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    Component Reuse, Solution

    Chapter: Structuring Web Dynpro Applications

    Theme: Development Component Reuse

    At the end of this Exercise, you are able to:

    ; Reuse a Web Dynpro development component.

    Developing, Step-by-Step

    Launch the NetWeaver Developer Studio.

     1 Launch the NetWeaver Developer Studio

    Make sure your J2EE Engine is running.

    Start > Programs > SAP NetWeaver

    Developer Studio > SAP NetWeaver

    Developer Studio

    This will start the SAP NetWeaver

     Developer Studio

    From within the NetWeaver Developer

    Studio, switch to the Development

    Configurations Perspective.


    Create New Development Components: wddc1, wddc2

The Development Configurations

    Perspective is a collection of multiple views that help you manage development