By Alfred Simpson,2014-04-12 06:41
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    Angels Do Exist Among Us Today

    A friend recently told me that she knew a lady that saw spoke to angels all of the time. Ok. . I paused. I’m not sure what to think about that. Were they spirits that she was talking about? I don’t think we can see spirits but I didn’t ask to many questions either. How could that be?

    And, recently, I was down, but then you came along and helped me out. Suddenly, it began to make sense. The world we live in is filled with modern day angels. We are all so blessed.

    They have been all around me all along but sometimes I didn’t

    realize they were there. I see them now nearly every where I go and everyday.

    I find that if I am true to the Lord, that he’ll send me modern day angels along the way to pick up the sword and do battle for me when I am unable. They speak on my behalf. Without their help, this life would be difficult.

    How nice is it to have faith in the Lord…and have modern day

    angels like each of you. I don’t know what I would not do without all my angels.

    Yes I do know what she means now. I see and talk with angels all the time.

    Then ,I am going to tell you a story. It is a true story.

    Well, as luck has it. I broke down on the way to Little Rock. I can’t believe this. I was one hour outside of Little Rock with my son. I had pulled off to a truck stop to go potty,and as I tried to back out a grind. So I tried in first gear and the same thing happened. I could not move. I was in a town of maybe 5000 people at the most. You know something. There are people that are angels. As I went into the store to ask if there was

    anybody that could help me. A lady behind the counter said there was a repair shop about 2 miles away and calld them for me. This man that I spoke to on the phone was very understanding and very helpful. As it was, I has told the man that I was on my way to Little Rock for medical testing, that I had just been diagnosed with cancer and had to get there. The lady behind the counter look up at me and said I just got through with chemo treatments and sat and talk with me for a while. The whole time I talked to her. I could feel something reaching down into me. I mean it deep into me and touching my feeling. At that moment I felt deeply moved. I know angels do exist among us today.


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