Assignment 4 -

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Assignment 4 -

Access Statement for Mullins


    Mullins is a detached self catering house built in 1980. The property is accessed from the front. We have tried to make this information as full as possible but should you have any queries please call us on 02380 845556. We look forward to welcoming you.


    ; We have our own website

    ; Bookings/enquiries can be made via email:;

    phone:02380845556 or text phone 00447796684899

    ; We are also listed on: and

    ; The nearest bus stop is in Challenger Way about 200 metres from Mullins.

    ; The nearest station is Southampton about 11 miles away. Blue Star bus No 8

    travels from Southampton Station to Challenger Way.

    ; We can arrange for shopping to be delivered, please advise us of your


Arrival and Car Parking Facilities

    ; The house is approached from a short drive which 3 metres wide which leads

    to the patio. There are no steps between the drive and the patio and the

    distance is7 metres.

    ; The drive has parking for up to 4 cars and other space is available if necessary.

    ; If the drive is not wide enough to allow you to disembark comfortably, there is

    additional space for one car in front of the garage 34 metres from the house.

    ; There is a gate across the drive which can be shut to enclose the property.

Main Entrance and Reception.

    ; There are no steps, only a sill at the front door, and it is .75 metres wide

    leading into a hall 1.5m wide with dining chairs against the wall and one


    ; There are doors measuring .72 leading off the hall to the sitting room, the

    kitchen diner and the downstairs lavatory and wet room, which has non-slip


    ; The flooring in the main entrance is carpeted.

Kitchen Diner

    ; There is a dining table measuring .73m height by 85m width by 2.38m

    length (extended).

    ; Free space between the table and the walls is .9m both sides and .6m at the

    top of the table. There is space at one end of the table for easy access.

    ; There are 10 wooden dining chairs, all moveable, without arms.

    ; There is a double door 1.48m wide leading from the dining area onto the

    patio. There is no step down, just a sill.

    ; The work top in the kitchen area is .9m high

    ; There is only one wall cupboard whose contents could be placed in a lower

    cupboard if necessary.

    ; The sink has lever taps for hot and cold water, which is softened. The hard

    water tap for drinking has a twist tap.

    ; The front loading washing machine is accessed through a door

    measuring .72minto a narrow room1.1m wide.

    ; This has shelves1.18m from the floor for storage and a number of coat

    hooks 1.43m from the floor.

    ; There is a clothes horse for drying laundry.

    ; Flooring in the kitchen/dining area is washable wood effect laminate. Sittingroom

    ; The sitting room is carpeted in short pile carpet.

    ; The furniture is moveable and cushions are plentiful and mainly non-feather. ; Easy chairs have arms height.54m and there are two sofas. One of leather, arms

    height .69m and another a sofabed measuring 1.7m by 1.15m and the mattress

    is 4cm deep.

    ; There is a Parker Knoll arm chair. The seat height is.39 and arms height .53m. ; TV and DVD are provided with remote control.

    ; There is a sliding door width 1m into the conservatory, you have to step over a

    sill to access the conservatory.

    ; There is a leather sofa height .42m which is not moveable, two garden lounge

    chairs with arms height.63m and a firm chair with arms height.52m in the

    conservatory. The chairs are moveable. Space around these is approximately

    1.5m X 1.5m.

Wet Room Lavatory

    ; There is a close coupled lavatory with no wall handles. Toilet seat height

    is .41m.

    ; There is a wash hand basin with lever tap and the height is .8m.

    ; The shower has a curtain and drains straight onto the floor. The shower is

    operated by turning a dial.

    First Floor

    ; Reached via a staircase of 12 treads with landing .86m wide X .8m deep after

    2 treads.

    ; Steps are.17 m high .23m deep and .8m wide.

    ; There is a handrail on the left hand side.

    ; Short pile carpet on stairs and throughout the first floor except

    bathroom/shower rooms which are tiled.

    ; All doors to the bedrooms and bath/shower rooms are .76m wide, except

    shower rooms which is .7m wide.

    ; Main landing is 4.16m b1.35m with one bookcase.


    ; All bedrooms are on the first floor.

    ; Room combinations: Two double rooms, one twin/double room and one

    quadruple room with four single divan beds, all moveable.

    ; Double Room 1 (Blue Carpet): Bed height .51m 4ft6 bed. Bedside table

    with lamps. Space each side of bed is 1.6m X 1.1m X 1.8m.

    ; Double Room 2 ( Flower Carpet) Bed height .6m 4ft6 bed. Bedside table

    with lamps Space each side of bed is .66m and .72m.

    ; Twin Double Two beds .49 high .75m wide. Bedside table with lamps. Space

    each side of beds is 1.5m and 1.28m.

    ; Quadruple bedroom Two 3ft single beds against walls, heights .58m

    and .6mboth with bedside table with lamps. Two single 3ft beds heights.56m

    side by side with shared table but two lamps. Space in the middle of the room

    is approximately2.5m X 3.1m


    ; Sheets and pillowcases are made of poly cotton. Pillows are a mixture of

    feather and down and man made material.

    ; Duvets are all made from man made material.

First Floor Bathroom

    ; Shared with all upstairs rooms

    ; Bath with flexible shower over and shower curtain.

    ; Bath height is .49m Integral bath rails fitted on both sides.

    ; There is a grab handle fitted to the wall.

    ; Door locked with sliding bolt

    ; Non slip tiling to floor.

    ; Good colour contrast between floor, walls and furniture.

    ; Basin with twist on taps. Basin height .79m

    ; Lavatory without wall handles. The pan height is .43m.

    First Floor Shower room

    ; Shared with all upstairs rooms

    ; Non slip tiling to floor

    ; Good colour contrast between floor walls and furniture.

    ; Lavatory without handles, the pan height is .39m.

    ; Large basin height.84m.

    ; Large ceramic shower with curtain closure

    ; Space around furniture is approx 1.8 m X 1.4m.

    Swimming Pool

    ; The swimming pool measures approx 3.6m X 9.4m

    ; At the shallow end it measures 90cm deep and in the deep end it

    measures 175cm deep

    ; The Swimming pool is fenced off from the garden and accessed by

    two gates which can be padlocked.

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