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    Quality Clauses

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    The following Quality Assurance Clauses, when specifically referenced in the purchase order by number, shall apply, and shall be in addition to, and not in lieu of, other purchase order requirements.

? Q1 Certificate of Compliance: Each shipment shall have a Certificate of Conformance stating

    that all materials, parts, and processes used in the manufacture meet purchase order requirements and that substantiating documents are on file.

    Note: Sub-tier Supplier/Processor Certifications. If Supplier is not the original fabricator,

    processor, or assembly source of the product(s) which makes up the deliverable end item. Supplier shall obtain and maintain Sub-tier Supplier/Processor Certificates of Compliance documentation on file for 7 years. Unless specifically required per the purchase order, the Supplier’s Sub-tier Supplier/Processor

    certifications shall be made available to Benchmark Connector Corp, Benchmark Connector Corp’s

    customer and/or a regulatory agency including an authorized government representative.

? Q2 Certification of Mercury Exclusion: Each shipment made against this purchase order must

    contain a statement certifying:

    ?The supplies furnished under this order contain no metallic mercury or mercury compounds. ?The Supplier has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the supplies furnished under this purchase order are not contaminated with metallic mercury or mercury compounds. The certificates shall reference the Purchase Order number, description and quantity of the shipped items.

? Q3 Chemical and Physical Test Reports: The Supplier furnishing components or assemblies

    to Benchmark Connector Corp shall maintain a complete set of results of all Chemical and/or Physical Test Reports for 7 years from the date of purchase. The Supplier must retain for 7 years any other reports necessary to substantiate that all material used in the manufacture of components or assemblies, whether purchased by the Supplier or of Supplier manufacture, meet the requirements and/or specifications. The Supplier must furnish copies of these reports with the initial shipment and make available subsequent reports as found necessary by Benchmark Connector Corp.

? Q4 First Article Inspection: The first item produced on this purchase order may be subject to

    first article acceptance prior to further fabrication. If first article is invoked it shall be noted on the purchase order. If the first piece submitted fails to meet the inspection acceptance requirements, a new first piece shall be submitted for approval. This procedure shall be continued until an acceptable first article has been approved First article acceptance shall be based on the requirements of the drawing, specification, and purchase document, as applicable. Any cost expended for quality production prior to acceptance of the first article is at the exclusive risk of the Supplier. Acceptance of the first article shall not be considered a blanket acceptance of subsequent part production. The submission of a first article shall be accomplished by one reproduction copy of all applicable data.

? Q5 Solder Ability: Each shipment made against this purchase order must contain a statement


    The supplies furnished under this order have been tested and comply with solder ability test procedures in accordance with Mil-Std-202 method 208E, Mil-Std-750 method 2026 or Mil-Std-883 method 2003, F-740-010 Rev.: B Page 1 of 3

    Quality Clauses

    ANSI/J-STD-002, ANSI/J-STD003, or IPC/EIA-J-STD-001. The date of testing shall be supplied if other than the date code of the supplied material.

? Q6 NAFTA Certificate of Origin: A North America free Trade agreement certificate of Origin

    must accompany each shipment or lot of material delivered to Benchmark Connector Corp. An annual blanket Certificate of Origin may apply if multiple shipments are made from a single original manufacturing or procurement lot.

? Q7 Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS): The supplier shall provide with each

    delivery a Certificate of Compliance stating that all materials supplied are within the limits for hazardous substances as established by EU Directive 2002/95/EC. Should any material not comply, the concentration of the hazardous substance shall be reported on a chemical test report. At the discretion of Benchmark Connector Corp. the material may be rejected and returned to the Supplier if the concentration of the hazardous substance is over the established limits. Benchmark Connector Corp also reserves the right to request a written plan from the supplier detailing the necessary steps required to bring the material into compliance and the date when compliance will be established.

    ? Q8 Shelf Life: The materials furnished against this purchase order shall have a minimum of 75% of its shelf life remaining at the time of delivery. The material must be visibly marked either on the part or the container with the expiration date.

? Q9 Manufacturing Lot Traceability: The items on this purchase order require evidence of

    manufacturing lot traceability with each shipment.

? Q10 Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals (DFARS 252.225-7014 Alternate 1)

    When this quality clause is referenced the Supplier shall ensure that the parts supplied meet then requirements of DFARS 252.225-7014 (latest Rev), Alternate 1 (latest Rev). This clause requires that any specialty metals (as defined in the clause) incorporated in hardware deliverables under DoD contracts must be melted in the United States or a qualifying country.

? Q11 Prohibition of Tin, Cadmium, Zinc, or Unplated Brass When this quality clause is

    referenced on the purchase order, the parts are destined for “space application” and the following materials are prohibited due to the potentially catastrophic effects which can occur:

     ? Pure tin and tin alloy coatings and finishes greater than 97% weight tin.

     ? Pure cadmium and cadmium alloy coatings and finishes greater than 1% by weight cadmium.

     ? Pure zinc or zinc alloy coatings and finishes greater than 1% by weight zinc.

     ? Brass without a plating finish greater than 50micro-inches in thickness.

? Q12 Defense Priorities and Allocation System (DPAS) When this quality clause is

    referenced on the purchase order the order is certified for National Defense use. The supplier is required to follow all the provisions of the DPAS regulation (15 CFR 700) and acknowledge or reject a DO rated order within 15 working days or a DX rated order within 10 working days. If both rated and unrated quantities are reflected on this order, you are to follow the DPAS regulation as it pertains to the rated quantities.

? Q13 Use of Tin or Tin Coating Unalloyed or commercially pure tin or tin coatings shall not be

    used inside electrical, electronic, or electromechanical parts (EEE) or as a final finish on EEE parts or associated metal parts (heat sinks, base plates, etc.) or mounting hardware on products sold to Benchmark Connector Corp, without prior written approval from Benchmark Connector Corp.

    F-740-010 Rev.: B Page 2 of 3

    Quality Clauses

? Q14 Flow-Down of Requirements The Supplier shall flow down the right of Entry Provision

    statement and process/product change notification, and any other applicable requirement to sub-tier suppliers in their purchasing documents.

? Q15 Right of Entry Provision The supplier shall allow Benchmark, its customers, and

    regulatory agencies to determine and verify the quality of work, records, and material at any place, including the plant of any subcontractor.

? Q16 Asbestos Free Certification: Each shipment made against this purchase order must contain

    a statement certifying that the supplies furnished are asbestos free.

    F-740-010 Rev.: B Page 3 of 3

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