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    Justice Is The Winner(正义必胜)


    A mother is playing Chinese kongfu in the living room when the phone is ringing. And her daughter is in the school now.

    Mom: Hello~

    Caller: (A boy is crying.) Ha! Your kid is here. Do you hear his voice? If you want to save

    your kid, prepare the money.

    Mom: Are you crazy? I don’t have a son!!! Don’t try to cheat me. Stupid guy!

    The mother is very angry and hung up the phone. But later… the phone is ringing again…

    Mom: Hello~

    Caller: Hello~ Are you busy now?

    Mom: (I recognize the voice.) You are a cheater, right? Do you want to trick me again? So fun ! Don’t do such boring thing, O.K.? I won’t believe you.

    Caller: Really? Listen to this.(A girl is crying on the phone, ”mom, help me~ help me~)

    Mom: Oh~ you are a good actor. This time is better but I still won’t fall into your trap! If

    you call again, I will call the police. Do you understand? (Hang up the phone more angrier.)

    But the voice sounds like her daughter’s. She decides to go to the school to see her

    daughter. The mom got there…

    Mom: Eliza~

    Eliza: Mom~ why you are here? Are you missing me? Do you come here to pick me up?

    Mom: Ya~ are you happy in the school? Let’s go home. I want to tell you something on

    the way home.

    Mom tells Eliza about the phone scam and wants her to be careful from now on.(mom whisper)


     The next day.

    Small gangster1: Brother!Brother!

    Big gangster: Hey! Concentrate!! (The big gangster hit the small gangster2’s head)

    Small gangster2: Ouch! O.K. O.K.

    At this moment, the girl appears.

    Small gangster2: (Check the picture.) Hey!! Buddy!! Look! Is that her? Big gangster: Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s hunting time.

    Small gangster1: I’m so excited!! Oh~ what a beautiful girl. Just like a angel.My sweetheart…

    Buddy do you know? I feel that I get butterflies in my stomach! Small gangster2: Hey! Wake up!!

    Big gangster: (Hitting the small gangster’s head again.)Stop day-dreaming. Let’s make a move!

    Small gangste1r: Oh~ my baby~ I’m coming!!

    Big gangster: Hey!! Lady!! Can you do me a favor?

    Eliza: Sure! What can I do (for you)?

    Small gangster2: (Murmuring) This beautiful lady has a beautiful heart.

Big gangster: Sorry. Ignore what he said.

    Eliza: Never mind!

    Big gangster: Thanks! I want to go to Huainan Normal University. Do you know how can I get there?

    Eliza: Oh… you should go straight until the traffic light, then turn right until you see a convenience store at the corner and turn left. Keep going straight and you would see the university.

    Big gangster: Go straight until the first traffic light, turn right and we will see a supermarket

    at the end of the street. And…

    Eliza: Oh, my! No! No! No! No! Wrong again! You three are really a stupid guy.

     Go straight until the traffic light, then turn right until you see a convenience store at the corner

    and turn left. Keep going straight and you would see the university. Big gangster: It’s too complex. I can’t remember all the directions. But theres sth important

    for me to do.Could you go with us, guide us there? Please~

    Eliza was confused. But she is a kind person and she likes to help people. Eliza: Umm… let me think… okay!! Let’s go!

    Small gangste1r: How kind of you!! My little girl.

    Big gangster: Sorry. Just ignore him. Thank for your help.Lets get into our car.

    Eliza goes with the gangsters.


     In the car

    Eliza: What are you doing?

    Small gangster2: I’m kidnapping you!

    Eliza: Oh~ I am so scared.

    Small gangster2: (Talk to the big gangster.) Did you hear that, she is scared? Big gangster: Ya~ we are professional.

    Eliza: Not funny! I’m hungry. I want to go home! I want to go home!

    Small gangster1: Shut up. Don’t be so noisy!

    Eliza keeps crying.

    Small gangster1: You! Get out of the car!

    Big gangster: (Hit the small gangster angrily!)我顶你个肺! I have a stupid partner.


    Eliza: I agree! (Nod head.)

    Big gangster: Don’t cry baby, I give you a lollipop.

    Eliza: Thank you. How kind of you.

    Big gangster: We have arrived at the lake,stop the car.Lets get out.

    Small gangster2:Hey,girl,go with me.Lets have dinner.


    Mother is preparing dinner.

    Mom: Eliza! Eliza! Time for dinner! I’m hungry! Hurry up!

    Mom: Eliza, where are you? Don’t play hide and seek with me! It’s not funny.

I’m hungry.

    At this time , the phone is ringing.

    Mom: Hello~ this is Anderson. I’m busy looking for my daughter. Don’t bother me!

    Big gangster: Are you looking for your daughter? Ha! Ha! Ha… she is right here.

    Mom: Good job! Tell her it’s time for dinner. I’m hungry!

    Big gangster: Hey! You are foolish.I have already kidnapped your daughter, Eliza Anderson! Mom: Hey! Buddy! Don’t trick me!

    Big gangster: Sure! Listen! (The gangster takes the phone to Eliza.) Eliza: Hello! Mom! I’m here! They are so kind. They gave me a lollipop.

    The gangster takes the phone away.

    Big gangster: Do you believe me now? If you want your daughter. Prepare the money of $ 20,000,000.

    Mom: I dont have so much now. I cant……

    Big gangster: Are you buying clothes?

    Big gangster: You should bring the money to Tunghai Lake at 8:00 pm. And remember don’t call the cop. Or you will find your daughter in the lake.

    Mom: O.K. See you then!


    At Tunghai Lake. The gangsters and Eliza are baking fish from the lake because they are hungry. At this time, the mother is coming.

    Mom: Eliza! (Mom shouts.)

    Small gangster1: Oh,! My fish! Who’s there?

    Mom: It’s me, , Eliza’s mother. Where is my daughter? Release my daughter.

    Eliza: Hi! Mom, I’m here. Do you want to come here to eat fish?

    Big gangster: Where is the money?

    Mom: Release my daughter first!

    Big gangster: Give me the ransom first!

    Mom: No way!

    Big gangster(told to the small gangster2):Go!

    Small gangster2: this is a good chance to tell others I am a man ,a real man !

    And the battle begins.

    Eliza: Oh~ Yeah! Mom, you win!(Eliza cheer )

    Police: Who called me?

    Police: You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and

    will be used against you in a court of law.

    Small gangster1:

    I have had a very very very beautiful future before ,but I didn't treasure her .when I lost

    her , I feel regretful. It is the most painful matter in this world . If God can give me anoth

    er chance ,I will say 4 words to her ----I will catch you. If you have to give a time limit to

    this will , I hope it is 10 thousand years !

    Police: Hey,guys.Go with me!

    All: Justice is always the winner.

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