Resolution #

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Resolution #


September 1995 ; December 2007

(In reverse chronological order)

    Resolution # Motion Reading Title Resolution Action Status

    Mover/Seconded Date (month/year) Pass/Fail/Tabled

    Nelson/ 1st: 11/5/07 Full Professor Status Resolved that the Academic Senate of the Passed 11/19/07 1012

    2nd: 11/19/07 for Glenn Hunt Riverside City College extends the highest

     honor and praise to Glenn E. Hunt for this

    outstanding life accomplishment; and be it


    Resolved that in recognition of this

    accomplishment, the Academic Senate of

    the Riverside City College recommends to

    the RCCD Board of Trustees that Glenn E.

    Hunt be awarded the Academic Rank of

    Full Professor.

    Davin/Schinke 1st: 10/15/07 Local Assessment Resolved that the Riverside City College Failed 11/5/07 1011

    2nd: 11/5/07 Function Academic Senate establish a permanent

     subcommittee to be charged with the

    leadership of student learning assessment

    efforts campus-wide. The subcommittee

    will conduct its affairs in accordance with

    the rules, regulations, and guiding principles

    as currently exist within the Senate. It is

    envisioned that the subcommittee will not

    function in any way as a regulatory body.

    Rather, it will be tasked to facilitate, guide,

    advise, consult, liaison, or to otherwise

    assist faculty, disciplines, and departments

    in their assessment efforts.

    Davin/Schinke 1st: 10/8/07 Chancellor Search Passed (with Res 1010 1010

    2nd: 10/15/07 Proposal changes) 10/15/07 attachment:

    Motion to

    Assemble a

    Senate Ad Hoc


    10/8/07 M/S/C



    Woods/Yates 1st: 5/21/07 Dean's Honor Roll Resolved, that the criterion for the Dean's Passed 11/5/07 1009

    2nd: 11/5/07 List be changed from "twelve units of

    credit-graded work in one semester", to

    "twelve units of credit-graded work in one

    semester or twelve units of credit-graded

    work earned in no more than four

    consecutive, primary terms (Fall/Spring)

    with a grade point average of 3.0 or better

    (completed units will be considered only

    once for a particular Dean's List)."

    Brooks/Colapinto 1st: 5/7/07 Legal Requirement for Resolved, that the Riverside City College Passed 5/7/07 1008

    2nd: 5/7/07 Collegial Consultation Academic Senate request of the Board of

    with the Academic Trustees that, at a minimum, the following

    Senate new and/or revised Board Policies--2200,

    2410, 2431, 2510, 4020, 4025, 4030--be

    pulled from consideration for final Board of

    Trustees approval t allow for appropriate

    collegial consultation with the three

    Academic Senates.

    Solorzano/Legner 1st: 4/16/07 Recommendation to Resolved, that the Academic Senate of Passed 5/7/07 1007

    2nd: 5/7/07 award rank of full Riverside City College recommend the

    professor to Patricia bestowing of rank of full professor on Scileppi-Krivanek Patricia Scileppi-Krivanek.

     Schinke/Brooks 1st: 11/6/06 Process for Institutional Resolved that representatives of the Passed 12/4/06 1006

    2nd: 12/4/06 Planning and Budget Academic Senate be involved in the

    Development in a decision making process, and decisions that

    Multi-College District are made regarding the budget allocation

    model for RCCD.

     11/6/06 Woods/Yates 1st: 10/16/06 WF Grade Resolved that the Riverside City College Failed1005

    2nd: 11/6/06 Academic Senate recommends that Board

    Policy #5050, Grading Standards, be

    revised to include the use of the "FW" grade

    symbol; and be it further

    Resolved that in the event the governing

    board chooses to use the "FW" grade

    symbol described above, it shall be included


    in the grading scale and the point

    equivalencies will be published in the


    Kobzeva/Solorzano 1st: 10/2/06 PT Faculty Hiring Resolved that the Riverside City Academic 1004

    2nd: Senate recommend that the Board of

    Trustees require that all part-time faculty

    hiring be based on a review of at least two

    fulltime faculty, at least one of whom must

    have been hired to teach as a discipline


    1003 Leave blank per RM 1002 Leave blank per RM 1001 Leave blank per RM 1000 Leave blank per RM

     99 Leave blank per RM

    98 Leave blank per RM