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Linking paragraphs

This scaffold shows how you can begin paragraphs by using connecting words. The

    connectors or conjunctions are used to signal first a positive point of view then, in the

    following paragraph, an opposing point of view. You do not always have to put the link

    words at the beginning of the paragraph.

    You could find these linking words useful in your writing.

To compare: for example, therefore, consequently, also, because, since.

    To contrast: for example, on the other hand, although, yet, however, but.

Introduction or statement of issue

    • Definition

    • Background

    • Preview

Argument for: There is no doubt

    • Point

    • Elaboration

     A similar idea is used

     in …/similarly/another example


    Argument against: However

    • Point

    • Elaboration

Argument for: In addition

    • Point

    • Elaboration

Argument against: Yet/on the other hand/by comparison/by

    • Point contrast

    • Elaboration

Recommendation or summary: Consequently

    • Summary of points made plus

    final recommendation

     Belonging: The China Coin

    ? NSW DET 2008 1

Belonging: The China Coin

? NSW DET 2008 2

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