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Scripts & keys to test 1, 2

    1. W: This is my favourite time of year, the grass is getting green again and birds are singing in

    the trees.

    M: I prefer fall myself. The colors of the leaves changing are so beautiful.

    Q: In what season does this conversation take place? A

    2. M: Are you the courses by Mr. White really as hard as hard as everybody says?

    W: Theyre the most difficult lessons to me at least. Maybe they are easier to you since youre

    good at physics.

    Q: What is the probable relationship between the speakers? D 3. W: I think I’ll wear my red dress to the party tonight.

    M: Cant you wear your blue one? I like it much better.

    Q: How does the man feel about the womans red dress? D

    4. W: Look at that big field of cotton and theres a farm with some beautiful houses.

    M: You really get to know the country when you go by train, dont you?

    Q: Where did the conversation moist probably take place? D 5. W: Do you like your new room?

    M: Its nice to have enough space for my furniture. But I have t ride a long distance to the


    Q: What does the man think of his new room? A

    6. M: This chocolate was cut into 6 cubes.

    W: We have to cut them in half so that each child here can have one.

    Q: How many children would have chocolate? C

    7. M: What do you think of the science test, Rose?

    W: Well, I thought it difficult. But I was on the last page at the end of the first hour.

    Q: What do we learn from the conversation? C

    8. M: I’m fed up with this dull, exacting, and lowly paid job; I’d like to quit.

    W: Shouldnt you think before you make such a big decision first?

    Q: What does the woman suggest? C

    Test two

    1. M: I wonder if John will be here by 8:00. hes supposed to be.

    W: His wife said he left at 7:30, so he should be here by 8:15 at the latest.

    Q: What time is John supposed to arrive? B

    2. M: I’m really sorry I didnt make it to your dinner party last night, Julie.

    W: its all right to say that now, but we wasted half the evening waiting for you to turn up.

    Q: How did Julie respond? C

    3. W: What happens if it rains? What are we going to do then?

    M: Well have to count on good weather. But if it does rain, the whole thing will have to be


    Q: What do we learn from the conversation? C

    4. W: What did you find about your car?

    M: I had a mechanic fix it, but he said it is beyond repair and the best thing for me to do

    would be to sell this rubbish and get a mew one.

    Q: What will the man do with the car? D

    5. W: Hello, is that Steve? I’m stuck in a traffic jam. I’m afraid I cant make it before seven


    M: Never mind. I’ll be here waiting for you.

    Q: What do we learn from the conversation? B 6. W: If I go to Paris, will you meet me there? We can visit our teacher.

    M: I have to go to London, but if I have time. I’ll meet you there on the weekend.

    Q: What do we learn from the conversation? A 7. M: I spend so much time polishing my letter of application.

    W: Its worthwhile to make the effort. You know just how important it is to give impression.

    Q: What do we know about the man? A 8. M: The taxi is waiting downstairs, lets hurry.

    W: Wait a minute. I’ll take some food with us. I dont like the meal served on the train.

    Q: What are the speakers going to do? C

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