By Lauren Armstrong,2014-04-12 20:18
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    My Students and I Thriving Together

    Fostering students competence of English correctly and fluently

    With Chinas WTO entry and the implementation of the New Course Standard of

    senior English, English learning is becoming more and more important, more and more different than before. Studentsmaking mistakes is a natural phenomenon, which is

    t ignore the inevitable . We should teach them to use English fluently, but we can

    mistakes. In order to do that, I open two doors during my five-year English teaching experience. My students and I study together; we thrive together!

    Because the student is the key factor in English teaching, my first door is to open for my students. We should foster the studentscompetence of using English fluently and

    have them make less mistakes.

    First,building a student-centered teaching mode to cultivate studentsautonomous

    learning skills. In traditional English teaching mode, the teacher is the center; in modern English teaching mode, the student is the center. So the teacher is not just an instructor, he should take the role of a monitor, organizer, guide and helper. Teaching students English is very important, but the more important thing is to teach them autonomous learning skills, Sometimes, we can recite some words by short cuts. For example, students have difficulty in spelling the word evil, So, I told them a story: Long long ago, a man would be

    hanged. At that time, he said a meaningful sentence from the bottom of his heart, I lived

    upside-down, which caused evil. According to the story, comparing the two spelling forms, the students can remember evileasily. As you know, we can be a guide. We teach

    students learning skills, guiding them to read words correctly and write words accurately.

    Second, arousing students interest in learning to have themselves try to use right

    expressions. Most of us know interest is the best teacher. If a student takes interest in English, he will find learning English is a piece of cake; if a student loses interest in English, he will find learning English is a great challenge. We should make students learn English on the base of interest instead of mechanical memorizing. I often think about the question

    How should I arouse my studentsinterest? Think again and again, I recommend

    Liyang Crazy English to my students. Liyang Crazy English spreads all over of China. I began to love it when I was a college student. Now, I can speak out some wonderful sentences: when you speak English, you should speak as loudly as possible, as quickly as possible, as clearly as possible. We should master English to learn about foreign countries; We should master English to make contributions to our motherland. These words can


stimulate studentsinterest in learning English. When studentsinterest is aroused, they

    are crazy about English and try every means to study English. A boy named Lihua, in the past, he was very shy and his English was very poor. But after one years effort, he won

    the first prize of the shools English speaking competition. Interest is important .It can make students change want me to studyinto I want to study. Interest can

    ement of studentscompetence; interest can contribute to making contribute to the improv

    less mistakes.

    My second door is to open for myself. Dont overcriticise students mistakes;

    encourage students to practice more. Mere exposure to English will not enable you to speak English. If you want to drive, you have to get in the car and drive. If you want to dance, you have to turn on the music and dance. If you want to swim, you have to jump in the water and swim. In fact, swimming is the perfect comparison to learning English. You cant learn to swim by sitting in a room and reading books about swimming skills. In order to be a swimmer, youve got to conquer your fear, youve got to survive and suck in

    water, yell for help, youve got to lose face many times before you can make it. But to be a good swimmer, youve got to practise again and again. To be a great swimmer, youve

    got to practise for years until you can harmonize every part of your body and mind. Mistakes are not frightening. Failure is the mother of success.

    Second, correct mistakes in a proper way. If a student wants to study English, he cant avoid mistakes completely. So, we should treat mistakes and correct mistakes in a right way. Just like a sentence from a student, Look, a man is wearing red! Obviously,

    the sentence is not right. But if I hear the sentence, I will say Look, the man is wearing a

    red coat. We can point out mistakes in another way. Facing the students mistakes, we

    can say Relax yourself, Never mind, everyone learns from his own mistakes.

    During my teaching course, I often encourage the students and cultivate their self-confidence. Remember, yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a dram, strive for today.

    My dear friends, Martin Luther King has a dream. We can all recall his civil rights speech. Today I just want to say I have a dream. I dream one day my students and I can go through the two doors to get together in an ideal room. We can learn from each other, we can benefit from each other. We can correct mistakes together, we can strive together, we can thrive together!

    (洪湖贺龙高级中学 李算学)


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