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    Standard Number: GS-43

    Standard Title: Recycled-Content Latex Paint


    1. Manufacturer’s Name: ______________________________________________________

    2. Product Name(s): ______________________________________________________


    3. Product Type(s), Style(s), or Model(s): ____________________________________


4. Manufacturer Contact & Title:


5. Telephone No.:


    6. Fax No.: ____________________________________________________________

    7. Facility Name: ____________________________________________________________

    8. Address: ____________________________________________________________


    9. State/Province: _____________________ 10. Zip/Postal Code: __________________

    11. Country: ____________________________________________________________


    1. Name: __________________________________________________________________

    2. Signature: ____________________________ 3. Visit Date: __________________

    4. Time in: ______________________ 5. Time out: __________________

    Notes: ____________________________________________________________


    Green Seal Certification Checklist 1 GS-43 3/09


     1.0 Organization

1.1 Have the manufacturer provide an organization chart.

     The chart must describe the key relationships


    - product development

    - production

    - quality control

    - environment and safety

1.2 Have the manufacturer provide information on:

    - number of employees at this facility

    - facility size (in square feet or square meters)

    - production capacity

1.3 Have the manufacturer provide a manufacturing flow

    chart, including descriptions of major equipment


    NOTE: Green Seal requires written notifications from

    manufacturers regarding any design or production

    changes to the certified product or products.

     2.0 Regulatory Compliance

2.1 Have the manufacturer provide a statement that it has

    not violated any applicable environmental regulations

    in the past 12 months.

2.2 Have the manufacturer identify the environmental

    compliance personnel and/or provide description of

    environmental compliance program.

     3.0 Category and Product Definition

3.1 Have the manufacturer provide descriptions of the

    products submitted for Green Seal evaluation,

    including the following information (as applicable):

    - product name

    - brand name

    - product code

    - product description

    - grade

    - color

    - size (dimensions)

    - weight

    - recycled content.

    Green Seal Certification Checklist 2 GS-43 3/09


     4.0 Collection and Sorting Requirements

    4.1 Paint shall be received in its original container with a readable label, which, at minimum indicates the product type (e.g., latex), its intended application (e.g., interior, exterior),

    and gloss level.

    4.2 The contents of the paint shall visually match what is described on the label.

    4.3 Solvent based paints or specialty paints (e.g., industrial,

    marine, automotive, traffic-marking, etc.) shall not be used for the purposes of manufacturing a consolidated or

    reprocessed latex paint. If there is any doubt that the paint is latex, then it shall be rejected.

    4.4 To be determined usable for consolidation or

    reprocessing, each container of paint shall be free of the following as determined by a physical inspection that includes stirring of the contents to achieve uniform consistency:

    A. Biological growth

    B. Putrefaction

    C. Skinning

    D. Livering

    E. Hard settling of the pigment F. Significant interior and/or exterior corrosion

    of the container

    G. Excessive debris, such as dirt, sand, gravel,

    sawdust, or similar foreign material

    H. Curdling or other evidence of being frozen

    I. As indicated by the label, any heavy metals or

    substances prohibited in Section 1.5 of this

    Standard, their common names, CAS

    numbers and/or other common terminology.

    4.5 Prior to canning, paints shall be filtered through a 300-micron or finer filter.

     5.0 Product-Specific Performance Requirements

    5.1 Documentation shall be provided demonstrating that the product meets the applicable Master Painters Institute (MPI) detailed performance standard for the appropriate MPI 1category.

     1 MPI detailed performance standards, which outline the applicable performance requirements and testing frequencies, may be

    obtained from the Master Painters Institute at

    Green Seal Certification Checklist 3 GS-43 3/09


    5.2 Every batch shall be tested by the manufacturer, at a

    minimum, for pH, viscosity, fineness of grind, and gloss.

6.0 Product-Specific Health and Environmental Requirements

    6.1 The manufacturer shall demonstrate that the finished products contain a maximum VOC level of 250g/l as

    determined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Reference Test Method 24.

The calculation of VOC level shall not include water but shall include tinting color previously added.

Information shall be provided to justify the basis used to

    select the batch samples for VOC level testing. The selection of test samples shall reflect typical batch sizes, variation in recycled paint input, and total number of batches produced.

    6.2 The sum total of aromatic compounds in the virgin and

    secondary industrial materials of the product shall contain no more than 1.0% by weight. Testing for the concentration of

    these compounds shall be performed if they are determined to be present in the product during a materials audit.

    6.3 The manufacturer shall demonstrate that the following chemical compounds are not used as ingredients in any virgin or secondary industrial materials added to recyclable latex paint in the consolidation or reprocessing of the product:


    Methylene chloride

    Chlorinated ethanes:

    1,1,1, -trichloroethane

    Aromatic Compounds:


    toluene (methylbenzene) ethylbenzene

    Chlorinated ethylenes:

    vinyl chloride

    Polynuclear aromatics:




    Phthalate esters:

    di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate

    butyl benzyl phthalate

    di-n-butyl phthalate

    di-n-octyl phthalate

    Green Seal Certification Checklist 4 GS-43 3/09

    REQUIREMENTS Y N NA NOTES diethyl phthalate

    dimethyl phthalate

    Miscellaneous semi-volatile organics:


    Metals and their compounds:



    hexavalent chromium



    Preservatives (antifouling agents):



    methyl ethyl ketone

    methyl isobutyl ketone

    Miscellaneous volatile organics:



     7.0 Product Packaging

    7.1 The manufacturer shall demonstrate that paint cans and

    their components are not fabricated with lead.

7.2 Recyclable product containers shall be used where local recycling opportunities exist.

     8.0 Label and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)

    8.1 The packaging shall be accompanied by a brief statement

    discouraging improper disposal and encouraging consultation with local authorities for disposal requirements

    or recycling opportunities.

    8.2 Unless otherwise approved in writing by Green Seal, the

    MSDS shall include the following statement:

     “This product consists primarily of post-consumer recyclable latex paints. Feedstock may vary.”

    8.2 The manufacturer shall provide copies of relevant labels

    and MSDSs, which shall be prepared properly according to

    all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

     9.0 End-Of-Life Material Management

    Green Seal Certification Checklist 5 GS-43 3/09


    9.1 Unused and unusable latex and non-latex paint shall be

    removed, utilized, and/or disposed of properly according to

    all applicable state, federal, and local regulations.

    9.2 Leftover paint from the consolidation or

    remanufacturing process shall be utilized locally and/or domestically where there are existing markets.

    9.3 Metal and plastic paint containers, pallets, and packaging shall be recycled where there are existing


    10.0 Labeling Requirements for Certification by Green Seal

    10.1 Unless otherwise approved in writing by Green Seal, the label shall include the following statement:

     This product consists primarily of

    post-consumer recyclable latex paints.”

    10.2 The Green Seal Mark shall not be used in conjunction with any modifying terms, phrases, or graphic images that might mislead consumers as to the extent or nature of the certification.

    10.3 Whenever the certification mark appears on a

    package, the package shall contain a description of the basis for certification. The description shall be in a location, style, and typeface that are easily readable.

     Unless otherwise approved in writing by Green Seal, the description shall, as applicable, read as follows:

    “This product meets Green Seal’s environmental Standard for Consolidated recycled-content latex paint based on its use of a

     minimum of 95% by volume post-consumer material and product



     “This product meets Green Seal’s environmental Standard for Reprocessed recycled-content latex paint based on its use of a minimum of 50% by volume post-consumer material and

    product performance.”

     11.0 Quality Control/Assurance

    In lieu of the requirements below, the manufacturer may present documentation that the facility is certified as being in

    compliance with ISO 9001.

    Green Seal Certification Checklist 6 GS-43 3/09


    11.1 Purchasing and receiving:

Are new sources of materials or parts evaluated to ensure

    compliance with specifications or purchasing documents?

    Does the manufacturer have a documented method of ensuring that sources of materials or parts continue to comply with specifications?

    11.2 Manufacturing:

Is there documentation describing production methods and

    materials used?

    Are records maintained to show that products are made in accordance with documented methods and materials?

    11.3 Finished product testing:

Are products identified by lot or batch number?

    Are products inspected, tested, or otherwise evaluated to ensure proper performance?

    Is measuring, inspection, and test equipment (equipment used in the evaluation of products submitted for certification only) calibrated?

Is the method of evaluation documented?

    11.4 Have the manufacturer provide a copy (or relevant sections) of it quality assurance/control manual.

    Green Seal Certification Checklist 7 GS-43 3/09

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