The Purpose of school

By Wanda Porter,2014-10-01 18:33
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    The Purpose of school

     Have you ever asked yourself why children go to school You will probably say that they go to learn their own language and other languages;arithmetic

    (代数); geography; geometry (几何);history;

    science and all the other subjects. That is quite true. But why do they learn these things And are these

    things all that they learn at school

     We send our children to school to prepare them for the time when they will be big and will have to work for themselves. They learn their own language so that they will be able to tell others clearly what they want and what they know, and understand what others tell them. They learn foreign languages in order to be able to benefit from what people in other countries have written and said;and in order to make

    people from other countries understand what they themselves mean. They learn arithmetic in order to be able to measure and count things in their daily life;

    geography in order to know something about the world around them; and history to know something

    about human beings they meet every day. Nearly everything they study at school has some practical use in their life; but is that the only reason why they go to school

     No. There is more in education than just learning facts. We go to school; above all; to learn how to

    learn; so that; when we have left school; we can

    continue to learn. A man who really knows how to learn will always be successful; because whenever he

    has to do something new which he has never had to do before;he will rapidly teach himself how to do it in the best way. The uneducated person; on the other

    hand; is either unable to do something new;or does

    it badly. The purpose of schools;therefore;is not just

    to teach languages; arithmetic; geography;etc.;

    but teach pupils the way to learn.

Education is what remains after one has

    forgotten everything he learned in school." ------------------------------Einstein

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