Poppleton Everyday

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Poppleton Everyday

    Poppleton Everyday

    By Cynthia Rylant

    *This play has been broken into the three chapters of the book. You may choose to do just one chapter or assign the chapters to different groups and perform as a whole. However, the stories in these chapters are not consecutive.

    The Sky

    Parts (5): Narrator 1 Narrator 2 Narrator 3 Poppleton


    Narrator 1: Poppleton, Chapter 1: The Sky, by Cynthia Rylant.

Narrator 2: Poppleton’s friend Hudson was visiting one night. He said to


Hudson: “Let’s go look at the sky.”

    Narrator 3: Poppleton got blankets, and they went to look at the sky.

Hudson: “I see the Big Dipper.”

Poppleton: “Yes.”

Hudson: “I see the Little Dipper.”

Poppleton: “Yes.”

Hudson: “I even see Venus! Do you see Venus Poppleton?”

    Narrator 1: But Poppleton did not answer. He had his eyes closed.

Hudson: “What’s wrong, Poppleton? Are you sick?”

Poppleton: “I am dizzy. Stars make me dizzy.”

Hudson: “Oh dear.”

Poppleton: “The sky is so big and deep. I get seasick.”

Hudson: “Oh my.”

Poppleton: “I wish I could look. But I can’t.”

Hudson: “How sad. Let me think.”

Narrator 2: Hudson thought.

Hudson: “I have an idea.”

Narrator 3: He cut a tiny hole in his blanket and put it over Poppleton’s head.

Hudson: “Now you’ll see only a tiny sky.”

Narrator 1: Poppleton peeped up at two little stars.

Poppleton: “Beautiful!”

Narrator 2: And the two friends stargazed all night long.

    The New Bed

    Parts (6): Narrator 1 Narrator 2 Narrator 3 Narrator 4

     Poppleton Saleslady

    Narrator 1: Poppleton, Chapter 2: The New Bed, by Cynthia Rylant.

    Narrator 2: One day Poppleton decided to buy a new bed.

Narrator 3: He liked his old bed. But he’d had it since he was a boy. Now he

     wanted a grown-up bed.

Narrator 4: So Poppleton went to the bed store.

Poppleton: “Do you have a bed just right for a pig?”

Narrator 1: he asked the saleslady.

Saleslady: “Hmmm,”

Narrator 2: she said, looking Poppleton over.

Saleslady: “Right this way.”

    Narrator 3: Poppleton followed the saleslady to the biggest bed in the store.

Narrator 4: It was vast! It was enormous!

Poppleton: “It’s just my size!”

    Narrator 1: He climbed on to test the bed. He lay on his back. He lay on his


    Narrator 2: He lay with one leg over the edge. He lay with both legs over the


    Narrator 3: He lay with his head with his bottom in the air.

Saleslady: “How many different ways do you sleep?”

Poppleton: “About twenty. Do you have any books?”

    Narrator 4: The saleslady brought Poppleton a book. Poppleton propped up

     some pillows and read a few pages.

Narrator 1: The saleslady looked at her watch.

Saleslady: “Do you want to buy the bed?”

Poppleton: “I don’t know yet. Do you have any crackers?”

    Narrator 2: The saleslady brought Poppleton some crackers. He got crumbs


Saleslady: “Do you want the bed?”

Poppleton: “I don’t know yet. Do you have a TV?”

    Narrator 3: The saleslady brought Poppleton a TV. He watched a game show.

Narrator 4: The saleslady checked her watch.

Saleslady: “Do you want the bed?”

    Poppleton: “I don’t know yet. I have to check one more thing. Do you have any


Saleslady: “Pardon me?”

Poppleton: “I always wake up to bluebirds. Do you have any?”

    Narrator 1: The saleslady went outside and got three bluebirds to come in and

     sing to Poppleton.

    Narrator 2: Poppleton lay with his eyes closed and a big smile on his face.

Saleslady: Now do you want the bed?”

Poppleton: “Certainly!”

Narrator 3: And he picked up the book, the crackers, the bluebirds, and the

bed, and happily went home.

    The Sailboat

    Parts (6): Narrator 1 Narrator 2 Narrator 3 Narrator 4

     Poppleton Fillmore

Narrator 1: Poppleton, Chapter 3: The Sailboat, by Cynthia Rylant.

Narrator 2: Poppleton’s friend Fillmore got a new sailboat.

Fillmore: “Will you come sailing?”

    Narrator 3: asked Fillmore. Poppleton said,

Poppleton: “Sure!”

Narrator 4: So he went on Fillmore’s boat.

Narrator 1: Poppleton had never been sailing. He didn’t know what to do.

Poppleton: “Do you know what to do, Fillmore?”

Fillmore: “Sure. Just sit back and relax.”

Narrator 2: Poppleton sat back.

Narrator 3: Suddenly the boat leaned to the far, far left. Poppleton cried,

Poppleton: “I am not relaxed, Fillmore!”

    Narrator 4: The boat leaned to the far, far right.

Poppleton: “NOT RELAXED!”

Fillmore: “Relax!”

    Narrator 1: Then the boat caught a strong wind. It bounced up and down, up

     and down on the waves.

Poppleton: “I AM NOT RELAXED!”

Narrator 2: A Big storm came.

Poppleton: NOT RELAXED!”

Narrator 3: Then the sailboat flipped over.


    Narrator 4: cried Poppleton, swimming beside Fillmore.

Fillmore: “Relax!”

    Narrator 1: Poppleton and Fillmore climbed back onto the boat.

Narrator 2: They sailed back to shore.

Fillmore: “Wasn’t that fun?”

Poppleton: “Well, not all of it.”

    Fillmore: The leaning was fun, and the bouncing was fun, and the flipping

     over was fun.”

Poppleton: “Yes, but the shark wasn’t.”

Fillmore: “SHARK!!!???

    Narrator 3: Fillmore shouted, and he went screaming down the road.

Poppleton: “Gee, Fillmore, RELAX!”

    Narrator 4: Then Poppleton went home, smiling, and did just that.

All: The end.

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