00profits of love

By Lawrence Turner,2014-11-30 16:49
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00profits of love

    Profits of Love

     Is there anyone who makes you feel like “heartbeat”? Is there anyone who makes you feel like “faint”? Some would say yes, however, some not. To be honest,

    for me, love is like sunlight to the human sprit ; we can not flower and grow without it. Love can bring people many profits.

    Love can bring warmth to people who indeed need it. Love doesn't need a

    word to be spoken. There is a story about love .A woman has gone to Africa and visited the sickness, disease, crippled adults and children, medical help whatsoever. She sat in the ground and cried. There is love, an unselfish love. Maybe you don't have the ability to change the world, and it is only in the small section of life you move in helping people and make them feel welcome.

     Love will make you feel passionate and energetic. There is indeed someone

    who makes me feel like “That is her.” and someone you just can’t help thinking of her . Even more, I will try my best to see her from any information I can get wherever she is or whenever it is. That’s just the power inside love make me feel excited.

     Love can bring an unexpected result. Imaginably to say , sometimes love is just like wind, breeze, fierce wind, or any other wind, which you can only feel it but never touch it. Though it can never be touched, it is so powerful that can bring a miracle. Once there was a beautiful girl, who has palsied for several years.However, her boyfriend left her alone and always gave her love. As a result, she recovered because of his endless love.

     It is strange how chary we are about love. We miserly give others love, but we are quite eager to receive others’ love. life needs love, and life is wonderful due to love. So don't shut love out of your life by saying it's impossible to find. The quickest way to receive love is to give :the fastest way to lose love is hold it too tightly: and the best way to keep love is to give it wings.

     All in all, if you like love, love will always like you and give you lots of profits.



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