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    200915310426 闫伟娜 09英语4

Teaching contents Table Manners at a Dinner Party

    Description of students Junior 2;40studens

    Time&date 2:00~2:40pm,Wednesday,12th November


    Teaching objectives To have the class learn key structures by


    Students can know table manners in

    Western dinner party.

    Main structure Having good table manners means

    knowing, how to use...?

    Forks on the left and knives on the right of

    the plate.The big spoon...

    Main vocabulary Napkin,spoon,fork,knife,dessert...

    Learning strategies Listening to the key words

    Asking for clarification

    Group cooperation in the role play

    Teaching aids Tape recorder,worksheets...

    Homework Invite your foreign friend to a diner.

    If possible,have a diner in your foreign

    friend's home.

    Talk about the different table manners.

Steps Time(min) Interaction Skills Students Teacher activity

    patters activity

    Warm-up 5 Whole class Listening Do the Give instructions.

    work TPR actings E.g. Stood up,put up

    your right hand,put

    up your left


    1 8 Whole class Listening Listing to the Write the words and

    work tape and find draw the relevantly

    the meaning pictures . Play the

    of words on tape recorder 3times.



    2 5 Whole class Reading Fastly read

    work the article.

    3 12 Group work Writing Groups Teacher divides the

    discuss the students into several

    Chinese and groups.

    the western Then discuss

    table according to some

    manners. pictures given by the

    Compared the teacher.Write the

    difference. discussion on the


    4 5 Whole class Speaking According to Ask some questions

    work the about table

    discussion,anmanners.Answer the

    swer the question(nominated

    questions. students)

    5 5 Whole class Listening,reaFollow the Assign homework.

    work ding tape

    recorder ,and

    reading the


    Note down in


    notebook the

    homework for

    this lesson.

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