Web Page Critique

By Megan Peters,2014-06-25 20:31
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Web Page Critique

Unit of Study Title: Web Page Critique

    Content Area: Computers

    Grade Level: Junior High/High School

    Unit Designer: JoLinda Goldsmith

    Unit Designer E-mail:

    School District: Lemmon School District


    Students will be able to analyze a web page for “appropriate”/legitimate information.

General Overview:

    Students can use this evaluation for almost ANY class that does research on the web. This worksheet shows many areas the students can check on a websitesuch as Domain

    Name, Domain Extension, Site Author, Date Updated, etc. Students will receive an Internet Evaluation Checklist (see attached) to complete on each website. Several sites have been designed by our TTL assistants dealing with the “Animal World” and the

    “Pearl Harbor Tourism Bureau”. These sites were designed to give examples of websites that portray incorrect/misleading information to aide in the presentation of this unit. During these presentations/website critique discussions, the students laptops will be

    closed so attention will be on the presentation. Once a basic understanding has been attained, the students will be paired off to work on 2 separate units dealing with gun control and the FDA.


    A final project (assigned individually) will be given to the students dealing with cross-curriculum (EX: Indian tribes of North Americaeach student researches a different

    tribe and creates a two page report using information from 3 “appropriate”/legitimate websites for Social Studies). The Computer grade will be given through the completion of the Internet Evaluation Checklist. The Geography grade will be given on the content/overall paper.


    1. How will you get the content into your Tablet so you can use the power of digital

    ink and other Tablet tools?

    The paperwork for this project was put together by our librarian-for her masters

    program-and myself. The “worksheets” are already in word form and the other

    supplies are internet websites. These items are currently on the following website:


    2. How will the students receive their portion of the assignment?

    I will post student worksheets to WebCT. The students will then be able to

    “download” the worksheets, complete them, using the laptops and copy/paste, and

    turn them via WebCT. This will be a paperless project.

    3. What will the students be doing during the lesson presentation? (Student


    During the initial presentation, the students will watch while I point out several

    “key” characteristics of a “good” and a “bad” website. Then the students will be

    “critiquing” a “bad” website that was developed by former LHS students. These

    sites will help the students recognize good and bad points of a web page. Students

    will also be required to complete the Web Page Critique worksheet for the

    presentation site.

    4. How will the student portion be submitted to you for evaluation?

    Once students have completed the worksheet, they will submit via WebCT. This

    will allow me to grade the worksheets using the Tablet’s accessories via inking,

    stickies, voice recorded messages, etc.

5. How will you use of the TabletPC to evaluate the student work?

    I can use the highlight and color tools to show student errors. I can use the writing

    capabilities to mark errors and I could also use the “record” option to insert

    recorded comments into specific sections of the student’s work.

    6. What will be the strategy to return completed assignments to your student?

    I plan on saving the corrected worksheets into Microsoft Journal and returning

    them to the students via WebCT

    7. Will there be time when the lids will be down on the student computers?

    The student’s “lids” will be down during the first presentation—when we discuss

    the qualities of a “good” and/or “bad” website.

    8. Describe what challenges you see you may have in managing your classroom and

    what your thoughts would be for handling those.

    With my class sizes I see a MAJOR problem in keeping all my students on task. I

    will have a class of 35 so it is hard to answer every question in a timely manner. I

    am going to try to avoid many of the questions by “completely” explaining how

    the assignment should be completed and what it entails. On the second website, I

    will allow several peers to work together and/or help each other.

    9. How repeatable is this lesson strategy for lessons you will be teaching.

    This lesson is a “skill” students can use in ALL of their other classes when researching on the web. This lesson will instill in the students the process necessary to determine if a website is good or bad.

10. Other considerations?

    Student application of the skill after lesson is complete.

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