Resolution #

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Resolution #


September 1995 ; December 2007

(In reverse chronological order)

    Resolution # Motion Reading Title Resolution Action Status

    Mover/Seconded Date (month/year) Pass/Fail/Tabled

    Nelson/ 1st: 11/5/07 Full Professor Status Resolved that the Academic Senate of the Passed 11/19/07 1012

    2nd: 11/19/07 for Glenn Hunt Riverside City College extends the highest

     honor and praise to Glenn E. Hunt for this

    outstanding life accomplishment; and be it


    Resolved that in recognition of this

    accomplishment, the Academic Senate of

    the Riverside City College recommends to

    the RCCD Board of Trustees that Glenn E.

    Hunt be awarded the Academic Rank of

    Full Professor.

    Davin/Schinke 1st: 10/15/07 Local Assessment Resolved that the Riverside City College Failed 11/5/07 1011

    2nd: 11/5/07 Function Academic Senate establish a permanent

     subcommittee to be charged with the

    leadership of student learning assessment

    efforts campus-wide. The subcommittee

    will conduct its affairs in accordance with

    the rules, regulations, and guiding principles

    as currently exist within the Senate. It is

    envisioned that the subcommittee will not

    function in any way as a regulatory body.

    Rather, it will be tasked to facilitate, guide,

    advise, consult, liaison, or to otherwise

    assist faculty, disciplines, and departments

    in their assessment efforts.

    Davin/Schinke 1st: 10/8/07 Chancellor Search Passed (with Res 1010 1010

    2nd: 10/15/07 Proposal changes) 10/15/07 attachment:

    Motion to

    Assemble a

    Senate Ad Hoc


    10/8/07 M/S/C



    Woods/Yates 1st: 5/21/07 Dean's Honor Roll Resolved, that the criterion for the Dean's Passed 11/5/07 1009

    2nd: 11/5/07 List be changed from "twelve units of

    credit-graded work in one semester", to

    "twelve units of credit-graded work in one

    semester or twelve units of credit-graded

    work earned in no more than four

    consecutive, primary terms (Fall/Spring)

    with a grade point average of 3.0 or better

    (completed units will be considered only

    once for a particular Dean's List)."

    Brooks/Colapinto 1st: 5/7/07 Legal Requirement for Resolved, that the Riverside City College Passed 5/7/07 1008

    2nd: 5/7/07 Collegial Consultation Academic Senate request of the Board of

    with the Academic Trustees that, at a minimum, the following

    Senate new and/or revised Board Policies--2200,

    2410, 2431, 2510, 4020, 4025, 4030--be

    pulled from consideration for final Board of

    Trustees approval t allow for appropriate

    collegial consultation with the three

    Academic Senates.

    Solorzano/Legner 1st: 4/16/07 Recommendation to Resolved, that the Academic Senate of Passed 5/7/07 1007

    2nd: 5/7/07 award rank of full Riverside City College recommend the

    professor to Patricia bestowing of rank of full professor on Scileppi-Krivanek Patricia Scileppi-Krivanek.

     Schinke/Brooks 1st: 11/6/06 Process for Institutional Resolved that representatives of the Passed 12/4/06 1006

    2nd: 12/4/06 Planning and Budget Academic Senate be involved in the

    Development in a decision making process, and decisions that

    Multi-College District are made regarding the budget allocation

    model for RCCD.

     11/6/06 Woods/Yates 1st: 10/16/06 WF Grade Resolved that the Riverside City College Failed1005

    2nd: 11/6/06 Academic Senate recommends that Board

    Policy #5050, Grading Standards, be

    revised to include the use of the "FW" grade

    symbol; and be it further

    Resolved that in the event the governing

    board chooses to use the "FW" grade

    symbol described above, it shall be included


    in the grading scale and the point

    equivalencies will be published in the


    Kobzeva/Solorzano 1st: 10/2/06 PT Faculty Hiring Resolved that the Riverside City Academic 1004

    2nd: Senate recommend that the Board of

    Trustees require that all part-time faculty

    hiring be based on a review of at least two

    fulltime faculty, at least one of whom must

    have been hired to teach as a discipline


    1003 Leave blank per RM 1002 Leave blank per RM 1001 Leave blank per RM 1000 Leave blank per RM

     99 Leave blank per RM

    98 Leave blank per RM


    Resolution # Motion Reading Title Resolution Action Status

    Mover/Seconded Date (month/year) Pass/Fail/Tabled

    Solorzano/Mahon 1st: 4/17/06 Discipline Facilitator's Resolved that the RCCD Academic Senate Passed 5/1/06 97 2nd: 5/1/06 Position request recognition of the position of Discipline Facilitator by the RCCD Board of Trustees, and be it further

    Resolved that the RCCD Academic Senate

    support the promotion of the position of Discipline Facilitator as a vital item of

    discussion for the imminent RCCD faculty contract negotiations.

    Thomas/Mayse 1st: 4/3/06 Academic Majors Resolved that the Academic Senates of the Tabled 4/17/06 96 2nd: 5/1/06 Riverside Community College District endorse Failed 5/1/06

    the eligibility of transfer disciplines to establish

    majors upon the vote of their faculty.

    Gobatie/Schinke 1st: 12/5/05 Faculty Leadership Roles Resolved that the President of the Senate Passed 2/13/06 95 2nd: 2/13/06 resubmit the names of all faculty members

    serving in any areas related to the ?53200

    purview of the Senate on an annual basis for reappointment to the responsibilities which they have been assigned; and be it further

    Resolved that the Senate establish a timetable on which faculty serving on behalf of the Senate report back regarding the progress of policy and procedures subject to the purview of their respective committee assignments.

     stNelson/Davin 1 Rdg: 11/15/04 DSP&S Testing Locations Resolved that the Academic Senate of the Passed 12/6/04 94 nd2 Rdg: 12/6/04 Resolution Riverside Community College District requests that RCCD and the RCCD Strategic Planning Committee institute plans to immediately provide DSP&S with the following:

    1. An adequate and permanent testing site at all

    three campuses with the ability to provide a testing room with adequate space to

    accommodate at least 10 to 30 students at a time, depending on the needs of DSP&S.

    2. Testing sites will be located in an area easily accessible and distraction reduced for disabled

    students, conforming to all State and Federal laws.


    3. The DSP&S will provide an environment conducive for testing at each location.

    4. The DSP&S should equip each site with the ability to give computer generated testing as

    required by the individual instructor.

    5. The DSP&S will provide adequate hours of operation to meet the needs of the students and instructors.

    6. Proper test security and proctoring of examinations by DSP&S Staff, i.e. DSP&S staff will monitor students taking exams by keeping

    them in visual contact at all times during the examination.

    7. At the end of each examination the DSP&S staff will collect the test and answer sheets and place them in a manila envelope with the instructor’s name on the front of the envelope.

    They will then place the envelope in a designated secure area for instructors to pick up.

     stBrooks/Woods 1 Rdg: 11/15/04 Policy for the Increased Resolved that the Academic Senate respectfully Passed 12/6/04 93 nd2 Rdg: 12/6/04 Access to RCCD Board request of the RCCD Board of Trustees that

    Meeting Information complimentary audio CD copies of all audio representations of the General Board meetings, Special meetings, and Board Subcommittee meetings be provided to the Academic Senate

    and be put on reserve on audio CDs indefinitely at each of the campus libraries.

     stSolorzano/Mahon 1 Rdg: 10/18/04 Convocation Speaker Resolved that this committee or a sub-committee Passed 11/15/04 92 nd2 Rdg: 11/1/04 it designates (consisting of faculty, student,

    administrative, and classified staff

    representation) take as part of its charge selecting the speaker for convocation.

     stMahon/Solorzano 1 Rdg.: 09/13/04 Remediation Resolved that the President of the RCC Passed 09/27/04 91 nd2 Rdg.: 09/27/04 Academic Senate propose members of a

    committee for ratification by the Senate by the first meeting in October, that would consider and propose policy that would require of degree-

    seeking and transfer students immediate progress toward remediation in English, math and

    reading. The proposed committee will include both faculty and administrators with attention to 6

    faculty teaching English, math, and reading, and representatives from the assessment committee and matriculation. Committee membership shall

    also include representatives from Moreno Valley, Norco and Riverside. The committee will report back to the Senate by April 2005.

     stSolorzano/Mahon 1 Rdg.: 04/05/04 College Policy on Resolved that Board Policy 6080, Section III.C.1 Passed 11/15/04 90 nd2 Rdg.: 11/15/04 Academic Dishonesty and 2 be revised to read as follows:

    The faculty member may reduce the score on

    tests or assignments, reduce the grade in the

    course, fail the student in the course or

     recommend to the chief administrative

    officer that the student be suspended from the

    course. The administrative officer will review the

    information regarding the instance of academic

    dishonesty, notify the student, and will prescribe

    appropriate due process procedures.

    The administrative officer will make note of the

    offense in the student’s educational records. A

    second instance of academic dishonesty may

    result in expulsion proceedings. Any tuition and

    applicable fees will not be refunded as a result of

    disciplinary action for academic misconduct.

     stMahon/Brooks 1 Rdg.: 04/05/04 Support for Maintaining Resolved that the Riverside Community College Passed 89 nd2 Rdg.: 04/05/04 Matriculation Funding as Academic Senate opposes folding the 04/19/04

    a Categorical Program Matriculation funds into the base of the California Community College budgets.

     stKross/Brooks 1 Rdg.: 03/15/04 Proposed Conflict of Failed 88 nd2 Rdg.: 04/05/04 Interest 04/05/04

     stWoods/Mehegan 1 Rdg.: 10/06/03 Opposition to Resolved that the Academic Senate of the Passed 87 nd2 Rdg.: 10/06/03 Proposition 54 Riverside Community College District oppose 10/06/03

    the passage of Proposition 54 in order to ensure that the qualification concerning “sensitivity to

    and understanding of” diversity under which all

    faculty were hired is upheld.

     stKross/Sternburg 1 Rdg.: 05/19/03 RCC AA/AS Degree Resolved that the wording in the catalog be Passed 86 nd2 Rdg.: 10/06/03 Requirements revised to both clarify and reflect that students 10/06/03

    electing the “Group 3” option graduation


    requirements must meet specifications as listed there, in addition to those listed in Section VII. “Additional Degree Requirements” as follows:

    Group 3: Successful completion of IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) or CSU Breadth requirements

    (California State University). (Note: Students

    must also complete the Section VII. Additional Degree Requirements listed on the next page).

     stKross/Sternburg 1 Rdg.: 05/19/03 RCC AA/AS Degree Resolved to retain existent graduation Passed 85 nd2 Rdg.: 06/02/03 Requirements requirements regarding Health Science and Self-06/02/03

    Development Courses.

     stMahon/Mehegan 1 Rdg.: 05/19/03 Attendance Tabled to 84 09/08/03 stMahon/Pisa 1 Rdg.: 05/19/03 Syllabi Tabled to 83 09/08/03 stKross/Pisa 1 Rdg.: 05/19/03 XF Grade Policy Resolved that the XF grade designation be Passed 82 nd2 Rdg.: 06/03/03 deleted as a formal grade category and that it be 06/02/03

    removed from the student/faculty handbook and similar documents.

     stMahon/Solorzano 1 Rdg.: 04/07/03 Statement of Principles Resolved that the Academic Senate formally Passed 81 nd2 Rdg:04/07/03 requests the board to indicate the process through 04/07/03

    which the Senate and the Board will reach mutual consent regarding the process for

    budgetary reduction, and be it further

    Resolved that the Academic Senate go on record as urging that wherever possible, budget cuts be made outside of the classroom and in a way that will protect student access to classes and programs.

     stMahon/Pisa 1 Rdg.: 12/02/02 Equivalency Resolved that the Academic Senate direct the Passed 80 nd2 Rdg.: 05/19/03 President to make no further appointments to 05/19/03

    equivalency committees unless they comply in

    fact with this modification of policy, or until the

    district shall adopt this modification of policy.


    Resolution # Motion Reading Title Resolution Action Status

    Mover/Seconder Date (month/year) Pass/Fail/Tabled

     stVasquez/Mahon 1 Rdg.: 11/18/02 Bylaws Resolution Tabled to 79 nd 2 Rdg.: 12/02/02 Sept. 8, 2003

     stSolorzano/Mahon 1 Rdg.: 10/21/02 Faculty Development Resolved that the Academic Senate and Faculty Passed 77 nd 2 Rdg.: 11/18/02 Funding and Support Development Committee request continued 11/18/02

    institutional support for faculty development from the Riverside Community College District

    Board of Trustees and for that body to assist the

    Faculty Development Committee and Academic

    Senate in encouraging the California State

    Legislature to reinstate funding for faculty

    development for the next academic year.

    stAcademic Senate / 1 Rdg. 06/03/02 Academic Freedom Resolved that removal of a faculty member from Passed In committee. 76 ndAcademic Senate 2 Rdg. 06/03/02 the classroom must be considered as a measure 06/03/02

     of last resort and employed only for the most

    serious infractions and wherever possible, no

    such action is taken without provisions which

    ensure that the academic integrity of the

    classroom is left intact.

    Resolved that existing policies and procedures

    regarding academic due process must be

    stringently followed and evenly applied across

    the institution, and in such a manner as to neither

    be punitive nor create the appearance of being


    Resolved that the Board of Trustees take action

    in writing that publicly assures the students, the

    faculty, and the Senate that Administrative

    policies and actions will not be approved that

    violate the standards of academic freedom, that

    unnecessarily disrupt the classroom

    environment, or that promote punitive rather than

    developmental policies in dealing with faculty



    Resolution # Motion Reading Title Resolution Action Status Mover/Seconder Date (month/year) Pass/Fail/Tabled stPisa/Vasquez 1 Rdg.: 05/06/02 Smoking Policy for Resolved that the Academic Senate of Riverside Passed Passed by the 75 nd2 Rdg.: 06/03/02 Riverside Community Community College hereby recommends and 06/03/02 Board of

    College District supports the development, implementation and Trustees on

    enforcement of the proposed smoke-free policy, November 19,

    prohibiting the use of all tobacco products by 2002.

    employees, students and visitors on district


     stExecutive Committee of 1 Rdg.: 03/18/02 Program Development Resolved that a statement regarding a lack of Passed 74 ndAcademic Senate/ 2 Rdg.: 03/18/02 participatory collaboration be forwarded to the 03/18/02

    Executive Committee of Board of Trustees.

    Academic Senate stVasquez/McKee-Leone 1 Rdg.: 12/03/01 Change of name for the Resolved that the Riverside Community College Passed 73 nd 2 Rdg.: 04/01/02 Adjunct Faculty Issues Academic Senate changes the name of its 04/01/02

    Committee Adjunct Faculty Issues Committee to “Part Time Faculty Issues Committee.”

     stVasquez/Crasnow 1 Rdg. 12/03/01 Recognition of Faculty’s 72 nd 2 Rdg: 04/01/01 Doctoral Degree stSalcedo/McKee-Leone 1 Rdg. 12/03/01 Budget Councils Resolved to have the Legislative and Finance Passed 71 nd 2 Rdg. 03/18/02 Committee have the task of drafting a document 03/18/02

    indicating the composition and defining each of

    the components.

     stPisa/Vasquez 1 Rdg. 12/03/01 The Importance of Process Resolution 70 nd 2 Rdg. 03/04/02 deleted per wish

    of the Mover stPisa/Vasquez 1 Rdg. 11/19/01 Role of Standing Resolution 69 nd 2 Rdg. Committees deleted per wish

     of the Mover


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