Crew training frequency policy

By Alice Porter,2014-07-09 11:31
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Crew training frequency policy

    Training and drills will be conducted for the crew of this ship.

    The following table outlines the frequency or the training sessions for each topic.

     Initial Training (new crew) Frequency Trainer 1. Record crew member details on crew sign on sheet On joining ship Owner/master 2. New crew member safety induction training On joining ship Owner/master

    Ship layout and location of safety equipment:

    ; emergency evacuation plan

    ; ship board Occupational Health and Safety, and


    ; administrative procedures & legal obligations

    ; practical demonstrations in:

    ; how to use personal safety equipment

    ; location of the crew assembly station

    ; role in rescuing a person overboard

    ; abandoning ship procedures

    ; fire emergency on board

    ; what to do in a medical emergency

    ; action to take in a collision or flooding or

    grounding situation

    ; role in a sever weather event.

    Emergency training (all crew) 3. Crew and passenger assembly station 1 month Master/engineer

     4. Person overboard 2 months 5. Abandon ship 2 months 6. Fire on board 2 months 7. Personal injury/medical emergency 2 months 8. Collision/grounding/flooding 2 months 9. Deck layout and safety equipment location plan 1 month

    10. Fire control and escape routes plan 1 month

    11. Severe weather 3 months Master

    Onboard training (all crew) 12. Occupational Health and Safety 2 months Master

     13. Ship board health and hygiene 1 month

    14. Watch keeping 1 month

    15. Lookout duties 1 month

    16. Radio watch and emergency calling 1 month

    Maritime Safety Queensland, Safety Management System, 2010

    Onboard training (all crew) continued Frequency Trainer

    17. Safety equipment location and use 1 month Master

     18. Safe working practices 2 months 19. Distress signalling equipment, location and use 3 months 20. Fire fighting equipment location and use 1 month 21. Fire control and escape routes plan 1 month 22. Maintenance of safety, signalling and fire control 2 months


    Engine room training (proficient hand) 23. Main and auxiliary machinery 2 months Engineer

     24. Sea water valves and pumping equipment 2 months 25. 12 and 24 volt battery maintenance 2 months 26. 240/415 volt systems and shore power switching 2 months Master/engineer

     27. Bilge and fire pumping systems 2 months 28. Maintaining watertight integrity 3 months 29. Sewage treatment & disposal systems 2 months 30. Engine and engine room alarms 2 months 31. Safe engine room practices 2 months

The training program will be flexible in composition to allow for new and innovative ways to train crew,

    personnel and to encompass new operating systems and equipment.

    Maritime Safety Queensland, Safety Management System, 2010

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