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     Tomorrow is another day

     Scarlett, the protagonist in Gone with the wind, is as

    headstrong as a child who is so intent on what she wants that she will achieve her goal by hook or by crook; as brave as a soldier who dares to defy the entrenched beliefs and customs in society and expose her true self to the publics scrutiny; as shrewd as an

    unscrupulous merchant who casts aside all burdens of morality in order to survive and prosper; and as independent, strong and industrious as a capable man who, when in lifes great misfortune,

    instead of dwelling in the good old days, can immediately accept the reality as it is and rise like a phoenix from the ashes through her own unremmitting efforts. She knows what she wants and she rises up to every challenge along the way. Lifes hardships strip away the

    virtues in Scarlett which the past society holds dearly and leave only two things that she treatures, preserves and pursues--- money and Ashley. In this respect, some readers and critics hold that Scarlett is morally degenerated, unwomanly, vain and selfish. On the contrary, I maintain Scarlett is an ideal feminist example set before us to model. Instead of being morally degenerated, unwomanly, vain and selfish, I think she is the only true person who dare to live according to her nature which is actually shared by all human beings.

     This is a world in which the strong coming through and the weak being winnowed out. As Scarlett defends herself when she hires criminals and becomes an unscrupulous business woman Ive

    felt that I was trying to row a heavily loaded boat in a storm. Ive

    had so much trouble just trying to keep afloat that I couldnt be

    bothered about things that didnt matter, things I could part with

    easily and not miss, like good manners and---well, things like that. Ive been too afraid my boat would be swamped and so Ive dumped

    overboard the things that seemed least important. Scarlett dumps

    pride and honour and truth and virtue and kindliness. The times make her so. As a great philosopher once said, Eiquette must have a

    solid material foundation otherwise all talks about virtue, pride and honour are vain.

     Besides I donot think she is degenerated. Instead I think she does anyone pursuing for better life would do if put in her circumstances. Her deeds, if not honorable, are at least justifiable. She marries three times. The first time she does it on impulse after being rejected. The second time, she tricks her sisters fiance into

    marrying her. But how can anybody blame her. She does it for Tara, her beloved homeland, not for herself. Besides, it is Scarlett who brings all her family members back home after Atlanta falls into the Yankees hands. It is still she, a once young beautiful lady, who

    bravely takes up the role of a breadowner for the whole family and work as hard as a black slave. In face of the challenge posed by the overseer of his father, she takes up the gauntlet and turns to her last resort---enticing Rett and being his lover, much as she hates him. This incident, instead of showing she is immoral, indicates that she feels a strong sense of responsibity to her family members and her love for the land and her valient decisions reflects her independent character as the key pillar of the family, ironic when taken into considerations the fact that Ashley and other men in the family know all the worldly affairs but is hopelessly dependent on Scarlett who doesnot know much about the world but who only takes actions.

     Many criticizes her third marriage for on the outer appearance, Scarlett seems to do it for wealth without true love to Rett. Two things should be reminded here: first, Scarlett doesnot do anything wrong. She marries Rett.(In comparison to todays world,

    she is of virtue and should be highly commended if we put her and HaiZhao in Woju who never tries very hard to win anything for

    herself and is contented to be ones lover and even bear his child just

    for material comfort. In a word, I detest HaiZhaos deed.); second,

    Scarlett doesnot do it entirely for money. She actually needs a helper and Rett is the only person who can truly understand her and has always been by her side. Her heart identifies the oneness between

    she and Rett but the imaginary glory about Ashley and her deeply ingrained prejudices against Rett makes her ignore the existence of her love for Rett.

     In a word, I hold Scarlett does what is right in her position and her persistency in achieving her goals against all odds stikes me as remarkable. She loves money which at least most of us does and spares no effort to get it and succeed; she longs for Ashleys love and

    indeed her heart stays faithful to Ashley all the time and does everything she can to help Ashley and his family. The motives of all her deeds can be traced back to these two causes, which I think bestows her the quality of a successful woman.

     Naturely, words and dreams are nothing if not translated into action. Scarlett is not only industrious but also in my eye optomistic. Her old charm tomorrow is another day is an perfect demostration

    of her attitudes towards life---there is a solution to every possible

    problem and there is always hope. Scarlett, far from being a coward

    in life like Ashley, are ready to accept the reality and dream about the future.

     Scarlett has inspired me. I am now digging in the dark tunnel of interpretation, striving for the light at the end. Right now there is only hard work. I invest a lot of time, money and energy in interpretation but still are often discouraged by the setbacks along

    the way. Sometimes the listening materials get so difficult that I could even understand them as reading materials. I angrily put them down but a day later I persuaded myself to come back to it again. Often at these moments, I tell myself tomorrow is another day.

    Think closely. Actually I should be very happy. I have good academic achievements. I donot have to study part time. My parents give me strong financial support. I am far better off even than a lot of people around me. Cheer up and study hard. I just hope I have

    Scarletts perseverance and stick to the end no matter what.

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