & 12:30-1:30 PM

    Poster #41 Nomifensine attenuates D-amphetamine-CS Tung, FJ Wan, HC Lin Taipei, Taiwan

    induced dopamine terminal neurotoxicity in

    the striatum of rats

    Poster #42 Effects of menstrual cycle on plasma volume N Hirshorn, I Zoran, Y Haifa, Israel

    shift and catecholamines during orthostatic Itzkovitz, G Jacob



    Poster #43 Transfer analysis of cerebral hemodynamics SJ Yeh, CL Shen, S Lia, CC Taichung,

    induced by sympathetic stimulation tests in Chiu Taiwan

    healthy humans

    Poster #44 Parasympathetic dysfunction in Cuban J Gutierrez, R Santiesteban, Havana, Cuba

    epidemic polyneuropathy H Garcia, F Candelario, R

    Freeman, H Kaufmann

    Poster #45 Cardiac chaos decreases during head-up tilt in M Suzuki, S Hori, N Tokyo, Japan

    neurally mediated syncope Aikawa, Q Tian, S

    Hashimoto, Y Tomita

    Poster #46 Clinical features and screening scale for H Tanaka, R Matsushima, Osaka, Japan

    instantaneous orthostatic hypotension H Yamaguchi, S Terashima,

    H Tamai

    Poster #47 Sympathetic hyperactivity and baroreflex B Passini, A Capria, G De Rome, Italy

    impairment in scleroderma Sanctis, G Gulli, F

    Antonucci, D Mazzotta, L


    Poster #48 Initial medical complaints and symptoms in LE Medina, M Duque, W Medellin,

    patients with orthostatic intolerance Uribe, L Alzate Colombia Poster #49 Variation of arterial blood pressure and heart LE Medina, M Duque, W Medellin,

    rate during follow up in patients with Uribe, L Alzate Colombia

    orthostatic intolerance

    Poster #50 Does St. John's wort affect autonomic M Mueck-Weymann, M Erlangen,

    functions in healthy subjects? Siepmann, S Krause, W Germany

    Kirch, P Joraschky

    Poster #51 Symmetry of vasomotor reserve during V Novak, R Kanard, P Columbus, OH

    orthostatic stress, cold pressor test and carotid Novak, C Rodzevski, P

    compression Binkley, D Eckberg, A


    Poster #52 Orthostatic intolerance is not associated with EM Garland, HG Xie, CM Nashville, TN

    common beta-2 adrenergic receptor Stein, AJJ Wood, D

    polymorphisms Robertson

    Poster #53 Baroreflex function is heritable independently J Tank, J Jordan, A Berlin, Germany

    of body mass index and blood pressure Diedrich, HD Faulhaber, M

    Stoffels, G Franke, FC Luft,

    A Busjahn

    Poster #54 Sympathoneural and adrenomedullary SM Frank, P Baltimore, MD

    responses to decreased core temperature in Satitpunwaycha, SR Bruce,

    awake humans C Holmes, S Brentzel, DS


    Poster #55 Clinical utility of EEG during tilt-table testing J Hejlik, E So, P Low, S Rochester, MN

    for evaluation of atypical recurrent syncope Hammill, W Shen

    Poster #56 Fractal behavior of the RR interval after H Leon, M Lindarte, VM Floridablanca,

    myocardial infarction Herrera, T Kuusela, CA Santander,

    Morillo Colombia Poster #57 The effect of bladder stimulation on T Uchiyama, R Sakakibara, Chiba, Japan

    cardiovascular function; A comparison of M Asahina, T Hattori, T

    patients with multiple system atrophy and Yamanishi

    normal volunteers


    Poster #58 Spontaneous electrodermal activity in patients L Vazquez-Osornio, A Nashville, TN

    with autonomic dysfunction Diedrich, JR Shannon, EN

    Lerner, D Beekink, I


    Poster #59 Cardioselective sympathetic denervation in ST Li, SR Bruce, P Bethesda, MD

    Parkinson's disease Villemagne, M Gillespie,

    DS Goldstein

    Poster #60 Cerebral correlates of peripheral autonomic HD Critchley, RJ Dolan, CJ London, UK

    failure Mathias

    Poster #61 Chronic progressive dysautonomia associated JD Stewart, R Schondorf, F Montreal,

    with thyroid carcinoma and ganglionic Wein, S Vernino, V Lennon Canada

    acetylcholine receptor antibodies

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