super practical decoration engineering flow table read decoration spectrum

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super practical decoration engineering flow table read decoration spectrum

    Decoration before we all know to understand, but how to quickly and accurately understand? Here small make up to share a comprehensive renovation project flow chart. For our reference. The first property formalities, to begin renovation.


    1 in the property issued by the decoration agreement signed.

    2 to provide its own decoration drawings is mainly water circuit transformation and Chaigai non bearing wall project.

    3 for the "construction permit", is also used to put in the home, convenient property inspection period to prove.

    4 card: mainly for workers to handle, so during the renovation illegal personnel into the area. (each cell charge different, generally is a 15 yuan, 5 yuan fee, the remaining 10 yuan of money, etc. after the renovation will be returned to the owner). Go through the pass, to bring the best to your decoration foreman and workers, a inch of photograph 2 pieces, Id photocopy 1 pieces. 5 decoration deposit (each cell charge different, at least in 2000 yuan, the general renovation completed 3 months will be returned to the owner).

    6 garbage freight: money is used to pay the property clear decoration garbage, and paid to the decoration companies are not the same, generally in 2 yuan in 300,

    For the different property company is not the same. Start to do several things at once: The 1 building materials list: let the chief responsible for the decoration to show you a list of materials you need to buy, and need to be transported to the site in time. Are many decoration second days need to use what kind of building materials, to mention only the day before to tell you, then, were not even leave to purchase.

    The 2 schedule: understand the basic arrangements for the time, such as the mid day will complete the transformation of water circuit, wooden sealing, tile paste, ceiling keel production etc.. So that you can arrange your time, important steps in the regular time, to the scene in the quality inspection.

    3 quality inspection time: to understand the quality inspection and supervision to the scene of the time, can be agreed upon time, you went to the site, so if found the problem, can be solved in time. Decoration engineering flow sheet


    A, do the following work:

    1 and the construction unit.

    2 go to the site for circumstances: where to add phone line

    3 for the down payment decoration.

    Two, the following personnel must be present designers, construction personnel and the relevant technical staff

    Three, acceptance of materials the first day started, only need big core board general acceptance. 1 is a formal manufacturers products. To view the manufacturer's trademarks, production address, security signs.

    Formaldehyde 2 product testing report emissions per liter is less than or equal to 1.5 mg. 3 see big core board surface is smooth, without warping, deformation, there is no foaming, depression

    The 4 core is arranged in neat uniform, the smaller the gap the better, core have decayed, fracture, wormhole nodes.

    5 if the big core board scent of the odor of wood, the formaldehyde emission less Transformation of hydropower transformation of telephone lines, power supply socket, switch panel transformation, by the transformation, the cable TV line transformation, network reconstruction.

    Hidden project called "covert project", is hidden in the decoration after, the construction project can not see on the surface.

    According to the renovation process, these "covert project" will be covered later in the process, it is difficult to check its compliance with the material specifications, construction is the norm. The laying of tiles tiles

    The laying of 1 points wall tile:

    (1) primary treatment, should clean up all types of dirt on the walls, and watering humid day in advance, as for the new wall at the grassroots level, to cement mortar seven dry when who should be ranked bricks, elastic line, paste the wall brick.

    (2) tiles must be ordered before soak in water for two hours, the brick body not effervescent prevail, take out air stand-by.

    (3) encountered pipelines, light switch, bathrooms equipment shop stick supports pieces, must use the whole brick sleeve tbPBJ.Com damage anastomosis, prohibit the use of non whole bricks pieced paste.


    The 2 floor tiles laying points

    (1) ceramic tile to immersion semidiurnal before use, the brick body not effervescent prevail. (2) the kitchen, bathroom should have the water gradient, not water, water does not flow backwards. The waterproof layer destruction in construction, must do waterproof processing. Water 12 hours test without leakage.

    (3) floor tiles laying is completed, use cardboard, covered with brick surface, and at least 24 hours to walk in the brick surface.

    Floor tile paving quality acceptance

    1 paving must firmly, no skew, warping, no empty drum.

    2 of the surface roughness, flatness error with the allowable deviation requirements. 3 joints shall be filled inlay very dense, straight, narrow homogeneous, no obvious dislocation. Shop floor

    Laminate flooring laminate flooring collection of solid wood floors and floor tiles advantages, convenient maintenance, and the gentle nature of solid wood flooring, living room and bedroom are available, there is a disadvantage of consumers do not think so natural, price 50-200 yuan / m2, 80 yuan / square meters for mid-range.

    Solid wood composite board solid wood composite board is a kind of floor between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring, the thickness of 1 centimeters, the surface of about 3 mm for solid wood surface layer, the following part is generally MDF base (with the same floor), wear extent between laminate flooring and solid wood floor, the price is 100-150 yuan / Ping

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