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Shamelessness Shouldn

    Shamelessness Shouldn't Be Anyone's Nature?? An Open Letter to Nature (Part XXVIII)

    Shamelessness Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Nature ——

    An Open Letter to Nature Part XXVIIIXin Ge, Ph. DColumbia, South Carolina, USA

    Why Fang Shi-min Was Awarded the John Maddox Prize? III:Who Is Albert Yuan the Nominator

    To answer the question “Why Fang Shi-min was awarded the John Maddox

    Prize,” we not only need

    to know what kind of misinformation was used by the judges to make their wrongful decision, we

    also need to know how and why the misinformation was generated in the first place, and how and

    why the misinformation was presented to, and accepted by, the judges. Specifically, besides the

    facts I have already documented, i. e. the fraudulence and maliciousness of Mr. David Cyranoski’s

    Brawl in Beijing and Mr. Yuan’s nomination letter, we also need to answer the following questions:

    Who is the nominator Yuan? Why did he nominate Fang by lying? Why he was invited to make the

    nomination? In this part of the open letter, I am going to answer the first question, who is YuanPlease note that by answering these questions, I’m also dissecting and examining a specimen of

    Fang’s followers

    A Fake Doctor

    On hudong now baike, to which Mr. Yuan has been serving as a scientific advisor since

    July 2012, there is an entry of Yuan Yue 袁越, Albert Yuans Chinese

    name, which introduces him


    as following :

    Yuan Yue, male, born in 1968 in Shanghai, grew up in Beijing. In 1986, he enrolled in the

    Department of Biotechnology at Fudan University, graduated in 1990, and then assigned to the

    Institute of Zoology at Chinese Academy of Sciences, engaging in molecular immunology

    researchIn 1992, Yuan enrolled in the Department of Zoology at Arizona State University, receiving a

    Master’s degree two years laterFrom 1994 to 1998, Yuan was a research

assistant in the Biotechnology Center at Ohio


    From 1998 to 2004, Yuan engaged in biopharmaceutical research in a biotech company located in

    San Diego, California

    Yuan returned to China in 2005, has been serving as a contributing writer to Life Weekly ever

    since, covering biological sciences and technology, ecology and environmental protection, and

    tourism and geography. He has traveled many countries and regions, fond especially of Africa

    and South America. He has been blogging since 2005, known by his pen name of “Local Motor”

    on the internet


    In his book, Life Gossips, published in 2010 by SDX Joint Publishing Company, the owner of Life


    Weekly, the Author Introduction says basically the sameHowever, in January 2008, Mr. Zhu Wei, the editor-in-chief of Life Weekly, wrote an essay about

    Yuan, entitled “About Local Motor,” in which he wrote:

    He is a doctor in biology, from biology to sports to popular music, he is a talent who has been


    hybridized.”Two years later, Mr. Yuan was introduced by his colleagues as an American doctorate in biology,[4]

    again, in a press conference hosted by SDX Joint Publishing Company

    An American doctor in biology, certified by his boss and employer

    Screenshots of the webpages claiming that Yuan Yue has a doctoral degree in biology from the United States

    underlined sentencesUpper: the webpage from the blog of Mr. Zhu Wei, the editor-in-chief of Life Weekly;

    Lower: the webpage from one of the employees of Life Weekly, announcing a press conference hosted by the

    magazine’s owner

    Mr. Yuan was famous for his arrogance and pretentiousness, which are the characteristics of

    importance and accomplishment, ? in current China, humbleness equals to incompetence, vice

    versa - so no one seemed ever doubted Yuan’s doctorate credential. However, on Sept. 3, 2010, MrYuan, in response to the criticism against Fang’s scifooling by Dr. Liao Junlin web ID Xun Zheng,

    proposed to establish a peer-review like alliance of science

journalists in China “to boycott and

    force those science writers who have made serious mistakes but are absolutely unrepentant, such


    as Xun Zheng, to leave their positions, so that they could no longer harm other people.” Of course,

    by “serious mistakes,” Yuan meant the opinions in conflict with those of Fang’s

    Dr. Liao Junlin, who works at the University of Iowa, fought back by posting an article on his blog:

    The Doctoral Degree of Fang Zhouzi’s Loyal Ally Local Motor Yuan Yuan.

    In the article, Dr. Liao

    claimed that he could not find Yuan’s dissertation in ProQuest database, therefore, his doctorate


    must be purchased from a diploma mill

    Guess what? The Mighty Yuan, who nominated Fang for his courage for standing up for science, has

    never found his own courage to stand up for himself2

    The funny thing is, on Nov. 3, 2012, three days before Nature’s announcement of that year’s John

    Maddox Prize, one of Yuan’s colleagues, associate editor-in-chief

of Life Weekly, Ms. Yan Qi, tried to

    smooth the scandal over in this way:

    Yuan Yue is a famous reporter with our Life Weekly. According to his official CV, he is a

    science man. He graduated from Biotechnology Department at Fudan University, then went to the

    Institute of Zoology at CAS to conduct immunological research. Two years later, he went to the

    United States, studying in the Department of Zoology at the University of Arizona, after receiving

    his Master’s degree, he was hired by the Biotechnology Center at the

    Ohio University as a

    research assistant, he then went to a biotech firm in California to conduct biopharmaceutical

    research. His experience is very similar to that of Fang Zhouzi’s, and they two are friends with

    good understanding of each other. When our editor-in-chief Zhu Wei wrote about Yuan Yue, I

    saw that he said Yuan was a doctorate. However, I have never heard he said he was a doctorate,

    so how could our editor-in-chief write so? Maybe it was because that our editor-in-chief thought

    Yuan’s capability is too big, he could not express his deep affection towards Yuan without adding

    a title of doctoral degree to him. However, the article was misunderstood by outsiders, so by

    formally introducing Yuan’s resume today, I make it clear that Yuan

    Yue has never said he is a



    The underlying message of the above statement is, Yuan had never clarified the matter to his boss

    and his colleagues about his doctoral degree before, he simply remained silent on the matter to let

    other people believe what his boss believed. It remains a mystery as for how Mr. Zhu Wei got the

    idea that Yuan had a doctoral degree - Ms. Yan’s explanation is so

    ridiculous that it makes everyone

    associated with Life Weekly look like an idiot

    A Fake Scientist

    With or without a doctoral degree, Yuan’s resume looks decent for a science reporter. However,

    instead of being padded, the resume is a shrunk and wrung version of Mr. Yuan’s juicy and colorful

    lifeAccording to what Mr. Yuan wrote in 2010, after having absentmindedly studied for two and a half

    years at Arizona State University, he dropped out of his Ph. D. program for the sake of his love of


    music ? That’s how he got his Master’s degreeAlso, for his love of music, Yuan quitted his job of


    “biopharmaceutical research” around 2000 , whether that was the end of his “scientific research”

    career is unknown. Furthermore, before joining Life Weekly, Yuan was a manager with Warner


    MusicYuan Yue, the music critic turned science reporter3


    The fact is, in his memoir , Yuan never attempted to hide his indifference to science, or more

    accurately, his passion for music. As a matter of fact, when he was hired by Life Weekly in 2005,


    neither he himself nor the editor-in-chief Mr. Zhu seemed to know what his expertise was

    However, Mr. Yuan has rapidly become a “famous” science writer/reporter since then, for some

    mysterious and some obvious reasons

    Ironically, one of the obvious reasons for Mr. Yuan’s sudden rise in China is by fabricating his

    professional experience. Since 2010, Yuan has claimed on multiple occasions that he had conducted

    research on molecular biology in the U. S. for 15 years. For example, on Sept. 30, 2010, the Green

    Channel at sohu introduced Yuan as “engaged in molecular biology

    studies in the United States


    for 15 years.” 14 months later, the introduction was repeated when he delivered a lecture to a


    science communication classIn July 2013, Yuan took part in a TV debate on GMO, and he was


    introduced as such againA fake molecular biologist

    In July 2013, Yuan Yue was introduced to the audience of Phoenix Satellite TV as a person who had conducted

    molecular biology research in the United States for 15 years. The

white subtitles in the screenshots read:

    The Life Weekly reporter, who engaged in molecular biology research in America for 15 years, Yuan Yue.”

    Furthermore, right after finishing the recording of the TV debate, Yuan wrote an article to attack

    and scold his opponents in the debate, as well as the TV station and the producer of the program, by


    You invited an Indian bum, a sorcerer philosopher, a trader, and a member of pseudo-

    environmental organization to debate with a botanist from an academy of agricultural sciences, a

    food safety expert from an agricultural university, and a science journalist who has conducted

    gene research for many years, giving these anti-GMO people the equal status with the mainstream


    scientists, and you even dare to say you are neutral? Aren’t you


    Obviously, Mr. Yuan thinks that his “15 years’ research on molecular biology” not only has made

    him qualified to talk about GMO, but also made him a member of

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