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    Web Dynpro Debugging, Solution

    Topic: Web Dynpro Debugging

    At the end of this Exercise, you are able to:

    1) Debug and change the Component Context of a running

    Web Dynpro application.

    2) Optional HotSwap code

    4 Debugging, Step-by-Step

    4-1 Web Dynpro Debugging

     4-1-1 Switching Server Nodes to Debug Mode.

    From Web Dynpro Explorer Perspective:

    To be able to debug within a running Web Dynpro

    application, you must activate debugging for the server

    process of the J2EE Engine. You activate this in the

    J2EE Engine view.

    1. If necessary, open the J2EE Engine view. To do so,

    choose Window ? Show View ? Other and then select

    J2EE ? J2EE Engine. Choose OK to confirm your

    entries. The system displays a view containing status

     information about the running J2EE Engine.

     2. Expand the tree display fully until you can see the

    actual server process (for example server0).

    3. Right-click the server node and then choose Enable

    debugging of process from the context menu.


    The server process is stopped and restarted in

    debugging mode. Only the ON value is shown for

    Debug Mode. To display the current status of the

     server, in the view toolbar, choose Refresh. Wait until

     the server has the status Running

    4-1-2 Setting a Breakpoint

1. Open the implementation page of the Quiz

    Component from the QuizApp application. To do so, in

    the Web Dynpro Explorer, edit the Quiz Component Controller and go to the Implementation tab page.

    2. The Editor displays the source code. Navigate to

    wdDoInit() method. Right-click on the marker bar

    (along the left edge of the editor area) frame next to

     line of code to open the context menu and choose 3.Add Breakpoint. You can also doubleclick in the markerbar to achieve the same results. The breakpoint lines are highlighted with a blue dot.