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    The president election of the United States



    关键词:过程 选举 美国 丑闻

    Abstract:The procedure of the election in the United States including the primary election,representatives conference, the competition of candidates and the electoral college vote. In addition,some details of debate and scandals in the election. Key words: procedure election United states scandal

    From the book that we are learning now, I know that there are two major political parties in the United States. One is the Democratic Party formed before 1800. The symbol of the party is the donkey. The other is the Republican Party, which was formed in the 1850s. The symbol of the Republican Party is the elephant.

    As we known, every four years, Americans will have a presidential election. It always is a hot issue all over the world. The drastic competition is between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party which is described as "the decisive battle between donkey and elephant". This year is the very year of the United States president election. So now I want to tell something about the election of the United States and some detail of debate and scandals in the election and my opinion.

    At first, I'll introduce the procedure of the election. Actually, the system of presidential government is complicated and it will take about one year totally. The process is includes primary election, the determination of presidential candidate, the competition of candidate, the popular vote, the electoral college vote and inauguration.

    The primary election is the first period always begin on January to June. Two parties must vote the delegates who represent their party at national party conventions. In this year, there have six Republic candidates that are Romney, Paul, Kane,Perry,Buckman and Santorum. Final, Romney became the candidate of the Republic Party compared with Obama. Then the determination of presidential candidate on July to August. The "donkey" and the "elephant" must hold representatives conference to certain who is the candidate as their representatives by casting vote. And then president candidates pass the vice-president and make the election program. The competition of candidate from the end of representatives conference to the popular vote day. After the meetings, the candidates will begin their electoral journey, competition on advertisement, electoral speeches, meeting with electors and journalists and public debates in order to win over masses. They began to introduce their own party's political claims and their own political programs to the voters and then give promises to get more supports. And then the electoral college vote. According to the vote system, there are 100 senators and 435 congressmen total 535 Representatives in Congress and add to 3 electors from the district of Columbia. So the Electoral College made up of 538 electors in fifty states. On the second week at Tuesday in the presidential year is the voting day. The voters will vote their holy

    ballot ticket to vote their own president.The candidates of the president must get more than 270 votes, or he or she won't get the position of the president. Then the president come out. The most but not the last is that Inaugural address (the inauguration ceremony held in front of the U.S. Capital). The inauguration is the last step of

    thpresidential election. Until the January 20 in the next year the president takes an oath

    does the election announce to end finally. The president must make his inaugural speech and then he will be a president.

    There are also some exceptions. If both candidates gain 269 votes, or neither of them gain 270 because of the third party, the president will be determined by the parliament. Certainly;there have a "spare tare"that is vice president. Because, if the president dead or leave the office due to the fault during his duty, the vice president will be the president. For example, from 1961 to 1965, president Kennedy was killed in 1963, then Andrew Johnson replaced his position.

    In the process of the election, the most part is the debate of the candidates between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Usually, they always have a drastic debating. They choose a suitable occasion to declare that they will run for nomination of presidential candidates or set up a committee to reelect the president then raise money to get the voter's support. Some people even take direct actions such as make political programme, make political feeler,call at states, meet keyman and donators, build relationship with main interest groups and media or state their view in public and TV programs. This year, China became the main topic of the two party.

    But there also have some candidates in order to get the position they took some wrong action. For example, "Zipper gate",that is about the affair between Clinton and Lewinsky. Another is "Watergate scandal", that is about the president Nixon, in order to become the president, he let five person to install bug to steal the information of election in 1972. Besides, another famous scandal is "Debate gate", which is Regan and Carter debate to the president, Regan used the lawlessness means to get the information. And the " Billy gate",that is president's brother accept bribes. These all the scandal of the election of the United States.

    Nowadays, competition of president is gradually turning into competition of money. For example,in 2012, Romney became the candidate by his family and his own money.Generally,the source they get money have five ways. The first is special funds from federal government. The second is their own party’s financial aid. The third is their family and their own money. The forth is populace’s individual contribution. And the fifth is contribution from consortium, enterprise and other interest groups.

    Through surf the Internet to get the information, I know many about the election of the United States. I think I have learned much knowledge of the United States.

    The procedure of the election in United States is very complicated. But there also have advantages and disadvantages just as two coins has two sides.

    First, electing the president is the event for every citizen, and every citizen has the right to choose a president they want. In America, people have the right to vote their president who is they want one. I think it is a good way for the country.While in

China, we always were the voter in name only.

    Second, but sometimes the truth is that candidates of president has been controlled by those people with a high position in society or people with lots of money and during the voting, they also waste much money to get the support even took the wrong actions to won the position. Obama and Romney,they all spend much money on voting, debating and making advertisements. For the country, it is a waste of money. Besides, the sandals in the election in past time also were stains of the election of president in American.


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