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    Unit 4 Teenagers should be allowed to 4. We have plenty of ________ (本地的) stores to choose from.

    choose their own clothes 5. The girl got her ears pierced, but she doesn’t wear e________.

    . 词汇测试 A. 用所给单词的正确形式填空 6. Dont make friends with that_________ ?愚蠢的?傻的?boy.

    1. This machine ____________(use) for washing clothes. It is called “washing 7. Whats the result? My mother will make the ________________(决定).

    machine”. 8. Only then will I have a chance to a____________ my dream. 2. Now most work _____________(can do) by robots. 9. All the students must c__________________ their attention on their work. 3. Many trees ____________( plant) on the mountains last year. 10. At last, they s_______________ in finishing that hard work. 4. There is another way of ____________ (work) out the problem. 11. I think everyone should know the i__________ of learning English. 5. Don’t make them_____________(stand) long outside. 12. We cant drive our cars until we get our l________. 6. “Show me your _____________(driver) license.” “Here you are.” 13. On weekends we often s______ up late to watch TV. 7. There have been a few _____________(disagree) between the two parties. 14. At school we have to wear school u_________ every day. 8. I feel ________ (sleep); I'm going to lie down. 15. Volunteering is a good e__________ for us.

    9. She tried to stop smoking, and she ________ (success). 二、 单项填空。

    10. The matter is of great ________ (important). 16. Where is________ English book? Maybe it is on the bookshelf? 11. I had my broken bike ________(repair) last night. A. the B. a C. an D. /

    12. He ________ (allow) to choose his own clothes. 17?--What a beautiful dress!

    13. I dont allow you ______(smoke) here, but I allow _____ (smoke) outside. --Yes. But it’s so expensive that we can’t _______ it.

    14. They talked instead of ________(study) in the room. A. pay B. offer C. afford D. support

    15. Your hair is too long. Why not have it _______(cut). 18. The teacher made him _______the word five times. 16. We must stop _______(waste) water, or well have no water ______(use). A. write B. to write C. writing D. writes 17. Kate seems ______(be) tired ,so she wants to stop ______(have) a rest. 19. My uncle went to Australia last year. We haven't seen him________. 18. What school rules do you think should ___________(change). A. since almost a year B. from almost a year on 19. There is ahother way of ______(work) out the problem. C. after almost a year D. since almost a year ago 20. I felt ______(sleep). Then I fell ______(sleep). 20. - I have lost a chance to win the match. - _______

    21. Dont get your ears _______(pierce). A. Well done! B. Good luck! C. What a pity! D. congratulations! 22. I ______(allow) to go out with my friends on Sundays. 21. A neighbour helped to keep our dog. It ________ while we were on holiday. 23. Its too cold. Please keep the door _______(close). A. was taken care B. took care of 24. Its too hot. Please keep the door _______(open). C. is taken care of D. was taken care of 25. I think we should spend more time ______(play) with our friends. 22. You play the piano so well. ________do you have the piano lessons? B.根据首字母或汉语提示完成单词 Once a week.

    1. Am I _______(允许) to drive the car? A. How soon B. How often C. How long D. How much 2. She is a ________ (成员) of a tennis club. 23. May I take this magazine out of the reading room? 3. The p________ situation is peaceful, but in the past there was trouble in . Please read it here.

    this area. A. Certainly B. No, you needn't C. No, you can't D. No, you may not


    24. Eating more fruit will keep people __________. ( )10. Jill didnt finish the homework,_________.

    A. carefully B. afraid C. busy D. healthy A. either B. too C. also D. neither 25. ---Do you think _____ should be allowed to drive? ( )11. You must concentrate more _________ your English.

    --- No, I dont think so. A. to B. in C. on D. at

    A. sixteen-years-old B. sixteens-year-old ( )12. That is a good way to keep _________ teachers and students happy.

    C. sixteen-year-old D. sixteen-year-olds A. either B. none C. all D. both 26. _____ the boy ____ the girl are doing their best to learn English well. ( )13. Dont get_________ when you study in groups.

    A. Not only, but also B. Either, or C. Both, and D. Neither, nor A. noise B. noises C. noisy D. noising 27. We should concentrate much ____ our study. ( )14. We should learn _________ each other.

     A. in B. with C. on D. from A. to B. from C. for D. of

     ( )1. Jim enjoys listening to pop music. -- . ( )15. The children often take time to do things like_________.

    A. So does Helen. B. Also is Helen C. Helen likes also D. So Helen does A. volunteer B. to volunteer C. volunteers D. volunteering ( )2. Our English teacher is very strict ________ us and he is strict 16. Don’t spend much time TV.

    __________ his teaching. A in B on C at D to

    A. with, at B. with, with C. at, at D. with, in 17. Should I be allowed my own decisions?

    ( )3. --- Whats the matter? A make B making C to make D made

    -- They said I should not be allowed here. They dont allow_____ in 18. We should learn Lei Feng.

    the waiting room. A to B from C about D of

    A. smoking, to smoke B. to smoke, smoke 19. First of all, teacher must be strict their students.

    C. to smoke, smoking D. smoking, smoking A at B in C for D with

    ( )4. He doesnt do his homework _________, though he has __________. 20. LiLei is serious running.

    A. carefully enough , enough time B. enough carelessly, time enough A of B for C about D to

    C. carelessly enough, enough time D. enough carefully?enough time 三、根据汉语意思完成句子?

    ( )5. The little child was too ________ to hear the end of the long speech. 61 安娜被允许选择自己的衣服。

    A. sleepy B. asleep C. sleep D. sleeping Anna is choose her . ( )6. Everyone ______ to have at least eight _______sleep at night. 62 我被允许在星期五的晚上和朋友一起去看电影。

    A. needs, hour’s B. need, hours’ C. needed, hour’s D. needs, hours’ I’m allowed to the movies friends Friday night. ( )7. We should go to school at 8:00 ______________ school mornings. 63 父母不应该对青少年太严格。

     A. at B. in C. on D. of Parents be too teenagers. ( )8. Something is wrong with my PDA.I will get it ___________ . 64 每个人在一晚上都需要至少八个小时的睡眠。

     A. repair B. repairing C. to repair D. repaired Everyone needs to have sleep a night. ( )9. Excuse me, you are _________ of my passing through. 65 在十月?我们将有七天的假。

     Im sorry, here you go. We will in October.

    A. on the way B. in the way C. out the way D. off the way


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