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    ATU Local 1395 Regular Business Meeting

    Agenda - February 2012

    Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 7pm

    thPlaza Building 1720 W. Fairfield Drive 5 Floor conference room / Pensacola, Florida

1. Meeting called to order President/Business Agent Michael Lowery

    2. Sergeant of Arm(s) secure meeting room Willie Carter and/or Dewitt Stallworth 3. Pledge to U.S. Flag and Prayer Financial Secretary/Treasurer Larry Smith

    4. Roll call of Executive Board Officers Recording Secretary Joe Pullen or Vice President Gerri Bell 5. Guest Speaker 10 minutes presentation (Life Insurance for Local Union) 6. Swearing in of any new Union Members (if any)

    7. Reading of Minutes Recording Secretary Joe Pullen or Vice President Gerri Bell 8. Financial Report Financial Secretary/Treasurer Larry Smith

    9. President’s Report – President/Business Agent Michael Lowery

    a. ATU Local 1395 video prepared by ATU International (Victory over Veolia)

    b. Status of transition to First Transit as new Management at ECAT

    ththc. February 28 and 29 > ATU 401(k) sign up at ECAT and PBT

    thd. February 29 > tentative contract w/PBT Management > vote required by PBT


    the. February 28 meeting with IVP Gary Rauen > vote for BCC workers to form own Local

    Union under ATU.

    f. Joe Pullen representing Local 1395 in Tallahassee (Florida AFL-CIO)

    g. ATU Florida State Legislative Conference Board conference call Monday, February 20,

    2012 report

    h. Escambia Democratic Party meeting 5:30pm 2/21/12 Local Union President Mike

    Lowery was guest speaker.

    10. Officer Reports / Committee Reports (if any)

    11. Old Business:

    a. Union by-laws update / review vote required to finalize at March regular business

    meeting. Copy posted on Union webpage to review for membership. Go to:

    b. Update: ATU Local 1395 website ( and ATU Local 1395 Facebook

    page (once you have your own Facebook page search Amalgamated Transit Union

    Local 1395 then click “like” and follow our page). Plus now ATU Local 1395 also has an

    ATU Local 1395 Group Page (private discussion page for members). You must request to

    be on this page send request to or request to Facebook page of

    Michael A. Lowery and send him a message to join.

    c. Contract negotiations with First Transit proposals needed by end of February

    d. ATU COPE and ATU COPE-Plus > why is it so important?

    e. Pensacola Citizens for Better Transit need volunteers to help getting in place. f. Northwest Florida Working Families Coalition > need (3) delegates to represent ATU

    Local 1395 on regular basis

    g. Northwest Florida Federation of Labor (CLC) need delegates to attend monthly

    meetings on behalf of Local 1395

    h. Appointment of Shop Stewards by President.

    i. Any other old business (if any)

    12. New Business:

    a. Assessment to pay off loan Estimated at $3.00 a month per member - IRS taxes 2007-

    2011 Vote required

    b. Legal Defense fund under by-laws: (Account to be set up by FS/T)

    i. $1.00 a month per member

    ii. Currently ECAT Members contribute / PBT and DSS will start in March 2012

    iii. By-laws will control how fund will be used.

    c. Death Benefit fund under by-laws - Discussion

    d. Need volunteers for committees

    i. Audit Committee 2012

    ii. ATU Black Caucus 2012

    iii. ATU Women’s Caucus 2012

    iv. ATU Latino’s Caucus 2012

    v. Thanksgiving / Christmas parties 2012

    vi. MLK Parade 2013

    the. Workers Memorial Day (April 28, 2012) ATU Local 1395 and the NW FL CLC will be

    honoring former BCC Executive Board Union Officer Jerry Milam. Motion to purchase

    flowers for Mrs. Milam.

    f. Any other new business (if any)

    13. Good and Welfare:

    a. Need volunteers and ideas for party in March (Goodbye Veolia / Hello First Transit).

    14. Adjournment

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