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    Hero City Machinery & Electric Co., Ltd


    4B3.9-G1/2 Diesel Engine

Engine Technical Datasheet

    In-line, 4 Cylinder, 4 Cycle, Natural Aspirate Diesel Engine

    Bore×Stroke 102mm×120mm Displacement 3.9 Liters

    Compression Ratio 16.51

    Rated Speed 1500 (1800) rpm Prime Power 24kW/ 27KW Standby Power 26kW/ 30KW Fuel Injection Pump AD Injection Pump Governor GAC Electrical Governor

    Or RSV Mechanical Governor Steady Speed Droop ?1%Electrical Governor

    ?5%Mechanical Governor Lubricant Capacity 11 Liters

    Coolant Capacity 7.2 LitersEngine Only Net Weight 300kg

    Gross Weight 320kg

    Overall Dimension(L×W×H) 765mm×582mm×780mm Coolant Intake Size Φ58mm

    Coolant Outlet Size Φ45mm

    Flywheel/Flywheel Housing SAE3#/SAE3# Cooling Way Forced Water Cooling Cycle

Performance Data

    All data is based on:

    Standard Air Intake Temperature 25?

    Air Intake Pressure 100kPa

    Standard Light Diesel 0# or 10# Light Diesel Fuel Intake Temperature 40?

    Air Intake Restriction 251mmHg

    Exhaust Back Pressure 76mmHg

    Lubricant Oil 15W40-CF4 Upgrade

Design Features

Accessory Drive

    Single Poly Vee belt drive for fan, alternator and water pump, with self-tensioning idler for minimum maintenance.

Complete Rebuild ability

    Cylinder block has multiple rebore capability. Service cylinder sleeves and valve guides are also available.

Cast Iron Skirted Block

    With five main bearings for maximum strength and rigidity, low weight and optimum crankshaft support.

Direct Injection Fuel System

    For thorough mixing of air and fuel to ensure low fuel consumption; AD injection pump features advance mechanism for reliable cold starting.


    Fleetguard spin-on fuel filter and full-flow lubricating oil filter.

Forged Steel, I-Beam Section Connecting Rod

    With angle split cap-to-rod interface and capscrew attachment for maximum structural strength and ease of service.

Cold Start Capability

    Minimum Ambient Temperature for Unaided Cold Start -12?

    Minimum Ambient Temperature for Aided (with Coolant Heater) Cold Start -35?

Low Fuel consumption

    Excellent fuel consumption with B.S.F.C 215g/kw.h.

Compact Size

    Easy of installation and ready access for routine maintenance.

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