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    Test Yourself (Units 1-4), Book 2

    41. I guess Professor Wang hasnt finished grading the papers yet. If he had, he would not keep us in ______.

    A. suspense B. trouble C. doubt D. wonder

    42. John remarked after the meeting that the speaker was a woman of ______ wit. A. emotional B. accurate C. excellent D. exceptional

    43. Are you worried about your son being alone in a strange country? ______. Im sure hell

    manage fine

    A. By all means B. Of course C. Not in the least D. No wonder

    44. The plot of the novel ______ the economic development of the village.

    A. evolves with B. emerges from C. blends with D. attaches to

    45. The decision to quit school at that young age is, ______, the most stupid thing I have ever done.

    A. at times B. at first sight C. in retrospect D. by comparison

    46. At the conference yesterday, our differences were further ______. The next step is to work out a solution acceptable to both sides.

    A. narrowed down B. cooled down C. driven home D. brought about

    47. Brian cheated in the last math exam, so he thought he could ______ it again this time, but he was wrong.

    A. get rid of B. get away with C. avoid being caught D. mess around with 48. This child is a born mathematical problems without remembering to have meals. A. and so B. to the extent that C. so much so that D. so much that

    49. As a cleaning woman, her ______ duties include cleaning the desks and mopping the floor. A. continuous B. routine C. initial D. constant

    50. Even ______ what she said about his personal life is true, it is irrelevant to his qualifications as a software engineer.

    A. knowing B. assuming C. recognizing D. acknowledging

    51. Bonuses are meant to ______ hard work and outstanding performance. This means that not all workers are entitled to them.

    A. restore B. grab C. push D. reward

    52. As a senior student, you are supposed to know better than just ______ until the examination time.

    A. fooled around B. to fool around C. having fooled around D. to have fooled around 53. The president of the automobile company said that short-term profit is not at the top of the companys ______ list. Their major concern at present is developing a more competitive model. A. interest B. priority C. assignment D. job

    54. In the past ten years Jack has been with us, I think he has proved that he ______ respect from everyone of us.

    A. qualifies B. expects C. reserves D. deserves

    55. He has been ______ since he was appointed as president of the university last year. A. putting up B. getting away C. making use of his relationship D. throwing his weight around

    56. A market economy allows businesses to compete against each other free from government ______.

A. restriction B. planning C. interference D. arrangement

    57. The seller gave me a thirty percent ______ on the shirt. Dont you think its a good bargain?

     A. discount B. treatment C. decrease D. favor

    58. Mark does not take his schoolwork seriously. ______, no one expects a millionaires son to

    work hard.

    A. However B. Conversely C. But then D. Nevertheless

    59.I am sorry I am not in a position to answer this question. Ask the man sitting by the window. He is ______ here.

    A. in charge B. liable C. reliable D. in power

    60. Despite a very tight schedule, everyoe who came to the meeting agreed that at least one day should be ______ for sightseeing.

    A. set apart B. added C. put in D. inserted

    61. But for her mothers sudden illness, she would never think of breaking this ______ with you. A. arrangement B. schedule C. appointment D. interview

    62. To be frank, I dont like Jack. His rather superior manner ______ on me.

    A. jams B. jars C. irritates D. upsets

    63. His ______ argument against our proposal is based on misinformation. A. organic B. valid C. formal D. principal

    64. As a receptionist, my job ______ answering phone calls and offering general information about the company.

    A. is involved with B. consists of C. requires D. evolves

    65. This entrance is in ______ use: do not block it.

    A. constant B. tender C. creative D. critical

    66. We are all ______ to dislike those who are critical of us.

    A. suspicious B. easy C. liable D. desirable

    67. At the dinner party last night Christine felt greatly ______ because her mother kept bragging about her accomplishments at school.

    A. alarmed B. disappointed C. ashamed D. embarrassed

    68.James Joyces novels are difficult to understand and impossible ______ into another language. A. to translate B. for translation C. to translate it D. being translated 69. Sports help to build character and ______ competitiveness.

    A. cultivate B. accomplish C. assist D. restore

    70. The ______ breakdowns of the computer has caused serious delays in our work. A. continuous B. continued C. continuing D. continual


    41-45: ADCAC 46-50: ABCBB 51-55: DBBDD 56-60: CACAA 61-65: CBDBA 66-70: CDAAD

    Test Yourself (Units 5-8), Book 2

    31. The terrorist attack on America on September 11, 2001 has met with ______ condemnation. A. overall B. universal C. extensive D. widespread

    32. “Take the medicince and go to bed early. If the headache ______, you should come for an X-ray examination,” said the doctor.

    A. recurs B. happens C. recovers D. repeats

    33. To keep up with the pace of the modern world, we must overcome the ______ to new technology.

    A. resistance B. suppression C. charm D. reproach

    34. George can hardly be labeled a radical; he is a man of ______ views. A. modest B. sensitive C. moderate D. tolerant

    35. The earthquake left thousands of people in ______ need of medical care. A. current B. urgent C. critical D. continual

    36. ______ by a strange loud noise downstairs, the two girls jumped from their bed and screamed.

    A. Stunned B. Amazed C. Promoted D. Startled

    37. Our trip to Beijing ______ with the visit of my cousin Lucy’s family. So we had a great

    reunion at the foot of the Great Wall.

    A. recurred B. coincided C. blended D. occurred

    38. The survey shows that the officials of some listed (上市的) companies are ______ themselves

    at the expense of the stockholders (股东).

    A. abusing B. rewarding C. disrupting D. enriching

    39. At such a time of crisis, we must try to ______ all differences of party or class and stick together.

    A. set forth B. set back C. set down D. set aside

    40. I have told her on ______ occasions that George is not a man to be trusted. A. ridiculous B. numerous C. sentimental D. alternative

    41. The renewal of the debate was anticipated but its ______ was not. A. intensity B. tension C. degree D. sensitivity

    42. Being ______ about its future, investors are wary of putting more money in the industry.

    A. skeptical B. contemporary C. incredible D. aesthetic

    43. Don’t ______ the poor child any more. He is already sad enough for getting himself into such a mess.

    A. humiliate B. threaten C. conflict D. reproach

    44. For more accurate data, we need more ______ equipment to do the research. A. systematic B. expensive C. speculative D. sophisticated

    45. For generations the people in these two villages lived in perfect ______. A. conflict B. distinction C. harmony D. regulation

    46. The employer worked his men almost ______ collapse.

    A. to the extent of B. to the point of C. on top of D. in spite of 47. While the doctors analyzed the patient’s condition, his family waited outside in considerable ______.

    A. tension B. anticipation C. eagerness D. anxiety

    48. When asked for your views about your ____ job, on no account must you be negative. A. current B. contemporary C. occasional D. universal

    49. Our new refrigerator ______ 70 percent less electricity than our old model. A. conserves B. consumes C. conquers D. accommodates

    50. Big industries and environmental protection groups naturally have ______ interests. A. conflicting B. distinguishing C. alternate D. combating

    51. It wasn’t the dinner. It was ______ people talked about at the dinner that disgusted him.

A. what B. that C. whatever D. those

    52. In these remote villages, women are ______ the opportunity of having a career. A. reserved B. denied C. disrupted D. invaded

    53. ______ a little earlier this morning! I missed the school bus by only a minute and had to wait in the cold for nearly an hour!

    A. If I had got up B. If only I get up C. If only I had got up D. If I got up 54. Most people are not yet aware that water is a precious resource that must be ______. A. conserved B. enriched C. preserved D. reserved

    55. Though this house is very old and may not be worth much, it is ______ great emotional value to my father who spent all his childhood days here.

    A. by B.of C.with D. for

    56. I still believe children should be disciplined when the need ______.

    A. arouses B.arises C. dominates D. bides

    57. Allegations (指控) of corruption were ______ as ridiculous.

    A. dismissed B. surrendered C. banned D. modified

    58. I could see from her expression that my comments had ______.

    A. come through B. hit home C. borne out D. got away

    59. Susan warned herself not to ______ despair. She must stand up and fight. A. take credit for B. give way to C. work her way into D. rid herself of 60. At the time the police caught him, he was driving in ______ of 120 miles per hour. A. average B. reality C. transition D. excess


    31-40: BAACB DBDDB 41-50: AADDC BDABA 51-60: ABCAB BABBD

    Test Yourself (Units 1-4), Book 3

    41. As peoples living standards improve, the health and beauty business is ______ with more sophisticated products than ever before.

    A. astonishing B. flourishing C. exaggerating D. diminishing

    42. The ______ of older persons is relatively low in developing countries, but it is growing much faster than in the West.

    A. addition B. majority C. percentage D. statistic

    43. Makers of consumer electronics will pay for environmental sanitation services to collect and ______ used refrigerators, computers, and televisions under the new rules.

    A. discharge B. distribute C. dispose of D. deal with

    44. As some of the rules concerning foreign trade ran contrary to the principles of the WTO, the government decided to ______ them as soon as possible.

    A. abolish B. accomplish C. distinguish D. establish

    45. As the semester is drawing to an end, the student union is calling on all the students to ______ the temptation to cheat on exams.

    A. refuse B. reject C. resist D. resolve

    46. In the last few years, the Internet and the World Wide Web have become ______ words; almost everyone has heard of them.

    A. family B. home C. house D. household

    47. Vicki never worried or hesitated about anything, she just ______ it and almost always got

whatever she wanted.

    A. went by B. went for C. went over D. went with

    48. The reason 800 million people go hungry today is not that there isnt enough food in the world,

    ______ that these people cannot get the food anyway.

    A. but B. despite C. even D. except

    49. As she matured as an artist, she ______ realize that all artists are a product of their culture.

    A. came to B. kept to C. took to D. went to

    50. My son failed to come back home last night. This morning the police came to our house and ______ my worst fears that he was injured in a car accident.

    A. advocated B. confirmed C. insured D. promised

    51. Because of the mad cow disease, the European Union ______ a worldwide ban on British beef and beef product exports.

    A. challenged B. charged C. forged D. imposed

    52. The exhibition at the Shanghai Science and Technology Center ______ such endangered animals as the giant panda and the Siberian tiger and describes the work being done to protect them.

    A. detects B. exploits C. features D. demonstrates

    53. A computer file is a collection of ______ data, used to organize the storage and processing of data by computer.

    A. electrical B. artificial C. electronic D. genuine

    54. To protect the environment, scientists and engineers are researching ways to ______ electricity more cheaply from such renewable energy sources as the wind and sun.

    A. generate B. manufacture C. construct D. transform

    55. In social dancing, the participants dance for their own pleasure rather than for the ______ of an audience

    A. appreciation B. entertainment C. leisure D. temptation

    56. Wireless waste from cell phones, pocket PCs, and music players ______ special problems because they have toxic chemicals in batteries and other components.

    A. expose B. commit C. pose D. transport

    57. Scientists have discovered many planets orbiting distant stars, all are ______ to life. A. unlikely B. unfriendly C. forbidden D. vulnerable

    58. A healthy and better-educated new generation is a ______ for sustainable economic and social development of all countries.

    A. guarantee B. security C. demand D. target

    59. Parks and open spaces are essential to the quality of life in dense ______ areas such as New York City.

    A. agricultural B. rural C. suburban D. urban

    60. My trip to the small village under the control of the enemy fire was full of delays and difficulties, but I eventually ______.

    A. got by B. turned it over C. hit the sack D. made it

    61. For traditional Chinese painters, fame and fortune come late, and it is ______ for artists to hold their first exhibitions when they are over seventy years old.

    A. hardly common B. less frequent C. not unheard of D. just usual

    62. A remote-controlled bomb exploded outside a hotel near the town square yesterday, ______ at

least 12 people.

    A. having been injured B. having injured C. injured D. injuring

    63. When energy is converted from one form to another, some energy is always lost as heat. ______, no energy conversion is ever 100% efficient.

    A. In other terms B. In other words C. In another way D. In some way

    64. While freshmen are considered part of the academic elite, some of them appear to lack common sense ______ following traffic regulations.

    A. coming to B. when coming to C. when it comes to D. when they come to 65. A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough ______ a fair deal afterwards.

    A. being given B. been given C. given D. to be given

    66. NASAs Mars program was set back when two spacecraft failed up reaching Mars, one ______ up in the planets atmosphere and the other ______ after a software failure.

    A. burned; disappeared B. burned; disappearing C. burning; disappearing D. burning; disappeared

    67. After a very busy schedule in the past two months, Kenneth plans to take things ______ for a while.

    A. at ease B. easily C. easy D. with ease

    68. I just wonder if ______ ever ______ that you could have your own enterprise and run it yourself when you were still a student.

    A. itoccurred B. youoccurred to it C. itoccurred to you D. youoccurred

    69. Bicycle riders want the city government to set aside special lanes for bicycles on some of the main streets, but though they have got some supporter, ______ likes the idea. A. everyone B. not everyone C. no one D. someone

    70. It can be said without exaggeration that no part of the United States is not easily accessible by car, by train, or by air, and ______ by all the three of them.

    A. more often than B. more often than not C. no more often than D. less often than


    41-50: BCCAC DBAAB 51-60: DCCAB CBADD 61-70: CDBCD CCCBB

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