English Prepositions – Fill in the blanks

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English Prepositions – Fill in the blanks

English Prepositions Fill in the blanks

    ; I get up _______ seven _______ the morning _______ weekdays. I go to work _______ tram. ; I take care _______ my son. My son is similar _______ me. He’s quite different _______ my


    ; China has agreed _______ participate _______ the global economic forum. ; My wife spent the milk money _______ cigarettes.

    ; There has been a slight decrease _______ gas prices lately.

    ; In the beginning, Lillian was not accustomed _______ working in such a big company. ; My favorite Chinese philosopher is Chuang-tzu. Most Westerners have never heard _______


    ; John’s wife accused him _______ cheating. She thinks he is bored _______ her.

    ; My boss told me to finish the report _______ 5 pm. After that, I could go _______ vacation. ; Kate apologized _______ her son’s poor behavior.

    ; If you’ve got a problem, then do something _______ it!

    ; Everyone _______ the HR department was surprised _______ the news. ; Paul is very good _______ telling jokes. He reminds me _______ his father. ; I’m not familiar _______ this neighborhood.

    ; If I had to choose _______ going to heaven or hell, I’d choose heaven.

    ; Hosni Mubarak was ______ power in Egypt for 30 years.

    ; Alan is a fan ______ Manchester United.

    ; NATO stands _______ the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

    ; Roger’s company specializes _______ the management of young musicians.

    ; I will go _______ vacation next month.

    ; The cake was _______ four pieces.

    ; Bratislava is not _______ big _______ Budapest.

    ; Ken has to finish the project _______ 4 pm tonight.

    ; The movie was inspired _______ a book written 50 years ago.

    ; I was able to return the product because it was still _______ warranty. ; The little boy hit his friend _______ a stick.

    ; I plan to work _______ I am 65 years old.

    ; I wasn’t able to focus _______ my work because of the loud construction outside my window. ; Unfortunately, I don’t have many opportunities to go _______ business trips.

    ; This commercial was designed to appeal _______ women in their twenties and thirties.

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; I don’t know his reason _______ ending the relationship.

    ; Although Carol graduated _______ Harvard with a degree in political science, nowadays she

    doesn’t care _______ politics.

    ; I am very proud _______ my son’s accomplishments.

    ; Laura can’t concentrate _______ her job because she is stressed out about her marriage.

    ; I don’t care _______ baseball. I never watch it.

    ; I am allergic _______ cats.

    ; We are looking for someone who is skilled _______ giving presentations. ; He is responsible _______ our branch in China.

    ; I have a question to ask related _______ your education.

    ; I have a view _______ Prague Castle from my apartment.

    ; The company president didn't want to comment _______ the scandal.

    ; You remind me _______ my cousin.

    ; After graduation, Joan will apply _______ some local companies _______ a job as a graphic


    ; There was much damage _______ the car.

    ; These boots were _______ sale last week.

    ; The United Nations has supplied the rebels _______ weapons.

    ; I have too many problems to deal _______.

    ; This product should appeal _______ girls in their teens.

    ; I’ve never heard _______ Lyle Whitfield.

    ; I was surprised _______ the size of her nose.

    ; Grace is _______ her forties. She spends all her money _______ luxury goods. ; Greg is involved _______ organized crime.

    ; By the time the police found out _______ the crime, the thief was already in Mexico.

    ; There’s always a risk ______ an earthquake in Japan. It’s difficult to concentrate ______ your

    work, when you know there could be a disaster any minute.

    ; Tina studied ______ Charles University for one year, but she graduated ______ Harvard. She

    is snobby. She looks ______ on people who haven’t graduated college.

    ; I need to take care ______ my little brother. He is discriminated ______ at school because he

    has red hair. Yesterday, a bully punched him. However, my brother didn’t tell ______ the bully.

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    ; The doctor elaborated ______ the patient’s condition. It turns out that the rash was actually

    brought ______ by food he ate while in Malaysia.

Carol’s father is very strict. He prohibits her _______ having a boyfriend until she graduates

    _______ high school. She spends most of her time in the library, surrounded _______ books. Once, her father accused her _______ doing drugs because she didn’t come home _______ time. He checked her schoolbag _______ drugs. Instead of drugs, he found her diary and read it. This made Carol angry, so she punched him _______ the face.

    I graduated ________ university a month ago. I studied ________ Oxford. Last week, I had an interview ________ a programming position ________ Google. They noticed on my CV that I had very little experience, however, they promised not to hold that ________ me. The interview went well, but I’m not sure I’ll be hired. I was tired, so I had a hard time paying attention ________ the

    interviewer. Also, I’m a woman, and there are few women in my field. I fear I’ll be discriminated ________. Hopefully being a woman won’t prevent me ________ having a successful career.

    Greg went ______ a trip yesterday to Vienna. He has a Pontiac Trans-Am, which is similar ______ the car David Hasselhoff drove in the TV show Knight Rider. On the way there, he was driving his car ______ a speed of 110 km per hour. There was a sharp turn, and his car slid off the icy road. His life was ______ stake. A large tree was right in front of him. He nearly ran ______ it, but at the last second, he regained control and pulled his car back on the road.

    Later he realized his tires were ______ bad shape. He needed to invest ______ some new ones. So he went to a car shop that specializes ______ high performance tires. The end.


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