GMA Ceremony Notes and Check Lists

By Lois Kennedy,2014-07-09 11:38
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GMA Ceremony Notes and Check Lists

    Detailed Order of Service

1. Music by

    2. Open with outpost “hanging around campsite”. Person name to lead. 3. Call to worship.

    a. Open the eyes of my heart.

    b. Lord I lift you name on high.

    c. The Heart of Worship.

    4. Welcome and prayer by Pastor. 5. Opening Power point presentation

    a. Senior Commander calls boys to fall in.

    b. Senior Commander leads everyone in pledges:

    i. American, Christian, Royal Rangers, Ranger Code

6. Welcoming remarks made by Senior Commander.

    7. Recognition of Guests of Honor.

    1. Special Guests

    2. GMA Recipients by David North

    8. Boys Escort Parents on to stage.

    a. Flowers presented to Mom.

    9. Presentations being made.

    Presentation of Resolutions………………..

    Book of Letters…………………………….

    Outpost/Church gift…………………..……

    Presentation of Gold Medal………………..

    Gold Buffalos………………………………

10. Pastor’s Recognition and blessing

    11. Dismiss Presenters and parents.

    12. Acknowledgments from Awardees

    a. Expressions of thanks

    b. GMA essay excerpt reading

13. Power Point Presentation

14. Guest Speaker

15. Benediction Pastor

    Things to do:

To Bring:

    ; Corsages

    ; Trailer

    ; GMA Banners

    ; Digital Camera

    ; Awards


Things to do Sunday

    ; Arrange Stage area into campsite.

    ; Hang flags & GMA Banners

    ; Put together bulletins

    ; Assign Six Royal Rangers Greeters

    ; Assign Six Royal Rangers Ushers for offering

    ; Setup display tables.

    ; Arrange display table backdrop fencing with greenery.

    ; Make Helium Balloons

    ; Run through video presentations

    ; Display RR poster boards

    ; Set up Reception Area

    o Punch bowl, Candles, Tables Clothes, pastries, ice bowl, Music, ballons,

    water pitchers.

    ; Sound check

    ; Decorate

    ; Arrange for Video Taping of the service.

    ; items for campsite.

    o tents, raft, tripods, chairs, campfire, trees

On the stage table.

    ; Corsages

    ; Book of Letters

    ; GMA medals

    ; Resolutions

    ; Outpost Gift



; FCF Stuff

    ; Picture Board

    ; Fishing Line

    ; Raft


    ; Make Opening ceremony powerpoint ; Make CD into Tape.

    ; Give CDs to boys.

    ; Pick up cake

    ; Arrange for Professional Photographer ; Pick up Corsages Order

    ; Pick up cake

    ; Helium Tanks

    ; Print Bulletins

    ; Portrait of boys in class A for bulletin and press release.

    ; Make Bulletin Insert

    ; Contact local newspaper, put announcement in local paper.

    ; Order corsages.

    ; Assemble book of letters

    ; Send notice to guest speak

    ; Order Ribbons

    ; Buy frames for GMA certificates ; Make Class B ribbons

    ; Buy Gifts for awardees

    ; Get with piano player on music to use. ; Letter of congratulations from ALL commanders and church staff.

    ; Assign setup for cake & Punch..

Notes to GMA recipients

Class A uniform is required

    ALL GMA requirements must be COMPLETED and SIGNED OFF by your commander no later than DATE. This includes your 500 word essay. Do not put off your essay!

Multimedia presentation Please provide no more than 60 pictures OR a power point

    presentation (window 98/2000/XP format) without sound lasting no more than 3 minutes. Please also provide a list of 3 requested songs to be considered during the multimedia presentation. Pictures are due no later than DATE Power Point presentation is due no later than DATE. NO


Personal Accomplishments and Inspiration Display A table will be available for you to display

    your awards, accomplishments and articles of achievement and inspiration. Anything from trophies, certificates, awards, ribbons, pinewood derby cars, craft projects, camping memorabilia, patches, FCF accoutrements, pictures or portraits, special projects, photo albums, awards vests, special articles of interest, collections, handbooks, bibles, Royal Ranger of the Year notebooks and anything else that is precious or special to you.

     200 word bibliography for exclusion in the bulletin and for press releases. Please provide a 100

    Provide a typed list of all Royal Rangers advancements and achievements that you have EVER received.

    You will not have the opportunity to read your entire 500 word essay during the GMA ceremony, however you may select a portion of it to read as approved by your senior commander. Your Sr. Commander may also choose a portion for you to read or may choose to read a portion of it himself during the GMA ceremony.

    Please provide an invitation list no later than DATE. This includes family members, friends, relatives and acquaintances. (People who know you.) Please do not include dignitaries on this list.

You will receive official notification no later than DATE.

Important Due Dates:

    DATE All requirements for GMA are due including essay.

    DATE Date you will receive your official notification

    DATE - Invitation List

    DATE Photographs to make power point presentation

    DATE Power Point presentation file due if not submitting photographs.

    Checklist of GMA deliverables


    500 Word Ess







    Items to review Weds night:



    I can only Imagine


Info Sheet

    Take Pictures

    Talk about reception / table / staying at table.


    Talk to commanders about letters. Talk to Mom and Dad about Ceremony. Dress very nice.

    Tell parents they will be on the stage.

    Portions to read for essay. Acknowledgements

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