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Complaining in English

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    All material on this site is ? 2008 english-at-home.com When complaining in

    English, it helps to be polite. This page will help you with this important English speaking skill.

In a shop

    You're in a shop and the assistant gives you the wrong change. "Excuse me, I think you've given me the wrong change", or "Sorry, I think this change is wrong. I gave you $20, not $10."

    In a hotel

    "Excuse me, but there's a problem with the heating in my room." "Sorry to bother you, but I think there's something wrong with the air-conditioning."

    "I'm afraid I have to make a complaint. Some money has gone missing from my hotel room."

    "I'm afraid there's a slight problem with my room - the bed hasn't been made." When people apologise, they normally say "sorry" and offer to put the situation right.

    "Excuse me, but there's a problem with the heating."

    "I'm sorry - I'll get someone to check it for you."

    or "Sorry to hear that - I'll send someone up."

    Speaking tip

    Although you may find it strange to use the word sorry when you complain, English speakers consider it polite. It will help you get what you want!

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    July 25th 2007

    That are useful phrases for me. However, i have question to ask. Can we not use 'but' in some sentences above; like: "Excuse me, but„."

    Yes, you can use "Excuse me, but„" and there's an example sentence


    August 9th 2008

thank you for your article

    i think it necessary to know the custom of english-speaking country. how to speak politely is very importantGot a comment? * To prevent junk / spam, comments are moderated and are published after a short



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