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Travel Itinerary TemplateTravel

    Travel Itinerary Template

    Effectively organizing all of the details of an executive’s travel plans requires a travel itinerary template that you use consistently. Don’t ask your travelers if they want one – JUST DO IT! They’ll thank you

    for it later. And in the mean time, you’ll have saved them a lot of time and hassle in sorting through multiple documents or scrolling through multiple emails to find the information they need at the moment they need it while they are traveling. I know this because every executive I’ve ever created one for

    initially comes to expect and/or demand them for future trips. I’ve done a fair share of traveling myself, and trips with an itinerary are much more efficient.

Think Chronologically

    If you haven’t done a lot of travel planning in the past, one of the first things I encourage you to do is THINK CHRONOLOGICALLY. What is the order of events for your traveler throughout their trip? This will help you get all of the arrangements made that are required from the start (flights, ground transportation, hotel, meals, meetings, etc.).

How to Use This Travel Itinerary Template

    This template is designed to cover all of the basic details that need to be included on an itinerary for a traveling executive. Not every trip requires airline travel. Not every trip requires rental cars. It may change from trip to trip and traveler to traveler. Remain flexible. Customize this template to make it

    fit more specifically to your executive’s specific travel needs.

Here are some tips to get you started:

    ; All of the items in blue or with blanks are the details you’ll need to insert or fill in as appropriate

    for each trip.

    ; If you have executives that travel frequently to the same places, save their past travel

    itineraries. Open the most recent version, update with the new date and travel details without

    having to recreate the entire document each time they travel. It’s a huge time saver!

    ; Print a final copy for your executive AND a copy for your file so you have the same information

    if they need travel assistance while they are gone. If appropriate, you can also print an

    additional copy for the traveler’s family so they know where they’ll be and when as well.

    ; If your executives have e-tickets for their flights, print a copy of the flight reservation from your

    travel agency or online booking service and staple it to the back of the itinerary just in case

    there are any issues when they check in at the airport.

    All Things Admin: Travel Itinerary Template Page | 2

    Each time you need to create an itinerary, follow these steps to update the template with your

    executive’s travel information.

1. Personalize the HEADER information on the template

    a. Include your executive’s name and your company name.

    b. Insert your company’s name/logo.

    c. Update the travel dates.

    std. Do this on the 1 page AND also in the header so it prints on any additional pages of

    the document if your itinerary is more than 1 page long.

2. Update/add all AIRLINE information:

    a. Delete all previous times on the itinerary template.

    b. Update all airline information requested on the template: dates, times, flight numbers,

    airline 800 numbers, travel agency numbers, any information that might be needed

    while traveling.

3. Update the GROUND TRANSPORTATION information:

    a. Be sure to include car service info or shuttle/taxi contact numbers.

    b. List on the itinerary where the car service or shuttle will pick the passenger up.

    c. Include the confirmation number.

4. Update the HOTEL information:

    a. Be sure there is a hotel contact number to reach the hotel.

    b. Include street address and any applicable driving directions necessary.

    c. Include the confirmation number and room rate.

5. Insert all pertinent MEETING INFORMATION in order of dates/times.

    a. Make sure to reference which time zone the time is listed in.

    [TIP: Go to to find out which time zone

    abbreviations apply at various times of the year.]

    b. Include conference number dial in and passcode information in case their flights are

    delayed and they need to join the meeting from their cell phone until they arrive at the

    meeting location. (Trust me, it happens!)

    6. Check each section of the itinerary for information that needs to be updated.

    7. Treat the compilation of the itinerary as though you were the traveler. What additional

    information would you want to know?

    a. Driving directions

    b. Restaurant options and/or locations

    c. Entertainment venues

    d. How to dial in to get voice messages

    e. How to access email (or webmail) remotely

    8. PROOF READ, PROOF READ, PROOF READ the completed itinerary. There are a lot of

    details here. Make sure you proof it well.

All Things Admin: Travel Itinerary Template Page | 3


    To keep your electronic files organized nicely, here’s an example of a file naming convention for travel itineraries. Note: XXXXXX = the 6-digit date

XXXXXX Location Name or Initials of Traveler (i.e. 073007 Tampa FL JLP)

XXXXXX Location Event Name of Traveler (i.e. 073007 Tampa FL IAAP Conv JLP)

    In these examples, the beginning date of the trip was July 30, 2007. The destination was Tampa, Florida for an IAAP convention. The traveler’s initials were JLP.

    When using dates in your file names, consider using full six-digit dates so they always align in order by date. You may also consider starting with a 2-digit or 4-digit year, so you can find things by the year, then the month and day. Using the same sample data from above, that would look like this: 2007 0730 Tampa FL JLP

    It may take a few minutes to assemble the information, but sending your executive on business travel with an itinerary is a HUGE value-add you can provide your executive(s) and your team as an

    Administrative Professional.


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    Executive Name

    Insert company Company Name Board Meeting logo here City, State (optional) Travel Itinerary

    Month X, 2008 Month X, 2008

    Time: Event: Details:

    Monday, Month X, 2008

    5:45 AM CST Car Service Name will pick you up at __________ and Phone: (XXX) XXX-XXXX

    transport you to the ___________ Airport (XXX 3 letter Confirmation #: XXXXXXXX

    airport code here). Paid for with _______ - $XX 7:05 AM CST Depart City Airline Name Flight # XXXX Airlines Phone: (XXX) XXX-XXXX

    To Chicago, O’Hare Airport (ORD) Confirmation Number: XXXXXXXXX E-Ticket #: XXXXXX Flight time: 1 hour Freq. Flier #: XXXXXXXX

    Food will NOT be available during flight. 8:05 AM CST Arrive Chicago O’Hare

    9:00 AM CST Depart Chicago O’Hare Airline Name Flight #XX to First Class Seat

    City, State Food will be served during flight.

    Flight Time: 9 hours 25 minutes

    2:25 PM HST Arrive City, State TIME CHANGE IS X HOURS


     Ground Transportation: Car Service Name will provide Telephone: (XXX) XXX-XXXX

    transportation from the Airport to the ____________. The

    driver will meet you at the gate with a sign with your name. Cost will be charged directly to ________


     Accommodations: Resort Telephone: (XXX) XXX-XXXX

    Hotel Name Confirmation No: XXXXXX

    $ XXX.00 USD plus 11.4166% Tax Hotel Address

    Check In Time: Hotel Address

    Check Out Time:

    Tuesday, Month X, 2008

     Ground Transportation:

    Taxi service is available via the valet from the Hotel to the

    ______________ offices.

     Meeting Location: Corporate Receptionist: (XXX) XXX-XXXX Contact Person’s cell: (XXX) XXX-XXXX Company Name ; Please check-in with Security on the Street Address ground floor with a picture ID to obtain City, State Zip a badge.

    7:30 AM HST Continental Breakfast

    Attire: Business Casual (no tie or jacket) 8:00 AM 9:30 Audit Committee Meeting

    AM HST

    Executive Name

    Insert company Company Name Board Meeting logo here City, State (optional) Travel Itinerary

    Month X, 2008 Month X, 2008

Time: Event: Details:

     10:00 AM 1:30 Board of Directors Meeting

    PM HST

     NOON HST Lunch

    Cost will be charged directly to __________ 3:00 PM HST Ground Transportation: Car service by ___________

    account. from _______________to the airport.

    5:50 PM HST Depart City, State Airline Name Flight # XX Airlines Phone: 800-433-7300

    To City State (3 digit airport code) Confirmation Number: XXXXXXXXX

     E-Ticket #: XXXXXX Freq. Flier #: AA XXXXXXXX Flight time: 8 hours 5 min. First Class Seat

    Food will be served during flight. 5:55 AM CST Arrive City, State

    7:00 AM CST Depart City, State on Airline Name Flight # XXXX Food will NOT be served during flight.

    To City State (3 digit airport code)

7:55 AM CST Arrive City State Airport Name

    Other VPs

    Company Execs

    Admin Assistant’s Info

    Key Dept Heads


    Consider including the following instructions also:

     How to access voice mail remotely (especially helpful for team members who do NOT travel a lot and

    may not know how to do this)

     How to login to webmail remotely (if available). Provide the URL they need to get started. Do NOT

    include their login or password information.

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